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Coffee Time News 7/07/15

Michael Cera to play Lego Robin, Deadpool returns to Steam and The Flash set pictures show that he’s got a day all to himself.


Ahead of its release… TODAY, Ant-man has three new clips for those of us who just can’t wait any longer!

Lord of the awkward character actor Michael Cera will be playing Robin in the Lego Batman movie that will tie in with the world created in the Lego Movie.

Age of Ultron fans, but those fans who wish that Joss Whedon’s vision and voice was a little more prevalent in the film, may be a little disappointed to hear that Whedon has no plans to do a directors cut of the film.


Behind the scenes photos for AKA Jessica Jones now, and like, literally all of the other photos it shows Luke Cage riding a motorcycle with Krysten Ritter’s Jones in tow.

A new teaser trailer for the new season of the X-files has hit, and it’s all exactly like we expected, complete with the doo-doo-doo-doo dooo at the end.

New set photos from the Flash show us two things; one that Central city is celebrating the Flash with a day imaginatively called ‘flash day’ (probably has a dance called Flash dance too right?) which means either he’s done something huge, or it’s the anniversary of him doing something huge. It also shows us a new villain, Atom Smasher, who can control his molecular structure, altering his size and strength.


Goat Simulator, you know, that game where you’re a crazed goat, is coming to the PS3 and PS4 in August and will support local split screen co-op.

Destiny will be getting an overhaul at the end of the summer, with Destiny 2.0 changes coming into effect, one of these is a huge upheaval of many weapon’s behaviours, from class changes to individual exotic tweaks.

Activision’s Deadpool game has been missing from Steam since 2013 when it was released, but suddenly it’s back, could it be because the new film doesn’t look like trash? Probably.


Coffee Time News 21/05/14


Hey guys, remember Scrubs? Remember Garden State? Well Wish I was Here is the new film from Zach Braff, who, if you remember those things, you’re likely to remember him. It’s the second trailer and unfortunately all I could think of during this was ‘JD’s having a bad day’, also Donald Faison is in it.

Zach Snyder, who last week released these images of his new Batsuit for Batman Vs Superman, has revealed, through Kevin Smith, his inspiration for the suit; spoiler, it’s not Clooney’s rubber batnipples.

Though it didn’t happen last night, here’s a trailer for the next film from Christopher Nolan, Interstellar. Doesn’t reveal too much, just like a good trailer should.



The creators of Sherlock have come forward and said that there… isn’t a date for season 4, but they’re working on it. Also, don’t get your hopes up for a movie, because that’s not going to be a thing either.

Fancy a review of the most recent Game of Thrones episode? (even though we all know it was bitchin’)?

Some details on the fifth season of the Walking Dead, and apparently it’s going to hit the ground running, which is good for a show that’s been known to drag.


Are you a fan of harassing hapless people as a maniacal goat? Well unfortunately the update for the insane Goat Simulator has been delayed until June 3rd.

So Nintendo have gone out the box weird for their ad campaign for Mario Kart 8, but you’ve kind of got to ask, why even bother advertising when you know it’s going to be the biggest boon to the WiiU since, ever.

Apparently there’s going to be a hack and slash Zelda game. Can I be the first to say, Nope.