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Coffee Time News 26/06/15

Ghostbusters Spinoff not currently on the cards, The Joker and Mr Freeze confirmed for Gotham season 2, and Games for Gold gets an upgrade.


With Ant-man so very close now, we’re getting more and more promotional material; today it’s an international trailer which focusses on the father/daughter relationship we’re likely to see as well as a commercial for Cross technologies, the antagonists of the film.

It looks like Disney is somewhat tired of superheroes and the retelling of fairy stories and instead is looking to base a film in Science. That is, an action movie based on the formative life of naturalist Charles Darwin.

Channing Tatum has out and said that currently, at this moment, at the time of writing, the Ghostbusters spin off starring himself (who is set to be in the female lead reboot) is not happening, as it’s too complicated. 


Heroes Reborn finally has a full trailer with actual clips from the actual show with actual actors, as well as a synopsis which you can get your hands on here. Also, we called it, Levi is an antagonist.

The X-files reboot has its first few images of an aged and reunited Mulder and Scully, which you can check out over at Screenrant.

The synopsis for season 2 of Gotham moves the Joker and Mr Freeze rumours from the mill to the hard fact, as it confirms that season 2 will focus on them, as well as the mystery of Bruce Wayne’s father. It will return on September 21st.


Xbox’s Games for Gold is getting a little better, well actually, twice as good, as instead of the offering of one free game a month on Xbox One, starting July you’ll be privy to two free games a month.

In a positive move for the quality of gaming, EA have announced that if Star Wars Battlefront isn’t up to snuff by the time November roles around, they will delay the game to refrain from releasing an unfinished product.

Ah Bungie, they do try don’t they? Releasing a huge expansion later this year, they had the best intentions to bundle all the goodies into a package that would require you to buy all the stuff dedicated players already had to get it all, now they’ve been told (very loudly) that that’s not on, they’ve started making moves to make the ‘year one’ players feel more appreciated.


Coffee Time News 29/05/15

Andy Serkis’ role in The Force Awakens revealed, Trevor Noah to debut in September for the Daily Show and FIFA 16 to include womens’ teams.


We’ve got some set photos from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 which not only feature Shredder and the turtles, but also have a focus on newcomers Bebop and Rocksteady, you know, those two mutants who are like, a punk rhino and a punk Warthog? Anyway, we see them here in their regular human skins, so hopefully this is pre-mutation.

Another day, another Inside Out clip, this one focusses on memories, and the ‘core’ memories that determine the film characters’ personality. Who’s got bets on this being a major plot point?

Andy Serkis has revealed a set image from Star Wars the Force Awakens that should answer a few questions; most notably that Serkis will be in motion capture this time around, and that his character is named ‘supreme commander Snoke’. The leader of the remnants of the empire most likely.


The Daily Show’s new host, Trevor Noah will make his debut as host of the irreverent comedy show on September 28th. You can check out Noah trying out his new chair right here. 

Dylan Bruce, star of Orphan Black and Arrow’s Brother Blood, has been cast in Heroes Reborn though very little is known about his character as of yet. Heroes Reborn will air some time this autumn.

Harvey Dent, played in Gotham by Nicholas D’Agasto, has been promoted to a series regular for season 2.


Assassins’ Creed Syndicate the next game in Ubisoft’s historical stabbing simulation will not have a companion app, unlike the last two instalments in the series, so that the dev team can focus on the ‘core experience’. Yes, please, more of this. Syndicate seems to be trying to right the wrongs of the last few games.

It’s taken this long, but female football (soccer) teams will finally be playable in FIFA 16. Not that we usually report on FIFA games, but this is kind of a big step. Not that you’ll be able to play mixed games, but there will be 12 international women’s teams available.

Free Games time; Microsoft’s Games for gold for June include Massive Chalice for Xbox One as well as Thief and Just Cause 2 for Xbox 360. While PSplus’s games include Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes and Super Exploding Zoo for PS4 and Cloudberry Kingdom for PS3. Check out the full list here.

Coffee Time News 01/05/15

Kingsman sequel gaining momentum, Fantastic Four Character posters and this month’s free games.


It looks like fans of Kingsman: The Secret Service (see; everyone with any sense, that film is awesome) are in luck, as Fox looks to be getting themselves ready for a sequel. Not only that but it looks like they’re aiming to get original director Matthew Vaughn back for round two, something that they failed to do with the Kick Ass sequel, which suffered from the lack of Vaughn-ism, this is all good news.

