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Coffee Time News 27/03/15

Bumper Games With Gold Month, Fifty Shades’ director won’t return for the sequel and Downton Abbey to finish after season 6.


Well it was rumoured a while ago, but it looks like 50 Shades of Grey Director Sam Taylor-Johnson won’t be directing the sequel 50 Shades Darker. She’s thanked the cast and crew for the experience, though it’s no secret that she butted heads with author E.L. James, no word yet on her replacement.

X-Men: Apocalypse has added another young name to the cast: Lana Condor will be playing the role of pyrotechnic (see: Firework) mutant Jubilee. She’s joining the cast of youngsters such as Sophie Turner (Jean Grey), Tye Sheridan (Cyclops) and Alexandra Shipp (Storm) alongside many of the Days of Future Past cast.

Ready Player One’s film adaptation has a steadfast director: Warner Bros announced that Steven Spielberg will be directing the film that focusses on a gamer who has to go up against corporations and other players to win a fortune after a games’ creator dies.


Downton Abbey will officially end with season 6 this year, with the finale airing at Christmas in the UK. The showrunners expressed their want to end the show while it’s strong, and without running the show into the ground by over staying its welcome. Though fans shouldn’t fret too much, as there are talks of a movie in the works.

This clip from the Jimmy Kimmel show shows Arya Stark’s first look at the House of Black and White, and who we can assume to be the Kindly man. Book readers will know that this is a great story arc for Arya, and a change of pace from her usual stories of traipsing across Westeros.

Spoilers for the Arrow/Flash HO. A set photo has arisen that shows another crossover this season between the two shows. That’s really all I can say without spoiling it. So bloody click here.


Hearthstone has a new expansion coming sooner than previously thought; Blackrock Mountain‘s five wings will unlock each week through April, and will come with 31 new cards, with 2 class specific cards for each class.

Rockstar brought out a GTA V patch recently that seemed to downgrade certain aspects of the graphics engine, well they’ve reported that they’re aware of the problem and are working on rolling out a new patch to rectify it.

April’s Games with Gold for Xbox is looking like a bumper edition with twice as many games as usual: Xbox One will see Child of Light (an excellent fantasy story with a great game mechanic) and Pool Nation FX (A game I have not played, but is not a swimming simulation, it’s the other kind of pool). Xbox 360 sees four games, up until the 15th of April you can get gruff shooter Gears of War Judgement and roguelike Terraria. After that, until the 30th you can get Assassins’ Creed Black Flag and Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel.

That’s it for this week’s news, I’ll see you all on Monday!


Coffee Time News 14/11/14


I present to you a collection of Mockingjay Part 1 clips and previews, as well as an interview with some of the cast courtesy of Screen Rant.

There’s also a third trailer for Ridley Scott’s Biblical epic Exodus Gods and Kings starring Christian ‘I’m Batman’ Bale.

Christoph Waltz, who you might remember from any Tarantino film in the last few years, could be the main antagonist for the next Bond film.


Here’s a cheeky preview of the Doctor Who Christmas special, warning though, spoilers for season 8 are ahead.

The guys at Screen Rant have compiled a little list of the things that Agents of SHIELD could be heading towards after the latest episode ‘The Writing on the Wall’, including the Inhumans.

The Clock King was a villain in season 2 of Arrow who was promptly sent to jail, well, it looks like he’s escaped and is back on the warpath, but this time in Flash’s Central City.


Heists are coming to GTA V! Finally! Oh wait, no release date? So we’re exactly where we were 3 months ago. But I think we all knew they wouldn’t appear until the Next Gen launch.

Battlefield Hardline is taking a bit of a new approach to the usual Battlefield fare. This video shows stealth mechanics as well as an arrest system all wrapped up in the destructible environments of Battlefield.

There’s a trailer for Tales from the Borderlands out as well, it’s full of that Borderlands charm (and by that I mean Handsome Jack).

Coffee Time News 29/10/14


Let me look, nope, it doesn’t look like there was any big announcements or line up presentations in any huge cinematic universes today…. Oh wait, the other thing.

Today’s film section is overrun with Marvel announcements, first of all, here’s another clip from Age of Ultron that aired with Agents of SHIELD last night, it shows the gang trying to lift Thor’s hammer, with both hilarious, and interesting consequences.

Next up is the film line up from Antman to 2019. In May 2016 Captain America: Civil War will fill our screens with Ironman and Cap’s different ideologies, November 2016 will introduce Stephen Strange, a new character who will explore new dimensions and the more mystical side of the universe in Doctor Strange. Brought forward from July, Guardians of the Galaxy 2 will be released in May of 2017 instead. Taking its summer place will be Thor: Ragnarok in July 2017. Black Panther, a fan favourite that will have been introduced in Civil War will have his standalone movie in November 2017, which will be followed in May 2018 by the first part of Avengers: Infinity Wars, which will begin to see the culmination of all the events thus far. Marvel’s first standalone female character film will be Captain Marvel in July of 2018, and though many other people have held the mantel, Carol Danvers has been confirmed as this iteration. Marvel’s the Inhumans, one of their more riskier properties will follow in November 2018 and we round it all off in May 2019 with the Avengers Infinity Wars part 2. After that? Well I don’t think we have to worry about that for a while.

