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Coffee Time News 05/08/15


Deadpool has its first red band trailer, and seriously, it’s very hard not to get excited for this film; it seems fun, action packed and a bit of a breath of fresh (blood splattered) air to the sorts of super hero films we’ve seen this year. Not suitable for work, obviously it’s Deadpool silly.

A heap of new Tv spots (three) and a new clip have surfaced from the Fantastic Four reboot that is releasing later this week. Oh, you nearly made a black hole? Well now we know the climax may just involve the threat of a black hole. Probably right?

In none clip-y news, Colin Trevorrow, director of this year’s sequel hit Jurassic World, has discussed some of his plans for the stories that this series could tell, particularly the idea that InGen might not be the only ones who will be able to make dinosaurs; open source Dinos.


Lucy Lane (Louis Lane’s younger sister) has been cast in Supergirl, and will be played by Jenna Dewan-Tatum. In the comics, Lucy Lane eventually becomes superwoman, whether she’ll come in fully powered, or whether her powers will manifest in later episodes or even seasons, we don’t know.

The Lunatics will run the Asylum, if this promo for Season 2 of Gotham is to be believed. It looks like we’ll have an even deeper look into the growth of some of Batman’s finest rogues this season.

A new (unfortunately region locked) teaser for the Walking Dead spinoff ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ has surfaced, as well as some images from season 6 of the main show, they show… well, characters standing and looking intensely into the distance, probably at Zombies, or at eachother… or a tree, also… Zombies. Sorry, walkers.


Gamescon is currently under way, so there’s plenty of news out coming out all of the time, but here’s some of the stuff you may be interested in:

Dark Souls 3. Enough said right? Here’s a gameplay trailer, go get excited. But in all honesty, the guys from From Software (that name is a horribly mean joke to writers everywhere) have claimed that they’re speeding up the combat a little thanks to the reception that Bloodborne’s more high-risk-high-reward combat got from fans, which can be seen in the gameplay, as well as a very Yarnham-y setting.

Destiny The Taken King will bring a lot of changes to the series, a lot. We’re talking questlines, a change in Bounty behaviour, more currency modifications, weapon stat changes, weapon behaviour changes, a different levelling system… it’s a big list, and you can check a summary here. It’s also worth noting that Peter Dinklage is being erased from Destiny and replaced with every-voice Nolan North. Well, Dinklebot wasn’t really around for the DLCs, and I’d rather have more interactions with the Ghost than Tyrion Lannister telling me I’ve woken the Hive.

Mad Max Fury Road was an incredible action film, and now we’ve got a trailer for the Mad Max Game, which is shaping up to be a pretty damn good game itself,  with a whole new story for the game. Check out the trailer here.


Coffee Time News 7/07/15

Michael Cera to play Lego Robin, Deadpool returns to Steam and The Flash set pictures show that he’s got a day all to himself.


Ahead of its release… TODAY, Ant-man has three new clips for those of us who just can’t wait any longer!

Lord of the awkward character actor Michael Cera will be playing Robin in the Lego Batman movie that will tie in with the world created in the Lego Movie.

Age of Ultron fans, but those fans who wish that Joss Whedon’s vision and voice was a little more prevalent in the film, may be a little disappointed to hear that Whedon has no plans to do a directors cut of the film.


Behind the scenes photos for AKA Jessica Jones now, and like, literally all of the other photos it shows Luke Cage riding a motorcycle with Krysten Ritter’s Jones in tow.

A new teaser trailer for the new season of the X-files has hit, and it’s all exactly like we expected, complete with the doo-doo-doo-doo dooo at the end.

New set photos from the Flash show us two things; one that Central city is celebrating the Flash with a day imaginatively called ‘flash day’ (probably has a dance called Flash dance too right?) which means either he’s done something huge, or it’s the anniversary of him doing something huge. It also shows us a new villain, Atom Smasher, who can control his molecular structure, altering his size and strength.


Goat Simulator, you know, that game where you’re a crazed goat, is coming to the PS3 and PS4 in August and will support local split screen co-op.

Destiny will be getting an overhaul at the end of the summer, with Destiny 2.0 changes coming into effect, one of these is a huge upheaval of many weapon’s behaviours, from class changes to individual exotic tweaks.

Activision’s Deadpool game has been missing from Steam since 2013 when it was released, but suddenly it’s back, could it be because the new film doesn’t look like trash? Probably.

Coffee Time News 03/07/15

A heap of new images from Dawn of Justice and more footage from Mission Impossible, as well as a full length trailer for the Wet Hot American Summer Netflix Series.


A new image has appeared from Deadpool, which recently wrapped principle photography, and it’s a pretty iconic one; presumably from the highway scene we saw in the test footage, this image shows Deadpool wielding 2 guns and looking pretty bad-ass. (afterall, why use one gun when you can use 2?)

A whole heap of images from Batman Vs Superman Dawn of Justice have appeared; we get a look at Gal Gadot’s Wonderwoman outside of her costume, a few more face offs with Bats and Supes, and Lex Luthor with hair.

