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Coffee Time News 08/08/14


A new trailer for Laika’s Boxtrolls has surfaced, showing us a few new looks at the characters we’ll be encountering in our adventure into the underground world of the Boxtrolls.

Batman Vs Superman Dawn of Justice has had its release date shifted, originally slated for May 6th 2016, the same weekend as the sequel to the incredibly successful Captain America the Winter Soldier, Dawn of Justice will now release on the 25th of March, a date uninhabited by Marvel or anyone else.

Ever wondered how Vin Diesel managed to get Groot across in Guardians of the Galaxy? He gives us a look into his process in this Q and A with fellow guardians Chris Pratt and Zoe Saldana.


Two new cast members have been announced for Agents of SHIELD season 2,  Kyle Maclachlan and Henry Simmons, one of which will be a big part of a current character’s history. (spoilers ahead)

A new TV spot for the Flash is up, as the release of the first season gets closer and closer.

There’s also a TV spot for Gotham, showcasing the ‘one good man in a city of villains’ angle that they’re going for.


The new trailer for Monster Hunter 4 is fantastically pretty, and the soundtrack somehow goes very well with the death and destruction behind.

Tom Francis, the guy behind Gunpoint, has released a new trailer for his space robbery game Heat Signature, it looks to have a lot of potential, and anyone interested in game design might be happy to know he’s looking for help in some areas.

And finally, as a real testament to where our species is in the universe, I present to you, a fish playing pokemon. 



Coffee Time News 12/06/14


A new trailer for Laika’s new animation ‘Boxtrolls’  has emerged. Which shows off a bit more of the story than the previous world building trailer.

A little more behind the scenes of Pixar’s emotional story, sorry, story about emotions, could be both I suppose, Inside out, have appeared. Including some of the higher thought behind the concept.

A new trailer for Sin City, A Dame to Kill for, which is released in August, has hit, and it’s looking good man, really good.


Now, unfortunately, I fell out with The Legend of Korra halfway through season 2 ( a habit that I really need to sort out) but there is a trailer for the third season (or Book) right here, featuring a whole host of new characters.

Law and Order’s Vincent D’Onofrio will be playing Kingpin in Netflix’s Daredevil, and it sounds like he’ll be the main antagonist of the entire series. Which is fitting for a man of the king’s reputation.

On the trail of Netflix shows, it looks like the Magic Schoolbus will be getting an online reboot too. Next stop, nostalgia station. Oh wait, that’s trains. My bad.