For a look at all the titles, as well as the press release itself, jump over here.


Right, that should do it with the superheroes now right? Wrong. I present to you a trio of Promos; a clip of last night’s Flash if you haven’t seen it already, a promo for Gotham as well as the first TV spot for the 8 part Marvel series Agent Carter.


Still looking ahead, though not as far as 2019; Star Wars Battlefront will be released in the last quarter of next year on PC and Consoles.

Zombie Survival game Dying Light is no longer a cross generational game, as the developers have announced that it will be new gen only, it drops in January.

After being asked countless times (I’m sure) if it’s worth buying the next generation version of GTA V, Rockstar have released a list (hopefully not exhaustive) of all the new and exclusive features in the new gen version. Still no heists though.


Coffee Time News 21/10/14


Rob Riggle (22 Jump Street) will be playing Frank West in the upcoming film adaptation of the video game series Dead Rising, named Dead Rising: Watchtower.

Disney have a new animated show on the horizon by the name of Moana, they’ve released a date area of late 2016, and some artwork. It’s a long way off yet (2 years, damn) but it looks pretty from the two scenes we have!

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 will focus on the universe and not just one story, James Gunn has come out and said.


Arrow has collared Vinny Jones (the Juggernaught b!tch) to be Brick, an invulnerable crime boss in Star City. Though considering Arrow’s new ‘no superpower’ stance, he may just be tough as nails.

The Flash soon to be star Robbie Amell talks here about his character Firestorm and what things we have to look forward to seeing with his character.

Ever wanted to see a Khal doing the Haka? Of course you have.


Steam has pulled the game ‘Paranautical Activity’ from its service after the creator sent a death threat tweet to Gabe Newell. You know, death threats? That’s just good business practice.

Civilisation 5 is free on Steam this week, up until Thursday, to get ready for the launch of Civilisation: Beyond Earth.

Finally I present to you the planned update for the Xbox One, including theme changes and store improvements.

Coffee Time News 13/05/14

By Joe Strange

Welcome to a new feature here at Axby (I know, we’re full of them, anybody would think we’re a new site or something.

Every morning I sit down with a coffee and flash through a couple of media sites looking for news, announcements or anything else that takes my fancy. I realised that this was a missed opportunity; not everyone works nights and has the days free to wander the internet for little slices of the news pie.

So my aim with this Coffee Time News is to lay out a buffet of links to anything that I think might be relevant to our sight, and our readers. So let’s get on with it shall we?


Tom Cruise’s Edge of Tomorrow has gotten a heap of features and an extended trailers. Do you like tiny men in exosuits trying to cheat death by reliving it? Head over to Screenrant.

Aaron Taylor Johnson (Kick Ass, Godzilla and soon Avengers 2) has been written into the 50 Shades of Grey movie. Whether he had any say in the matter is still up in the air.

The Den of Geek was privy to an exclusive poster for Transformers: Age of Extinction. Ever wanted to see Optimus Prime playing rodeo on a dinosaur? Of course you have.

Xmen Days of Future Past continues its publicity rampage with a featurette for Magneto and his powers, complete with questions as to why he doesn’t just crush all the sentinels immediately.

Amongst the rumours of Hugh Jackman hanging up his claws and his rad hairstyle, it’s been announced that the next Wolverine film and the next Xmen film (Apocalypse) will shoot back to back.


Unsurprisingly, the internet is reeling from Sunday’s Game of Thrones, and with England getting the episode last night we’ve had another surge of feelings over The Laws of Gods and Men. Check out a recap here. (No book spoilers though, so you Watchers are safe.)

Community fans, I’m still wearing black at the news of the outright cancellation of Greendale and the gang, I know it’s painful but here’s a word for our man Harmon himself explaining his view of the situation.

Yesterday I had a Heroes Reborn synopsis for you, in keeping with our recent superhero trend, I’d like to share the new poster and synopsis for Captain America spinoff Agent Carter.

Keeping it in the superhero family, DC have also released news on a first look, this time for their new series about the Flash, whose character first showed up in Arrow (which you should watch, I mean Green Arrow is no Hawkeye, but he’ll suffice.)

Fans of both Disney’s Frozen and ABC’s fantasy series Once Upon a Time should be happy to know that Elsa will soon be making an appearance.


Students from the Academy of Arts in San Francisco (in partnership with 2K) have made three Borderlands shorts full of that good claptrap humour. 

In that light, Borderlands 2 for the Vita has a UK release date; It’s May 28th

Ever wonder what Skyrim would look like with more Godzilla?

Did you know there’s a new Pokemon game coming out? Did you know it was a remake? Here’s Nintendo Life’s what to expect from Omega Ruby and Alpha Papa Sapphire. Still no signs of a Majora’s Mask remake though.