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Coffee Time News 05/08/15


Deadpool has its first red band trailer, and seriously, it’s very hard not to get excited for this film; it seems fun, action packed and a bit of a breath of fresh (blood splattered) air to the sorts of super hero films we’ve seen this year. Not suitable for work, obviously it’s Deadpool silly.

A heap of new Tv spots (three) and a new clip have surfaced from the Fantastic Four reboot that is releasing later this week. Oh, you nearly made a black hole? Well now we know the climax may just involve the threat of a black hole. Probably right?

In none clip-y news, Colin Trevorrow, director of this year’s sequel hit Jurassic World, has discussed some of his plans for the stories that this series could tell, particularly the idea that InGen might not be the only ones who will be able to make dinosaurs; open source Dinos.


Lucy Lane (Louis Lane’s younger sister) has been cast in Supergirl, and will be played by Jenna Dewan-Tatum. In the comics, Lucy Lane eventually becomes superwoman, whether she’ll come in fully powered, or whether her powers will manifest in later episodes or even seasons, we don’t know.

The Lunatics will run the Asylum, if this promo for Season 2 of Gotham is to be believed. It looks like we’ll have an even deeper look into the growth of some of Batman’s finest rogues this season.

A new (unfortunately region locked) teaser for the Walking Dead spinoff ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ has surfaced, as well as some images from season 6 of the main show, they show… well, characters standing and looking intensely into the distance, probably at Zombies, or at eachother… or a tree, also… Zombies. Sorry, walkers.


Gamescon is currently under way, so there’s plenty of news out coming out all of the time, but here’s some of the stuff you may be interested in:

Dark Souls 3. Enough said right? Here’s a gameplay trailer, go get excited. But in all honesty, the guys from From Software (that name is a horribly mean joke to writers everywhere) have claimed that they’re speeding up the combat a little thanks to the reception that Bloodborne’s more high-risk-high-reward combat got from fans, which can be seen in the gameplay, as well as a very Yarnham-y setting.

Destiny The Taken King will bring a lot of changes to the series, a lot. We’re talking questlines, a change in Bounty behaviour, more currency modifications, weapon stat changes, weapon behaviour changes, a different levelling system… it’s a big list, and you can check a summary here. It’s also worth noting that Peter Dinklage is being erased from Destiny and replaced with every-voice Nolan North. Well, Dinklebot wasn’t really around for the DLCs, and I’d rather have more interactions with the Ghost than Tyrion Lannister telling me I’ve woken the Hive.

Mad Max Fury Road was an incredible action film, and now we’ve got a trailer for the Mad Max Game, which is shaping up to be a pretty damn good game itself,  with a whole new story for the game. Check out the trailer here.

Coffee Time News 20/07/15

Martin Freeman reveals a little more about his Civil War role, huge patch for the Witcher 3 and new ‘Wet Hot American Summer’ trailer.


Fantastic Four is nearly upon us, like, really nearly. So close in fact that all we’ve got left to watch is a few more TV spots that show off even more unseen footage, with quite a bit of Doom.

Director Sam Mendes has confirmed that Spectre, the next Bond film, will be his last such film. In short he won’t be directing Bond 25. Mendes revitalised the series with 2012’s Skyfall, creating one of the highest grossing and best received Bond films since that one with the submarine car (probably).

Martin Freeman has given us some deliciously cryptic information about his role in Civil War, he’s working for the government, he’s on the side of pro-registration; OR IS HE. He’s walking a grey line apparently.


Wet Hot American Summer First Day of Camp has another promotional video, this time it’s a chance to meet some of the staff, it’s full of that great 1980’s vibe that the last one had. Oh it’s glorious.

David Ramsey (of Arrow) has spoken about his up and coming costume, as well as his first reactions to it, he’s also making noises about wanting another Flash crossover, as well as seeing Diggle’s reaction to a Kryptonian.


Last week we talked briefly about Prototype and the re-release of both those games as a bundle on both new gen consoles. Well, if you had planned to get it but, for some reason, were waiting for this week, maybe thing again, as the general consensus is, ehh, better not.

The Witcher 3 sees a HUGE 7GB patch today, introducing storage caches around the map to unload Geralt, a new movement option, a load of bug fixes and some inventory modifications.

Xbox One streaming to Windows 10 is available now, even though the OS isn’t due to launch for 9 more days.