Six new TV spots for Mission Impossible Rogue Nation have appeared, showing off some scenes we’ve seen, some scenes we’ve not seen and that plane scene over and over again (not that they’re proud that Tom Cruise does his own mental stunts or anything.)


Wet Hot American Summer, First Day of Camp, the Netflix revival/prequel to the cult comedy Wet Hot American Summer has a full length trailer, after a retro VHS style advertisement was released for the show last week.

A look at the first images of Season 6 of The Walking Dead shows off some fan favourite characters in Daryl, Glenn and Maggie.

One Wednesday we shared four motion posters for characters in Heroes Reborn, now we’ve got two more, Zackary Levi’s character (look he’s holding a gun again) as well as Kiki Sukezane (who’s holding a sword).


The free games for PS plus this month have been announced, though they won’t hit the store until the 7th of July, they include Rocket League, Entwined and Geometry Wars.

Fallout Shelter, the IOS game that’s a lead up to Fallout 4 (whose Pipboy editions are still out of stock it seems) should be out next month for Android devices, Pete Himes has said, (he’s the head of marketing at Bethesda).

Team Fortress 2 is getting a big new update that includes new weapons, new contracts and new maps.

Coffee Time News 26/05/15

Batmobile spotted on the Suicide Squad set, Twin Peaks season 3 will be 18 episodes long, Resident Evil 0 getting a remaster.


We are mere WEEKS away from revisiting Jurassic Park, though this time it’s been under a bit of a rebrand because now it’s Jurassic World and it’s got Starlord as a park ranger. It’s all looking pretty cool, and you can check out this behind the scenes before the film is released on June 11th.

It seems Wolverine’s got the go-ahead to cameo in Deadpool, it’s all set and ready, though… well the films are filming on opposite sides of Canada. So that could get in the way. Hugh Jackman has come out and said that it’s all a matter of scheduling, so here’s hoping they find some time in their calendar to fit Wolvie into Deadpool’s adventure.

The Batmobile has been spotted on the set of the Suicide Squad, so perhaps Batman has a bigger role in the spin-off than we previously thought? Also seen on set, weird eyeball monsters.


Everyone’s favourite Smith is rumoured to be playing Static Shock, the DC live action digital series. Actor Tyler James Williams let something of an unofficial confirmation of Jayden Smith playing the supercharged superhero slip during an interview at MCM Comic Con.

Last week we reported that David Lynch was returning to the Twin Peaks revival, and that the new season would be ‘longer than previously stated’ with Lynch directing the entire season, well now we know exactly how many more episodes there will be; twice as many. The new season will feature 18 episodes as opposed to the 9 that were planned when the season came to fruition.


Bloodborne now allows for friends to play with other friends regardless of level, thanks to password matching, in the most recent patch for the From Software game.

Originally released as an exclusive for the Gamecube, Resident Evil 0 is getting a remastering for almost every console (both last gen and this gen) besides the Wii U, slated for an early 2016 release, the remake will be available on 360, Xbox One, Playstation 3 and 4 and PC.

The Witcher 3 for PC is getting a heap of new patches in the most recent update, one of which includes a texture update on the higher graphical settings.


Coffee Time News 07/04/15

Bad news for Top Gear and Twin Peaks fans, Good news for Star Wars, Daredevil and Ian Malcolm fans. Also a way to nerf Bloodborne’s bosses.


An image from Jurassic World has appeared which hints at either, an appearance from Ian Malcolm in the upcoming film, being set 22 years after the events of the original, or a small nod to the character. The image, which features books by the character titled ‘god creates Dinosaurs’ is a reference to Malcolm’s line in the film ‘God creates dinosaurs, God destroys dinosaurs, God creates man, man destroys God, man creates dinosaurs.’ (Dinosaurs eat man, woman inherits the earth).

For the first time since its release, the entirety of the Star Wars series will be available via online distribution, including Itunes, Amazon and Google Play. The best thing? They include even more bonus features.

A gallery of on set photos for Deadpool has appeared, featuring the Merc with a Mouth laying down all kinds of whoopass. What’s interesting is that if you look closely on the eyes you’ll see CG markers, confirming that the mask will have some form of computer enhanced expression, something that will add to the character a lot more.


Bad news Top Gear fans, due to the departure of Jeremy Clarkson, and the uncertainty surrounding the show’s future at the moment, it’s looking like the final two episodes of the motoring/three guys arsing around show might not be airing on the BBC.

Bad news for Twin Peaks fans too, it looks like David Lynch has officially stepped away from the revival project, stating that as much as he loves the world of Twin Peaks, he feels that not enough money has been promised to the project to realise what he wanted for the show.

Good news, however, for Daredevil fans. The Netflix show kicks off this Friday, with all episodes available from day one, and here’s two trailers to get you in the mood, the best thing about these is that they show us so much more of the show. I’m very keen for Friday.


IGN brings you the first 15 minutes of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt in this Gameplay video, and for those worried that this might ruin the experience, game designer Damien Monnier has said that to do everything, you’re looking at 200+ hours. So, this is but a drop in the ocean.

April’s system update for Xbox One has begun rolling out, and if you’re not sure what you’re getting with that lovely lovely download, check out this video from Major Nelson detailing some of the ins and outs as well as what’s coming soon.

