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Coffee Time News 20/03/15

Two new TV spots for Age of Ultron, New Game of Throne clips and new Evolve Hunters to send you away for the weekend!


Joseph Gordon-Levitt is going to produce and star in a Fraggle Rock movie. The property, for those too young to remember, was from puppet master Jim Henson. Apparently Levitt will be working with Jim Henson’s daughter, Lisa Henson, to bring the project to life faithfully.

Deadpool has its logo, it also has two casting announcements; Firefly alum Morena Baccarin (who you may also recognise from Gotham) will be playing Copy Cat, a shape shifter/power mimic who gets the hots for Deadpool. And T.J. Miller (Silicon Valley, Big Hero 6) will be playing Weasel, Deadpool’s sidekick/friend.

Two new TV Spots for Age of Ultron appeared last night, both with a little bit more footage. We’re getting to the point now where I don’t want to see any more trailers, just so they don’t give away too much. (No, I couldn’t just not watch them) but that sick motorcycle flip and the home run with the shield looks great. Also, Quicksilver has an actual accent.


Good news Community fans, Ken Jeong has come out and said that he never wants to leave the show. So, it looks like there won’t be any chang-ing his mind about that. (I’ll leave.)

A few new Agents of SHIELD posters are floating around; one sees the return of Jake Chisel Grant Ward, and Agent 33. But more exciting is the appearance of Edward James Olmos’ character, who is set to be a foil for Coulson.

Myrcella Baratheon and Trystane Martell appear in these new images for Game of Thrones season 5, as well as two extended clips that we’ve seen parts of in trailers featuring Tyrion and Varys and Jon and Mance.


You can check out the next set of Hunters for Turtle Rock’s Evolve here, along with some information about the four of them, (it’s a little scarce, more to come I imagine) the hunters, as well as the new monster the Behemoth and two new maps, are coming as part of the first DLC out on March 31st, though the maps will be free (but will be coming to PS4 and PC almost a month later, on April 30th.

Star Wars Battlefront will be shown at a Star Wars celebration event in April. Developed at DICE (Battlefield, Mirrors Edge) the previous entries into the series have seen great huge space battles. Also, there’s a Star Wars celebration event in April apparently.

Hideo Kojima, a lead developer in the Metal Gear franchise, could leave Konami before the year is out. There’s a lot of discussion on the issue here at Gamespot, who know a fair bit more about it than us.


Coffee Time News 17/02/15

Casting call for Deadpool, An RPG that plays itself and G.R.R Martin warns that book readers aren’t safe from season Game of Thrones 5 deaths.


Kingsman: The Secret Service Director Matthew Vaughn has spoken about the potential for a sequel to the spy action comedy, even the return of certain characters who might not have made it to the end of the film (MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD)

The Casting Call for Deadpool shows off some of the characters fans could see on the big screen, click here to see ScreenRant‘s rundown as well as some conjecture about who they could be. The interesting thing is that a lot of the roles to be filled have the potential to be part of a trilogy, if it all goes well I suppose.

There’s a new ‘Meet’ Tv Spot for Pixar’s Inside OutShowing off more scenes that we’ve not seen to let us get to know the characters that little bit more!


Everything is not all peaches and gravy in the Whitehouse in the new trailer for House of Cards season 3, which airs on Netflixon the 27th of February this year.

There’s a new trailer for the return of Agents of SHIELD, focussing again on how Skye (Daisy) has a dangerous secret, the show returns for the second half of the second season on March 3rd

The world’s most celebrated mass murderer George R.R Martin has a warning for all us fans who have read the books. We’re not safe from the misery; people who don’t die in the books will die in season 5 of HBO’s series when it returns on April 12th. Apparently showrunners Benioff and Weiss are more bloodthirsty than he is, sure George. Sure.


“For all those of you who don’t have time to play an RPG anymore” There’s new mobile game Dreeps, which is played by, actually, not playing it. You set your alarm and the game goes to sleep, and starts playing when you get up in the morning. You do nothing. Check it out.

