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Coffee Time News 11/03/15

GTA Heists release to a shaky start, new Inside Out and Daredevil trailers, and Zoolander crashes Paris Fashion Week.


Well, this makes me wish I had gone to Paris Fashion Week. Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson crashed, for want of a better word, Paris Fashion Week as Derek Zoolander and Hansel McDonald. (you know, from Zoolander) The sequel Zoolander 2 now has an official release date of February 12th 2016, and you can see Hansel’s and Zoolander’s appearance here.

Tron 3 will begin production this autumn, according to ‘insider scoops’. This would point towards a late 2016 release for the film that will, according to Joseph Kosinksi, be darker and more akin to Empire Strikes Back. But the important question remains, will the best character of Legacy return? I’m talking of course, about Daft Punk’s Soundtrack.

Finally, check out the third trailer for Inside Out, it shows us a little bit more of the plot, and it’s looking to be a bit of a buddy adventure between Sadness (Phyllis Smith) and Joy(Amy Poehler), with Anger (Lewis Black), Envy (Mindy Kaling), and Fear (Bill Hader) running the ship while they’re away and getting into, just, all kinds of shenanigans.


Powers, the Playstation Original Series based on the graphic novel series of the same name, has a new full length trailer, and also, if you’re one of our readers based in the US, you can watch the first episode for free right here. Enjoy!

Marvel’s first Netflix show, Daredevil is less than a month away, and here’s another full length trailer, it shows off a bit more of Kingpin, and the parallels between him and Murdock. There’s also a neat shout out to the Avengers, so just because it’s dark and violent doesn’t mean it’s not a part of the MCU.

HBO is joining the realm of internet streaming subscription services with HBO Now. HBO Go is a pre-existing streaming service, but is only available for those with a HBO cable subscription, that will not be the case for HBO Now which will run at a subscription fee of $15 a month. As of yet, there’s no news as to whether the service will be rolling out internationally.


Heists were finally released on GTA Online yeserday! Which means, that, of course, it all went off without a hitch right? Yeah, not so much. Server issues across the board, and limited access meant that it’s off to a rocky start for the most anticipated update in the game’s history.

Sid Meier’s Starships is a bit of a departure from the usual fair of Civilisation, though it does have familiar components (democratic dealings, for example,) but what’s most interesting is that the developers decided to work off of player’s inherent knowledge of space, instead of the cold hard facts. This is an interesting article by Charlie Hall over at Polygon, but one example is the Asteroid fields, and how they behave the way that people expect them to from seeing them in films, shows and other games, pretty clever.

Dying Light has a new update rolling out, the Hard Mode patch. As well as introducing a new, well, hard mode, the update also brings new weapons, new outfits and new behind the scenes improvements, check out this run down video from Techland for the full scoop.


Coffee Time News 26/01/15

Simon Pegg to Co-write Star Trek 3, the Howling Commandos return to Agent Carter and Borderlands the Pre-Sequel gets a new Playable character.


Star Trek star Simon Pegg, who plays Scottish Engineer Scotty, (Also from Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz,) has been brought on as a co-writer for the third film in the franchise alongside Doug Jung.

James Gunn, director of the summer’s huge hit, Guardians of the Galaxy, has spoken about the sequel to the space adventure. When asked about Lee Pace’s Ronan’s return he denied the villain being in the sequel, though he could make a return eventually (You know how comics can be with death) and when speaking of Nebula, Thanos’ daughter, he said she ‘will be back’.

There’s a new clip for Kingsman: Secret Service available, featuring Colin Firth and relative newcomer Taron Egerton. Check back later today for our review of the film, which is released in cinemas on the 29th of this month.


Here’s a few promo images for Gotham’s episode ‘the Fearsome Dr. Crane’ which will feature a villain who targets victims with severe phobias. Whether this will be the Dr. Crane who eventually becomes Batman’s foe the Scarecrow, or his father…. Well, you’ll need to tune in.

The Howling Commandos, Captain America’s Wartime buddies, will be making an appearance in Agent Carter, after she’s given a mission, she decides to recruit the commandos onto her team. It’s also worth noting that the late Agent Trip from Agents of SHIELD’s grandfather was a commando, and so it’s most likely him we see in some of these images.

It’s been a wild ride for Constantine, the NBC show based off of the DC comic series, it’s been denied a second season, and even got cut off from a full 22 episode season after lack lustre ratings, but after a 12 percent increase in viewing figures, we could be seeing a full series after all.


Borderlands the Pre-sequel is getting a new set of DLC, the first instalment was a Colosseum type mission set that the series loves so much, but this next DLC is a new character, the sister of Sir Hammerlock, the hunter, and she’s got some wicked cool abilities. 