Bloodborne, it’s a tough game, but if you’ve got 12 hours to sit idling you can make the bosses in the game much, much easier. Bosses no longer do a huge variety of attacks, and some are laughably easy. Check out here for some comparisons and details.


Coffee Time News 03/04/15

Deadpool will be R rated, House of Cards Season 4 gets greenlit and Wednesday’s Nintendo Direct sees a host of announcements and updates.


In case you missed it on Wednesday, it was announced that Deadpool will be rated PG13, and then it was subsequently announced that it will, of course, be rated R, through this excellent video with Ryan Reynolds. Now, I’m not a fan of April Fools, but if you’re going to do one, do it like this.

Earlier this week we shared a bit of concept art for Xmen Apocalypse which showed Angel in a sort of cage for a side show attraction, well now the actor playing the winged mutant has been announced, it’s Ben Hardy (Eastenders). in the comic storyline Angel is gifted enhancements by Apocalypse and becomes one of his four horseman.

Two trailers now; one international trailer for the Fantastic Four which shows off a little more than we’ve seen already, and keeps with the very interstellar-y vibe. The second is two more TV spots for Avengers Age of Ultron, which is less than a month away.


House of Cards has been renewed for a fourth season; the emmy winning Netflix drama has achieved critical acclaim and popularity, so it’s unsurprising to see a new series being given the green light. The season will most likely be released on the streaming sight in the early months of next year.

Attack on Titan will be getting 2 live action movies in the future, but more than that, many of the actors from those films will be appearing in a live action series as well, based on a different story within the same world. Fans of the Anime should keep an eye out.

With Game of Thrones season 5 just over a week away, anticipation is at an all time high, and G.R.R. Martin has been kind enough to release an excerpt from the next book in the series Winds of Winter to satiate the book readers’ appetite. Spoilers ahoy.


There was a Nintendo Direct late on Wednesday evening, and here’s a list (courtesy of Kotaku) which details all you need to know about Nintendo’s announcements, including new game details such as Attack on Titan and Fire emblem and new updates, including Smash Bro’s announcements. Oh, and Amiibos.

Quantum Break, the Xbox One exclusive which sees you solving crime using time manipulation, was originally set for release some time this year, but will now release in 2016, the dev team is using the extra time to polish and improve the game, while the publishing team is using it to spread the wealth of releases we can expect to see this year.

Bungie is taking idling very serious in Destiny, stating that they will begin banning ‘toxic players’, supporting their case by saying that idling can ruin a difficult strike or a crucible game, making them unfair or un-winnable. Which is certainly true, and idling is tempting due to the game’s random loot rewards at the mission’s end. The upcoming patch will also reduce the run time of 2 of Mars’ strikes, making them more appealing (and easier) to see through to the end.

Coffee Time News 30/03/15

Halo 5 gets a release date and 2 trailers, Deadpool’s costume revealed and Hiro  to make a return to the Heroes spinoff.


In case you missed it on Friday, the first trailer for the 24th Bond film Spectre was released; it’s all full of mystery and secrets and blind people looking at rings. I make it sound lame, but it’s not, go look.

Hugh Jackman is a confusing beast. First he says that Wolverine 3 will be his last outing with the character, then he says that he’d like to play the canuck until he dies, now he’s released this tweet saying ‘one last time’

<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet” lang=”en”>


— Hugh Jackman (@RealHughJackman) March 28, 2015

Is this the last time he’s working with James Mangold? The last solo outing? Or his last film as Wolverine? More on it as it develops.

Wolverine could very well make an appearance in Deadpool, since the latest plot synopsis harkens back to the weapon X program, and the origins of the Merc with the mouth (all doable thanks to the Days of Future Past Retcon). On top of that, Reynolds has also released this image of the costume, in perfect Deadpool fashion.


A new trailer for Seth MacFarlane’s Blunt Talk with Patrick Stewart has appeared, and it’s showing us Stewart in a way we’ve not really seen before.

There’s a bunch of new footage in the newest TV Spot for Daredevil showing both action and Daredevil’s training (I assume) as well as a conversation with perhaps another blind man, perhaps he’ll help Murdock hone his skills?

Heroes Reborn has had little in the way of announcements recently, but the most recent one heralds the return of Masi Oka as Hiro Nakamura. The time travelling/teleporting hero from the original series.


Well this is super interesting: Halo 5 Guardians has a release date; 27th of October this year, but more exciting, the news comes with two new trailers, live action ones at that. Now, the two trailers sort of show the same event, from different perspectives, they seem to be drilling in the whole ‘hunt the truth’ thing  we saw with the audio teaser.

Zelda for the WiiU has been delayed until next year, series producer Eiji Aonouma has announced. Saying that during development more ideas have come forth and their focus is no longer on a 2015 release, but instead on creating the best Zelda game they can.

Bloodborne players have experienced a progress stalling bug, resulting in the inability to get an item to progress in the game. The best way to avoid it is to refrain from using a summoning bell to initiate a multiplayer session in the Forbidden Forest section.