An ‘Ultimate Xbox Sale’ has been leaked, with huge discounts on games such as Shadow of Mordor, Halo and Destiny. Take a look at the full list here.

Evolve has topped the UK sales charts, coming ahead of Majora’s Mask, a good week for games all in all.

Coffee Time News 09/02/15

Is there a Hunger Games Prequel on the way? Is there a Legend of Zelda live actions series on the way? Is there no spoon?!


Guardians of the Galaxy 2 will be ‘taking risks’, according to Marvel and creator James Gunn. Apparently the sequel to last year’s runaway hit won’t be following any particular story already laid out in the comics. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to fans, since the original took some creative licence with certain characters. But in all honesty, if there’s one Marvel property that the general public won’t mind being altered slightly, especially if we get as good a product as the original, it’s Guardians of the Galaxy, since barely anyone knew about them before last summer.

Disney’s next big adaptation, Beauty and the Beast, which will star Emma Watson, may have found its Beast. Ryan Gosling has reportedly been approached to play the reclusive Beast, though with Gosling’s current trend of preferring smaller, independent films, (and turning down roles in Spiderman and the Ghostbusters) it could end up being a (hopeful) rumour.

Ah, when a franchise does well, it just keeps on cashing in doesn’t it? Apparently Lionsgate, the studio behind the incredibly financially successful Hunger Games series, is looking for developments and the possibility of a sequel or prequel to the series. Readers of the books will most likely lean towards a sequel, with the events leading to the first rebellion, lead by District 13 being a lot more interesting, than post book events. But with the risk of telling a story that everyone will have heard already.


Agents of SHIELD returns on March the 3rd, and the newest trailer for the show focusses on the adage ‘what have they become’. After the events of the winter finale and the incident with Raina and Skye (Daisy) in the room with the Terragenesis process, the two characters have changed, for better or worse, and it’s also opened up the world of the Inhumans.

New images have appeared for the Sherlock Christmas Special. With a definite Victorian theme, there’s still a lot of conjecture about what exactly is happening. A dream? Hallucination? Flashback to the Victorian era? Who knows!

Well, this is news I was not expecting, and am still slightly dubious about: Netflix is working with Nintendo to create a live action Legend of Zelda series. It’s got no writer, no director and no cast, but it’s apparently in the works. Nintendo have a jaded history with screen adaptations of their work, (Oh, Super Mario Bros) and a wrong move on Netflix’s end could cause the company to back out. Nintendo are like a skittish dear. But the thought of a Zelda TV show is interesting to say the least: It’s got potential to be epic and huge, but they’d have to be really careful with such a beloved property.


Turtle Rock’s Evolve is released tomorrow, and it comes with a hefty 3 GB patch to speed up load times when setting up matches, something I’m more than happy to download since nothing makes a multiplayer experience slower than bad load times, and lag, but that can’t be helped.

A while ago we reported on the Nintendo ‘creator’s program’, a way for Nintendo to monetise on the ever popular stream of Let’s Plays, while allowing the creators some section of the profits, while it’s been almost universally panned by big names in game play, it’s still popular, and Nintendo have said now that they can’t keep up with all the applications. Oops.

The DICE awards were last week, and one game ruled them all, Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor raked up 8 of its 9 nominations, while Dragon Age Inquisition took the ‘top prize’ of Game of the Year. Check out the whole list here.

Coffee Time News 14/01/15

Monopoly gets a film, Evolve gets a new monster and Community gets a release date.


So Monopoly. There’s a board game that’s getting a film. With more details being released in the first few weeks of February, the producer Randall Emmet has likened it to the adventure filled film The Goonies and it will have a treasure map. Monopoly starts shooting this summer.

There’s a new poster and clip for Matthew Vaughn’s Kingsman: Secret Service, which shows off Colin Firth’s armoury.