Dying Light’s release schedule is a little confusing, what with digital releases being fine, but physical copies being delayed… so Polygon has surmised it all for you. And as a treat, the ‘play as a zombie’ feature, which acts like the game invasion feature of Watch_dogs, will be free for everyone.

Bungie seem to be listening to the community when it comes to the flaws of Destiny, which no one can slate them on. In an unannounced comment thread on the NeoGAF forum, designer Luke Smith has set some things straight and given us some hope, not only for the next DLC, the House of Wolves, but for Destiny 2.


Coffee Time News 20/01/15

The Hobbit: the Tolkien edit, a four hour cut of the entire trilogy, the PSN 10% sale hits this weekend and Deadpool to film in Canada.


Fans of the 90’s Saban kids show Power Rangers should rejoice. Actor Jason David Frank (who played Tommy, the Green and the white Ranger, the coolest rangers), has announced that the live action film should start production this year, ready for release in 2016.

In other production news, Deadpool, the film that’s been hurried into production after the test footage leaked last year, will be filming in Vancouver, and will start soon.

A dedicated fan of the Hobbit has laboured away to condense the entire Hobbit Trilogy (a total run time of nearly 8 hours) into a manageable 4 hours (Well, and a half, as the creator says, those are some long ass credits) he’s titled it the Tolkien Cut. Over on his blog you can see what he deemed worthy of cutting, as well as his reasons for doing so. It’s mostly to be true to the book and to reinstate Bilbo as the story’s focal point. A really great job all around and definitely worth looking at.


With the Flash returning to our screens tonight, here’s a little bit of concept art for the terrifying Man in the Yellow Suit, courtesy of deviant artist John Gallagher.

Danny DeVito has weighed in with his opinion on Gotham’s Penguin. Saying that Robin Lord Taylor is ‘A very good young Penguin’ and a ‘terrific actor’. Which should mean a lot coming from the man who took on the role in 1992.


Dying Light, the free-running, crafting, Zombie survival horror game, has had its physical release delayed in Europe, but the digital release will go ahead as planned on the 27th of January, a week’s time!

Club Nintendo, the Nintendo wide reward scheme, will be closing this year, with a time frame starting in April, when codes will cease appearing in physical game copies, all the way until September, when your stars won’t be ‘legal tender’ anymore. Read more here.

PS4 Owners, this weekend is time to bulk buy all the games, DLC and add ons you’ve wanted, as the Playstation Store 10% reduction is kicking in for this weekend only. As an apology for the Christmas downtime Sony is offering 10% off of a basket purchase on any games and DLC, but not movies, music or shows, rental or otherwise.

Coffee Time News 29/10/14


Let me look, nope, it doesn’t look like there was any big announcements or line up presentations in any huge cinematic universes today…. Oh wait, the other thing.

Today’s film section is overrun with Marvel announcements, first of all, here’s another clip from Age of Ultron that aired with Agents of SHIELD last night, it shows the gang trying to lift Thor’s hammer, with both hilarious, and interesting consequences.

Next up is the film line up from Antman to 2019. In May 2016 Captain America: Civil War will fill our screens with Ironman and Cap’s different ideologies, November 2016 will introduce Stephen Strange, a new character who will explore new dimensions and the more mystical side of the universe in Doctor Strange. Brought forward from July, Guardians of the Galaxy 2 will be released in May of 2017 instead. Taking its summer place will be Thor: Ragnarok in July 2017. Black Panther, a fan favourite that will have been introduced in Civil War will have his standalone movie in November 2017, which will be followed in May 2018 by the first part of Avengers: Infinity Wars, which will begin to see the culmination of all the events thus far. Marvel’s first standalone female character film will be Captain Marvel in July of 2018, and though many other people have held the mantel, Carol Danvers has been confirmed as this iteration. Marvel’s the Inhumans, one of their more riskier properties will follow in November 2018 and we round it all off in May 2019 with the Avengers Infinity Wars part 2. After that? Well I don’t think we have to worry about that for a while.

For a look at all the titles, as well as the press release itself, jump over here.


Right, that should do it with the superheroes now right? Wrong. I present to you a trio of Promos; a clip of last night’s Flash if you haven’t seen it already, a promo for Gotham as well as the first TV spot for the 8 part Marvel series Agent Carter.


Still looking ahead, though not as far as 2019; Star Wars Battlefront will be released in the last quarter of next year on PC and Consoles.

Zombie Survival game Dying Light is no longer a cross generational game, as the developers have announced that it will be new gen only, it drops in January.

After being asked countless times (I’m sure) if it’s worth buying the next generation version of GTA V, Rockstar have released a list (hopefully not exhaustive) of all the new and exclusive features in the new gen version. Still no heists though.