Coffee Time News 29/06/15

Jurassic World climbs to eighth highest grossing film of all time, Supergirl gets a new trailer and all future Halo games will now have a beta.


Jurassic World, there’s a film that just keeps popping up, for good reason too, the dino-sequel has climbed to 8th place in the highest grossing movies of all time, sitting comfortably between Frozen and Iron Man 3.

Last week the new Spiderman was cast, in the form of Tom Holland, now many people are a little dubious of the reboot, what with the fact that we’ve seen the origin story told twice within the last 15 years. But Kevin Feige (you know, that guy from Marvel) has laid out his plans, and why it’s really not the Spiderman we’re used to seeing.

Last up. this promotional image (courtesy of Empire) shows us the Fantastic Four all in a row, showing off their powers (except Reed, but I hear he has performance anxiety.)


In the last few weeks Neil Gaiman’s American Gods has gotten a series on Starz, as well as a showrunner, well it’s now been confirmed that Gaiman himself will write ‘several’ episodes.

Supergirl got a new trailer this weekend, a global trailer. The best thing about this one? It’s not six minutes long. Also, backstory and stuff so all’s good.

Agents of SHIELD season 2 took an interesting turn with the introduction of the Inhumans, giving Skye (Daisy) super powers and having a Inhuman/SHIELD battle come the final few episodes, season 3 seems to be taking the secrecy of SHEILD and combining it with the excitement of the inhumans by introducing the Secret Warriors.


Remember the Halo Master Chief Collection? Remember how the multiplayer, which was almost exclusively the only reason man bought the game, didn’t work? That sucked right? Well silver linings, because now, thanks to that… instance, every Halo game from here on in will have a beta.

Have  you got a free weekend in July? Do you have access to London? Do you have £39 for a weekend pass? Then you could be among those who get to play Star Fox Zero, Mario Maker and Splatoon at this year’s Hyper Japan. Click here for details.

Coffee Time News 22/05/15

Chris Pratt introduces his Dino-pack, Matt Parkman returns in Heroes Reborn and Batman Arkham Knight gets a live action trailer.


Jurassic World is getting close now, and here’s two more TV spots for the next instalment in the ‘life finds a way’ propaganda movie series, the first features Chris Pratt’s character introducing the Raptor Pack, while the second is an explanation of why they felt the need to BUILD A NEW DINOSAUR.

We get a look at each of the Fantastic Four’s powers in this new promo– beware, it’s actually an add for a movie app.

Remember a while ago we spoke about the BBC drama that would be based around the creation of the GTA series? It was to be titled Game Changer, well, Take-Two Interactive have filed for a lawsuit against the BBC for copyright infringement. So, did someone not like the script?


Heroes Reborn is bringing back yet another familiar face, in the form of psychic cop/magic painter Matt Parkman played by Greg Grunberg. Previously a staple of the original series, Parkman was one of the lead investigator into the Sylar murders (you know, when that show was great.)

Fans of the Flash and Arrow have a long wait ahead of them until the autumn when the shows return, and no doubt we’ll be covering any new news that turns up until then, like this, two videos in which the shows’ creators are chatting about the upcoming seasons.


Battlefield Hardline will get its first of four planned expansions in June, it’s been announced, Criminal Activity will include new maps, weapons and cars as well as a new game mode, check the full list of features out here.

A trailer for the next instalment in the Game of Thrones Telltale game series is out now, with the actual chapter releasing next week across platforms.

There’s a new trailer for Batman Arkham Knight, with a twist; this one is life action, and instead of focussing on gameplay, it’s all about capturing the feel of being Batman, you know, one of the things these games do really well is making you feel like an absolute badass.

Because you’re Batman.

Coffee Time News 01/05/15

Kingsman sequel gaining momentum, Fantastic Four Character posters and this month’s free games.


It looks like fans of Kingsman: The Secret Service (see; everyone with any sense, that film is awesome) are in luck, as Fox looks to be getting themselves ready for a sequel. Not only that but it looks like they’re aiming to get original director Matthew Vaughn back for round two, something that they failed to do with the Kick Ass sequel, which suffered from the lack of Vaughn-ism, this is all good news.

A gallery of behind the scenes pictures has appeared from the filming of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2, mostly featuring Megan Fox’s April Oneil in various states of disguise, but it also gives us our first look at Stephen Amell’s Casey Jones, as well as his mask.