The Big Short is a film based on the credit bubble of the early 2000’s and is being made by Brad Pitt’s production company Plan B. It will star Brad Pitt, Christian Bale and Ryan Gosling. With 3 big hitters in one film we can expect a pretty grand affair when the film sees the light of day. (Though I’m bagging Bale as the antagonist)


Fan favourite Community has an air date for its Yahoo video release. March 17th will see two episodes of the comedy air, while a new one will be released every subsequent Tuesday. Check out the announcement trailer here.

Gotham will approach the topic of the Scarecrow in an episode entitled ‘the Fearsome Doctor Crane’, though previous rumours claimed that the Scarecrow role would be that of a younger actor, we could see his dad or something along those lines as the character who ‘targets victims with severe phobias’.

April 26th will see the return of Penny Dreadful on Showtime, and you can watch a trailer for it here.


GTAV for the PC has been delayed, again, until March 24th. But, on the upside, console players can expect to see the long awaited Heists before them, in fact ‘in the coming weeks’. And the specs for PC players have been released here.

Since we won’t be here to remind you tomorrow, the PSN will be down from 5pm until 9pm GMT on Thursday, so get all your playing done before then, or after I suppose.

Evolve has announced its fourth monster, the Behemoth, with this new trailer. According to developer Turtle Rock the Behemoth is the biggest monster there will, and could, ever be in Evolve, it was made with the sole purpose to be huge.


Coffee Time News 09/01/15

More Ant-man images, Game of Thrones is coming back on April 12th, and Evolve raises over $22k for charity.


The Purge, a film series that revolves around the topic that for one night a year all crimes are legal, has been given a third instalment after the sequel ‘Anarchy’ did much better in the box office than the original, and we’ll see it in the summer of 2016, instead of the original 2015 slot.

Now that the Ant-man trailer is out, the floodgates will open on all things Scott Lang and the gang, today we see a bunch of images from the film, including; Lang working on his suit in the bathroom, sassy Van Dyne and a perspective image from when Ant-man tiny-fies. We also see an image of the film’s antagonist Yellow Jacket, who’s suit looks very similar to Spiderman’s Stark Suit in Civil War.

The Lazarus Effect, a new horror film with a fresh cast, has a new trailer. A bunch of medical students find a way to resurrect the dead, with demonic side effects. The cast should be worthy of some consideration. Starring Olivia Wilde (Tron Legacy), Evan Peters, (American Horror Story) and Donald Glover (Community), The Lazarus Effect releases on the 27th of February.


The Bladerunner and Battlestar Galactica star, Edward James Olmos, has signed up for a recurring role on Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, who will be the sort of character who will demand the agents attention, apparently.

Marvel’s Daredevil has a new ‘motion poster’ and just regular poster. The show, that will air on Netflix, also has a release date, and will be hitting your internet on the 10th of April this year.

Westeros fans will want to make a note of this date too, the 12th of April will see HBO’s Game of Thrones returning to our screens with season 5.


With new raids comes new exploits, and with new exploits comes a new patch, Destiny’s newest game fixing patch will be carted out early next week.

Uncharted 4 has a selection of new, incredibly pretty, screen shots for you to drool over until the game gets released later this year on PS4.

Turtle Rock’s asymmetrical multiplayer Evolve is finished, and alongside the release of an opening cinematic yesterday, the development team also announced the amount of money they raised for charity through their ‘growing hair until the game is done’ pledge. The team raised over $11,000 for charity Child’s Play, and developer 2K doubled that number by matching every penny, equating to almost $23,000 for the charity.


Coffee Time News 24/11/14


Jurassic World has a new teaser trailer, which gives us a look at the park and the atmosphere we’ll be seeing in next year’s film. It looks like it’s heading back to its roots, with many of the shots looking similar to the 1993 original, a full trailer will be released this Thursday.

Into the Woods, the film based on the popular musical which will see its release in early 2015 has a new clip featuring Emily Blunt, James Corden and Meryl Streep.

