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E3: Microsoft Xbox Conference


The first day of E3 is a tightly packed schedule for the conferences, offering very little time between each one. Starting off the day (or evening in my case) was Microsoft. Microsoft had a very tough time after last year, and today’s conference definitely had the feel of them desperately trying to make up for it. Phil Spencer began by praising the industry as a whole, including the gamers who were so passionate in their concerns over the Xbox One.

Phil made a promise that this year would be all about the games, and he wasn’t far off.

Here is a summary of all the announcements made during the 90 minute presentation.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

First time we saw live gameplay footage, as well as more of what a standard mission might consist of. This is definitely a new take on the franchise, although it seemed a lot more like its competitors such as Titanfall and Halo. It will launch November 4th. Also there was a distinct lack of Kevin Spacey.

Forza 5

Turn 10 studios are still supporting this launch game, announcing the inclusion of the full Nurburgring launching today, and for free.

Forza Horizon 2

More Forza news, but this time about the sequel to the spin off from British studio Playground Games. Will be launching 30th September this year. The game will also include clubs that you drive in. Like a drive club?


No real additional news for Turtle Rocks upcoming shooter, aside from the Xbox One receiving DLC and a beta first. *Sigh*

Assassin’s Creed Unity

This was the first time gameplay footage was shown off, but it also revealed that the game features a cooperative campaign. Although what the difference between the four different assassin’s is still unknown.

Dragons Age: Inquisition

The only EA game to be shown off at the Microsoft event. Only a standard trailer before quickly moving on.

Sunset Overdrive

Best start to a trailer so far. Started off looking like any dull grey cover based shooter, before the playable character bursts in bringing colour to the world and mocking the dull features that have unfortunately become the norm. Otherwise the game looks perfectly fine.

Dead Rising 3 DLC: Arcade Remix Hyper Edition DX Plus Alpha

Capcom is known for being a little bit weird, but the trailer confirmed that to still be the case. I recommend you watch the trailer rather than me trying to explain it.

Fable Legends

Not really any new information about the game, but it did show it in action, both from the cooperative actions of the 4 different players and the villain who appears to control like an RTS style game. How solo play works I’m not sure?

Project Spark

The game creation software is already out, and the trailer didn’t actually announce anything new, aside from tricking people into thinking there was going to be a new Conker game. Turns out you can just use his assets. Because a very rude and inappropriate squirrel was needed for something which allows people of all ages to make their own game is appropriate.

Halo Master Chief Collection

The rumours were true. Microsoft announced that the first four Master Chief games have received HD remakes and are coming to the Xbox One on disc. This also gives the opportunity to create any playlist you want, as all of the content is unlocked from the start.

It also includes Halo Nightfall which is the digital series being produced by Ridley Scott that was announced last year. Then there was more news about Halo 5 which was that it will be receiving a beta later this year, which can be accessed through the Collection.


The best part of show, even though it is a culmination of many different indie games that also coming to the Xbox One that only lasts a few minutes.


Rise of the Tomb Raider

Someone has obviously been watching Rise of the Planet of the Apes too much. Aside from the groan worthy title, little is known about the sequel to the Tomb Raider reboot. Only a CG trailer was shown, which switched between Lara in the wilderness and speaking to a therapist.

Witcher 3

A gameplay demo took place, the game looks very nice, although aside from that the game looks very much like any other fantasy RPG. I do realise there are many who can not wait for the game to finally be released.

Phantom Dust

Turns out this is not a new IP but rather an old Japanese title that was on the original Xbox. Well like Killer Instinct last year it too is receiving the reboot treatment. Don’t worry, I hadn’t heard of it before either.

The Division

A gameplay demo, that didn’t show off all that much. After Watch Dogs many people are hesitant about getting excited until even more is revealed.


The only brand new and exclusive title to be announced, this is coming from Japanese studio Platinum Games and is published by Microsoft. Although still need to wait for more information. Although the game does contain dragon-like monsters.


The final announcement of the night. Not content with the existing titles that are being rebooted Microsoft announced one more. This time Crackdown. And the trailer showed an exaggerated version of what a standard mission can look like.


All in all, not a bad presentation from Microsoft. Vastly improved over last years. But I did feel that Microsoft may have played it too safe. There was very little experimentation to any of the main titles shown, and an over reliance on sequels and reboots. However it seemed to go down with most people. Anyway it was good to see Microsoft pick themselves back up after last year.

Coffee Time News 23/05/14


First of all, Xmen Days of Future Past is now out in cinemas, so if you’ve got nothing to do this weekend, then you do now!

tmntleoThere’s a teaser poster for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles out, it looks cool, I like the minimal style, but obviously there’s no new information on the film.

Along the themes of new images, here’s some on set images from Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar.

Acapella fans can relax, Pitch Perfect‘s leading man, Skylar Astin has officially been confirmed for the sequel, he’ll join Anna Kendrick, Adam Levine, Rebel Wilson and a whole heap of returning cast members.

Finally, there’s a teaser trailer for Disney’s Big Hero 6, which is the animated studio’s crack at a band of superhero film. Doesn’t this dressing scene remind you of another animated superhero teaser?


Unfortunately, television news has been a little thin on the ground, the best I can offer you guys are these Doctor Who season 8 set shenanigans and images.


Fans of Telltale’s Wolf Among Us will be happy to know that Bigby returns in Episode 4 on the 27th of May.

Did you play the Metro games on the last Gen? No? Yes? Want to play them again in next (this?) gen glory? Lucky for you Metro Redux, which will include both 2033 and Last Light, has been announced, with a snazzy trailer.

I’ve voiced my apprehension on the subject, but here’s some stunning images from Hyrule Warriors, the next non Zelda Zelda game.

Evolve, a game that has me more excited the more I see of it, has a few new bits of information, first of all, Kotaku has a lengthy, but excellent interview with one of the team behind it, complete with new Gameplay (find that below) as well as a release date: October 21st for PS4, Xbox One and PC.