A gallery of behind the scenes pictures has appeared from the filming of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2, mostly featuring Megan Fox’s April Oneil in various states of disguise, but it also gives us our first look at Stephen Amell’s Casey Jones, as well as his mask.

Hey look, character posters for Fantastic Four that tell us that this is going to be a darker tone than we’re used to. We also get a good look at all of the characters, and I have to admit, the Thing is certainly growing on me… It beats foam suit Michael Chiklis anyway.


Fancy seeing that Arrow has in store for you next week? Well this teaser here will wet your whistle, though I’ll warn you now; MAJOR SPOILERS for this week’s episode, like, in the first second, so don’t even think about it if you’re not up to speed. We also finally see the costume of Katana (Rila Fukushima) after an entire season of talking about the character and seeing her in (non costumed) action.

Have you already finished watching the leaked episodes of Game of Thrones? Do you need more Westeros while the rest-o’-us catch up? Well the best I can do is the titles and plot descriptions of all the upcoming episodes up until episode 8. Happy?


Destiny‘s next piece of DLC  House of Wolves will also bring to the game a heap of new crucible maps, you can take a look at some images and a bit of description right here, and you can play the DLC on May 19.

Hey, do you have Dragon Age Inquisition on anything other than Xbox One? Well you might like to know that the DLC Jaws of Hakkon is due out on all other platforms on May 26th.

It’s the beginning of the Month, which means both Microsoft and Sony have free games to give you; with Xbox’s Games for Gold you can get Castlestorm, Mafia 2 and F1 2013 while on the Playstation system you can bag yourself this huge list of games, including Guacumelee! and a new game; Ether One, many of which are crossbuy between systems.

Coffee Time News 02/03/15

Watch the Original Whiplash, a preview for tomorrow’s Agents of SHIELD and take a look at the guys who are taking Minecraft/Zelda to the next level.


Everyone here knows how much I enjoyed Whiplash, well now you can watch the short film that earned it a full length investment, still with J.K. Simmons, but also YOUNG NEIL (Johnny Simmons) from Scott Pilgrim Vs the World as Neiman, the role eventually played by Miles Teller.

Chris Hemsworth gives a really interesting and in depth interview about Thor’s role and his experiences with Avengers Age of Ultron over at Screenrant. 

Hey, Robin Hood, there’s a story that we definitely need another re-telling of. I mean, we had the gritty Ridley Scott version, that could have been a really great film if they had gone with the original script which told the story from the Sheriff of Nottingham, and we’ve already got the two greatest tellings of the story ever; the Cary Elwes Robin Hood Men in Tights and the adorable Disney version where he’s a bloody FOX. What was I saying? Oh yeah, King Arthur writer Joby Harold is working on another dark script for the mythical hero.


Game of Thrones fans gather around, I’ve got not only a bitchin’ new poster starring our favourite dwarf, but two kind of clips, one of which includes our favourite sullen know-nothing and the other has Brienne of Tarth, you know, that complete bad-ass who is on the trail of Sansa Stark. Right here!

Take a look at this clip from Agents of SHIELD’s return to the screen on March 3rd, which sees Coulson making a deal with the US government over a certain Hydra prisoner.

Over at Flickering Myth they’ve got a heap of images (courtesy of Empire) of the new Daredevil show for Netflix, only a few of which have been seen in the trailer.


A fairly Zelda heavy day today: Hyrule Warriors is getting a new Boss Pack DLC, which will give players the ability to play as Ganon, and if you’re really good with Ganon, and get an A in his survival mode, you’ll get to play as the deadliest creature in all of the Zelda Universe.

The mother peckin’ Cucco.

In other Zelda news, a pair of incredibly dedicated and smart fellows from New Jersey have begun recreating the original Legend of Zelda in Minecraft. I know, it sounds like it’s been done before, but not like this. Using only features from the PC version they intend to create a perfect replica of the game as if you were playing it in first person, the entire map is to scale (1 zelda block is 3×3 Minecraft equivalents) including Dungeons, weapons and enemies. Enemies that aren’t even written into the vanilla Minecraft game but can be with a bit of know how. I seriously recommend checking out this video if you’d like to see the potential of it all.

Xbox’s Games with Gold have been announced; Xbox One players you’ll be getting Rayman Legends, while 360 players you’ll get Tomb Raider until the 16th and then you’ll be able to grab Bioshock Infinity for yourself. Playstation users will have to wait until the announcement later in the week (Hopefully).