Hey look, character posters for Fantastic Four that tell us that this is going to be a darker tone than we’re used to. We also get a good look at all of the characters, and I have to admit, the Thing is certainly growing on me… It beats foam suit Michael Chiklis anyway.


Fancy seeing that Arrow has in store for you next week? Well this teaser here will wet your whistle, though I’ll warn you now; MAJOR SPOILERS for this week’s episode, like, in the first second, so don’t even think about it if you’re not up to speed. We also finally see the costume of Katana (Rila Fukushima) after an entire season of talking about the character and seeing her in (non costumed) action.

Have you already finished watching the leaked episodes of Game of Thrones? Do you need more Westeros while the rest-o’-us catch up? Well the best I can do is the titles and plot descriptions of all the upcoming episodes up until episode 8. Happy?


Destiny‘s next piece of DLC  House of Wolves will also bring to the game a heap of new crucible maps, you can take a look at some images and a bit of description right here, and you can play the DLC on May 19.

Hey, do you have Dragon Age Inquisition on anything other than Xbox One? Well you might like to know that the DLC Jaws of Hakkon is due out on all other platforms on May 26th.

It’s the beginning of the Month, which means both Microsoft and Sony have free games to give you; with Xbox’s Games for Gold you can get Castlestorm, Mafia 2 and F1 2013 while on the Playstation system you can bag yourself this huge list of games, including Guacumelee! and a new game; Ether One, many of which are crossbuy between systems.

Coffee Time News 27/04/15

Fantastic Four character bios show a change in Reed’s powers, Gears of War gets a remake and Silent Hills gets canned.


A new bunch of information has come out about the Fantastic Four, more specifically the abilities and profiles of the Fantastic Four themselves. You can see a personal bio written by Dr. Franklin Storm (Sue and Johnny’s father) for each of the characters as well as a coy description of their powers. A team full of independent geniuses who prefer working alone.

Age of Ultron’s been out for a weekend now, so we should be seeing some figures about the international release, and we have! With a $201 million opening weekend, The Avengers Age of Ultron surpasses the original by a huge 44%. Baring in mind that it’s not even out in the states until the first of May, this film has potential.

A while back, Daniel Bruhl (Rush, Inglorious Bastards) was rumoured to be playing the role of Baron Zemo in Captain America: Civil War, an iconic Cap. villain who’s a weapons expert and worked beside the Red Skull in the comics, and this has all now been confirmed, though it looks like this could be his son, carrying on his father’s work.


We’ve not featured any Gotham recently, but it’s coming to the end of the 1st season now and we’ve got some images of the season finale courtesy of Flickering Myth.

In the rumour-mill, an interesting one has popped up with regards to Iron Fist the Netflix series that will be the finale standalone before the team up Defenders; there are rumours that Doctor Strange (whether it be a body double of Cumberbatch or the man himself) will appear in the Iron Fist series. With the inclusion of magic and that sort of thing in both Iron Fist’s stories and Doctor Strange’s, it’s not too much of a leap to make sense. Also, it’s worth noting that in the comics Strange had a lot to do with the formation of the Defenders.


The Rolling Stones, Robot Arms, Zombies. It’s time for the new Call of Duty Black Ops 3 trailer. There’s some talk of the moral quandary of when man becomes a weapon which could point towards a really intriguing single player campaign with similar philosophies to Deus Ex and Spec Ops. Or it will be more of the same… We’ll see.

Gears of War will be getting a next gen remastering on XBox One it’s been announced; it will be worked on by UK based developer Splash Damage and will most likely be aimed at a 2016 release, with that being the ten year anniversary of the original release of Gears of War.

Sad news for Silent Hill fans, the project titled Silent Hills (which was teased last year with P.T) is no longer in the making, says Guillermo Del Toro, who was to work on the project with Hideo Kojima. To that end, you have until Wednesday to download P.T if you haven’t already.

Coffee Time News 22/04/15

A better look at the new Batmobile, Ewan McGregor to play a candelabra, and Daredevil gets a season 2 next year.


Batman Vs Superman will bring a lot to the table, but one of the most exciting thing any batman film has going for it is the new Batmobile, and now we’ve got a few new pictures of the car, which looks, just, really cool.

Speaking of images, along with the new trailer a few days ago, a load of hi-res stills from The Fantastic Four have turned up, showing off the main cast powers, including Dr Doom’s metal face.