The Hunger Games Mockingjay part one has seen the best opening weekend of the year taking $123 million, but while that’s great, it’s been the weakest opening weekend of the series.


Gotham, one of Axby’s favourite shows on TV at the moment, has over 8 minutes of footage from the mid season finale which airs tomorrow and is named ‘Lovecraft’ mid season spoilers ahead.

Mark Gatiss, co creator of Sherlock talked with screenrant about the future of the series, and what we can expect from season 4, it’s dark folks, I’m excited.


Four V One shooter/monster warfare multiplayer Evolve will have two types of DLC; DLC that you have to pay for, that in the way of new Monsters and new Hunters, and absolutely free DLC in the ways of maps. And the best thing? People will be able to play against/alongside those paid characters even if they haven’t bought the packs.

Speaking of free DLC, Driveclub suffered has suffered some issues in the last month and a half since its launch, so as an apology, the next batch of DLC will be free.

Those worried that the Game of Thrones Telltale game won’t capture the epicness of the books or show can rest easy, as the story will span 6 episodes.

Current console generation growing pains

The original plan for this weeks article was to write about my time with the Evolve alpha, a game which others at Axby are incredibly excited about, whereas I am still somewhat on the fence about. Unfortunately I have not been able to participate, as after the PS4 2.0 update the alpha was delayed, when I tried yesterday the game was unable to connect to any games so I had to give up after multiple attempts. As it is only an alpha I’m not going to hold this against the game, especially as it is quite possible that the problems are outside of Turtle Rock Studios’ control. Yet this is just another instance where a games online functionality has rendered it unplayable.

We’re now almost one whole year into the “current” gen (even though the WiiU came out prior to this) yet neither the Xbox One or PS4 can be considered complete in terms of what they offer, major updates are still coming out, with both consoles receiving notable additions just last month. Whilst it is good that the new features are being added, it is a shame that they are mostly features that existed on the previous consoles. Yet the problem with continually having to update the consoles is that often something can go wrong in the process. The PS4 is suffering from this, where it constantly feels like two steps forward, one step back. In the latest update the PS4 finally received the SharePlay functionality, the ability to change themes, YouTube support, and could now play MP3’s, but this also changed the suspend mode to “rest mode” which for many now no longer functioned as it once had.

At present the only console that feels like it has reached an equilibrium in terms of core features is the WiiU. Yes many will now complain that it can’t do as much as the other consoles, which is correct, but that doesn’t actually make it worse; there is a place for focus. Besides when the WiiU launched it too was missing features or required updates to stabalise the core usability. Even though updates are still coming to the WiiU, such as preloading games (which the other two consoles haven’t had all that long), the console feels largely complete and I don’t feel like I am waiting for a long promised feature to eventually be provided in a forthcoming update. Furthermore when a game launches on the WiiU I know that the majority of the game is going to work straight away.

At present the only big online current gen games that have largely worked the way they were supposed to are Titanfall and Destiny (even that has had a few problems). The only difference is that they have never been game breaking. The same cannot be said for Battlefield 4, DriveClub, or even, for a change, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

Recently I have spent most of my time playing on the WiiU going through Bayonetta and am about to start the sequel. The game worked as it should and is not hindered by arbitrary social features or let down by ineffective server (or server code) cover. Last night after again finding myself unable to play Evolve and wanting to play a shooter I found myself playing a traditional first person shooter, the kind you really don’t see anymore. That game was XIII on the GameCube and it was a blast. During the missions I went through they were all varied both in location and objectives. But what also helped the experience was that all I had to do was put in the tiny GameCube disc and a memory card and I was straight into the game.

I think that is what I occasionally find myself disliking about this generation and why I increasingly think even better of the GameCube; because of its simplicity. Yes features like SharePlay are cool, and online functionality can have its benefits, but they do have a cost in terms of their impact on stability. I don’t mean to come off as a luddite, but sometimes I just want to play a videogame without wondering whether that update worked, or whether server maintenance is taking place.