Casting news! Ewan McGregor has been cast as Lumiere in The Beauty and The Beast, you know, that candle that sings the song about being their guest that was excellent parodied in the Simpsons to be about vests? Oh and Stanley Tucci (Captain America, The Hunger Games) will be playing a grand piano who’s not in Disney’s original.


The much talked about Flash/Arrow spinoff could have a name, with it being referred to as ‘Legends’ by actor John Wesley Shipp and Variety referring to it as ‘Legends of Tomorrow’. Which makes sense, they seem to be focussing on upcoming heroes (and dead ones, maybe a tomorrow/yesterday thing, with flash backs.)

John Stewart’s run of The Daily Show has an official end date, or end month at least; August, after which South African comedian Trevor Noah will take his place.

GOOD NEWS EVERYONE: Daredevil has a second season on the way, coming to us in 2016, which is next year! If you’ve not caught up on the Netflix original, you bloody should, and then check out Sara and Joe’s discussion on the series. 


Good news for scorned Halo fans, the most recent update to the Master Chief Collection also brought about a release date for the remastered ODST, sort of. It’s coming some time next month, is what they said.

Also good news for Destiny players, House of Wolves, the second piece of DLC (Which won’t include a raid) WILL include a new social area, new characters and new upgrades to existing weapons. So, you know. It’s all good.

The newest piece of DLC for The Evil Within titled Consequences will begin rolling out today on Xbox and tomorrow on PSN.

Coffee Time News 20/04/15

Solo mode for Star Wars Battlefront, Star Wars Spin off details and a brand new, (and pretty good) Fantastic Four trailer.


For those who missed it this weekend, and didn’t fancy seeing it in shaky-cam glory, here’s the official Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer which was released prematurely as a result of the leaked footage hitting the internet on Friday.

This weekend saw the 2015 Star Wars Celebration event, and along with that came a load of information regarding Rogue One the first spin off film for the series that will hit in December 2016. The Spin offs will be referred to as the Anthology as a way of separating them from the main trilogies, click here for more information from the panel.

In a surprise release (I think) there’s a new, full length Fantastic Four trailer that’s appeared; it’s significantly less Interstellar-y, with more of a focus on the plot, also, Sue and Johnny’s dad makes an appearance and there’s a lot more comedy. I think I’m back on board. 


Orphan Black fans may want to take a look at this article which talks about season 3, and some of the moves that the series is taking in its third season, it’s the result of an interview with star Tatiana Maslany.

On top of the rumoured Agents of SHIELD spin off that surfaced last week, there’s no further talks about Marvel and ABC teaming up for another series, with the hopes to ‘reinvent an existing Marvel superhero character or property for ABC’. On top of SHIELD, the Spinoff and the Netflix series, is this one show too many for Marvel? Or is it a more-the-merrier type party?

Star Wars Rebels season 2 has a new trailer and poster, this season seems to be upping the stakes a lot, with the introduction of a new sith character as well as a lot of Darth Vader action.


Not all of Steam’s features will be available to new sign ups, in a new move from the online store/community hub. New users will have to spend at least $5 (£3.35) in the store to access many of the features, including friend requests, greenlight/workshop voting and using chat. All this in an attempt to stop phishing and spam accounts.

Good news! Star Wars Battlefront will be including offline, non co-operative modes for those who prefer to space alone! In a mode called Missions players will play against bots, with the option of getting an online cohort to help out.

More big news for Borderlands, after last week’s closure of 2K Australia and the departure of writer Anthony Burch back in January, the games’ creator Matthew Armstrong is leaving Gearbox, he announced in a tweet,

Coffee Time News 10/04/15

New images galore for the Thing, Vision, Antman and Angel, as well as a 3rd season of Agents of SHIELD and Black Ops 3.


Let’s kick it off with the big ones; a load of artwork and images have appeared since Wednesday; first up is our first poster of Paul Bettany’s The Vision from Avengers Age of Ultron, next up is our first good look at Jamie Bell’s CGI The Thing from the upcoming Fantastic FourWe’ve also got a shot from Antman which not only shows off the official Yellowjacket costume and suit, but also a tiny tiny Scott Lang in his Antman suit and finally a little bit of concept art for the character of Angel/Archangel in Xmen Apocalypse.

It’s been over 10 years since 2004’s The Incredibles hit our screens, one of my personal favourite pixar movies that was calling out for a sequel. Well director Brad Bird has announced that he’s finally started working on a script for the sequel. 

Writers/Directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller (The Lego Movie, 21 Jump Street) are in popular demand at the minute, and it’s just been confirmed that they’re working on the story for the Flash solo film staring Ezra Miller, whether they’ll also direct it is unknown at the moment.


With the first episode of season 5 airing on Sunday night, Game of Thrones can be forgiven for a slew of promotional material, and today is no different, we have two new promos, one featuring the words of Littlefinger, while the second is all from the new High Sparrow, a character who takes issue with how the 7 kingdoms is treating the 7 gods.

The Haitian was one of the coolest characters in Heroes, sure, he was ridiculously over powered (power dampening and memory wipes?) and he definitely could have just hung around Sylar for the entire show and fixed literally everything, but that’s besides the point. Jimmy Jean-Louise is reprising the role in Heroes Reborn.

Agents of SHIELD is ‘all but assured’ to be getting a third season, which is cool, there’s also talk of a spinoff series, which little is known about, perhaps it will be similar to Agent Carter and run in the winter break? And finally, Daredevil‘s red costume has been revealed just in time for the show to start today.


Nintendo’s ink based shooter Splatoon for the Wii U, won’t have online voice chat, and we’ve only ourselves to blame, one of its creators put it down to their own experience with online shooters, and how it’s all very negative. This is why we can’t have nice things I suppose.

A teaser trailer has surfaced for Call of Duty Black Ops 3, with a major reveal coming out on April 26th. 

Destiny patch news, it’s been a while I suppose: heavy ammo drop rates are being lowered in the crucible to help with balancing, and there’s a new loot lock mechanic which allows you to keep hold of that loot you don’t want to ‘sell’ by locking it into your inventory.


Coffee Time News 03/04/15

Deadpool will be R rated, House of Cards Season 4 gets greenlit and Wednesday’s Nintendo Direct sees a host of announcements and updates.


In case you missed it on Wednesday, it was announced that Deadpool will be rated PG13, and then it was subsequently announced that it will, of course, be rated R, through this excellent video with Ryan Reynolds. Now, I’m not a fan of April Fools, but if you’re going to do one, do it like this.

Earlier this week we shared a bit of concept art for Xmen Apocalypse which showed Angel in a sort of cage for a side show attraction, well now the actor playing the winged mutant has been announced, it’s Ben Hardy (Eastenders). in the comic storyline Angel is gifted enhancements by Apocalypse and becomes one of his four horseman.

Two trailers now; one international trailer for the Fantastic Four which shows off a little more than we’ve seen already, and keeps with the very interstellar-y vibe. The second is two more TV spots for Avengers Age of Ultron, which is less than a month away.


House of Cards has been renewed for a fourth season; the emmy winning Netflix drama has achieved critical acclaim and popularity, so it’s unsurprising to see a new series being given the green light. The season will most likely be released on the streaming sight in the early months of next year.

Attack on Titan will be getting 2 live action movies in the future, but more than that, many of the actors from those films will be appearing in a live action series as well, based on a different story within the same world. Fans of the Anime should keep an eye out.

With Game of Thrones season 5 just over a week away, anticipation is at an all time high, and G.R.R. Martin has been kind enough to release an excerpt from the next book in the series Winds of Winter to satiate the book readers’ appetite. Spoilers ahoy.


There was a Nintendo Direct late on Wednesday evening, and here’s a list (courtesy of Kotaku) which details all you need to know about Nintendo’s announcements, including new game details such as Attack on Titan and Fire emblem and new updates, including Smash Bro’s announcements. Oh, and Amiibos.

Quantum Break, the Xbox One exclusive which sees you solving crime using time manipulation, was originally set for release some time this year, but will now release in 2016, the dev team is using the extra time to polish and improve the game, while the publishing team is using it to spread the wealth of releases we can expect to see this year.

Bungie is taking idling very serious in Destiny, stating that they will begin banning ‘toxic players’, supporting their case by saying that idling can ruin a difficult strike or a crucible game, making them unfair or un-winnable. Which is certainly true, and idling is tempting due to the game’s random loot rewards at the mission’s end. The upcoming patch will also reduce the run time of 2 of Mars’ strikes, making them more appealing (and easier) to see through to the end.