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Coffee Time News 10/07/15

New trailer for Doctor Who season 9 as well as a clip from the Sherlock Christmas Special, and Black Ops gets a 1940’s era Zombies mode. With Jeff Goldblum.


So far the Harry Potter spin off Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them, has a director and a few main characters, well now the  cast is being fleshed out a little bit. Singer songwriter Alison Sudol has been cast as Queenie, the sister to Newt’s potential love interest.

Take a look at the NEW look of Katniss all ready for the revolution and that in this new motion poster for the Mockingjay Part 2.

On Wednesday we showed you the new look Ecto 1 from the reboot of the Ghostbusters, well now we’ve got another little treat, straight out of comic-con; Ecto 2. It’s a bike. 


Twin Peaks, oh Twin Peaks. At first you were back, then you weren’t, then you were back for a longer series than we’d thought, now you’ve been delayed until 2017.

Doctor Who Season 9 gets a trailer for its return on the 19th of September, which you can check out here. It’s got all the good stuff, running, screwdrivers, quarries.

Speaking of Trailers for British institutions, check out the first look at Victorian England in the standalone Christmas special of Sherlock, it’s full of references to the original stories, and the issues some of the characters have with them.


GTA V has another free expansion for you, Ill Gotten Gains part 2 will introduce a new radio station, as well as the regular new vehicles, weapons and missions for you.

Gears of War Ultimate edition is to be bundled with every new Xbox One until the end of the year once the game releases on August 25th, while stocks last.

Call of Duty’s Zombies mode will be making a return in Black ops 3, and this time it will be set in the 1940’s. If that isn’t enough to entice you (and why wouldn’t it be, 1940’s ZOMBIES) check out the voice talent this time around, Jeff Goldblum, Heather Graham, Ron Perlman and Robert Picardo. Check out the trailer.


Coffee Time News 14/04/15

Wonder Woman loses director, Psylocke to appear in Apocalypse and the first look at David Tennant in AKA Jessica Jones.


X-men Apocalypse has cast a long awaited character, Psylocke, set to be portrayed by Olivia Munn. While the younger cast (including Sophie Turner and Ben Hardy) will most likely be part of Xavier’s school, Psylocke has the potential to be an independent player.

Captain Marvel is the MCU’s first attempt at a female lead super hero story, and there was a lot of weight put on having a female lead team behind it, well it looks like we could be halfway there, as Nicole Perlman (Co-writer of Guardians of the Galaxy) and Meg LaFauve (Inside Out) have been tapped to write the film, though this being Marvel there’ll be no confirmation until it’s official.

In bad news; Wonder Woman director Michelle MacLaren has stepped down from directing the stand alone movie due to ‘creative differences’. It’s unsure if the film, set to release in June 2017, will be delayed because of this.


Now that Daredevil is out in the open, and receiving huge praises from fans and critics alike, it’s time to look onto the next Netflix Marvel show; AKA Jessica Jones, which is good, since we’ve got the first image of David Tennant as the Purple Man. Whether or not we’ll see him go full purple, or whether he’ll just stick with the suit we don’t know yet.

Game of Thrones is back, which means every Tuesday for the next 10 weeks you’ll be seeing a promo for the next episode, and so here’s a quick teaser for The House of Black and White

Whoever said DC wasn’t up for a bit of levity? Check out this teaser/fun video for the season finales of IThe Flash and Arrow, aptly titled ‘super hero fight club’.


GTA V for the PC has had a long wait, but Rockstar have given PC players a great tool to express the creativity of the gaming community in the Rockstar Editor, a robust tool for filming and creating your own ‘movie moments’ in both story mode and online.

Capcom is expanding the Monster Hunter brand in this new announcement of Monster Hunter Stories, an RPG that will be a little lighter in tone than the main games. Check out the trailer here.

May 19th will see the release of Destiny’s second DLC, House of Wolves, which, it’s been announced, will not have a raid, instead a new arena type deal called ‘the Prison of Elders‘.

Driving through Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of the “great” American cities, the home of modern cinema, a bastion of capitalism and the “freedom” it provides. Yet this “great” city is sick. The extent of this sickness depends on who you are, and there will often be a difference between reality and fiction. Last years Jake Gyllenhaal fronted film Nightcrawler and 2013/2014 Grand Theft Auto V, with its simulacrum of LA in the form of Los Santos, both portray a city filled with individuals whose drive is to obtain the so called American Dream regardless of the human cost.

It is striking the similarities between these two initially very different pieces of media. In both the role of the car is crucial for the livelihoods of the central characters. LA might have a mass transit system but, typical of most American cities, it is underfunded and is always forgotten in favour of the personal automobile. Although the car has a sacred position in US society, being seen as a symbol of independence and freedom; ideals held dear in the continent sized country.

Because of the necessity of vehicles in the environment that these characters inhabit they are used to help quite literally drive the plot forwards, with a considerable amount of the screen time being occupied within the shell of a vehicle. The vehicles driven might change, but without the use of vehicles the characters would be stuck, unable to navigate the urban sprawl that separates them from their goals, and their riches.

However the riches that they pursue are hardly from noble causes. Jake Gyllenhaal’s Louis Bloom makes his money from what is referred to as “nightcrawling” in which he records footage of accidents and crimes that occur throughout the night and then sells it to news channels. LA is supposedly a city where crime is falling, and as a result the ratings of news channels are also falling because they are unable to provide shocking footage that the American public craves. Therefore if they can hype up that crime is starting to pour into the more affluent “white” suburban areas, and accompany this so called “threat” with shocking and nauseating footage then more people will tune in. What’s more they’ll feel the need that they have to tune in.

Of course this highlights the hypocritical nature of the American psyche. People will complain about crime, talk of how it sickens them, and call for certain media to be banned that they disagree with. Yet they all tune in to catch a glimpse of contemptible footage showing the horrors that are present where they live. They are fascinated by violence and crime, lapping it up, all the while perpetuating their fear of it. This feeds the inane arguments when they talk about their god given right to bear arms, because somehow more guns will solve the problem. However the issue of drones is viewed with open hostility, because they invade people’s privacy (even though the NSA can do so anyway).

While Nightcrawler acts as a distorted mirror, one that aggrandises the faults that are present, GTA feeds off of this hypocrisy and provides continuous satirical jabs. Trevor Philips (one of three playable characters) makes a mockery of the entire US system of gaining human intelligence, along with the extreme freedoms that are afforded by the country. This comes across more due to his desire to exploit these “freedoms” which are more prevalent than in his Canadian homeland. The radio stations are also frequent sources of the insanity of American beliefs and ideals, highlighting the hypocrisy of gun toting rednecks criticising guns whilst simultaneously praising gun ownership, all “enjoyed” whilst driving through the urban sprawl or the desolate desert backcountry.

GTA Online also demonstrates the fallacy of the argument that more guns will make people safe. In this largely narrative free virtual space players will kill others (who do possess weapons) for no reason at all aside from the fact that they are in the same location. One can simply be driving along a coastal road admiring the spectacular scenery that San Andreas (California) has to offer, only to be gunned down inside your vehicle because you happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Then again given the the nature of certain gun related crime in the US this does not seem out of place.

Nightcrawler is more subtle in its approach, but is still scathing. Louis is someone from the 20-30s age bracket, the one which the global recession has hit hardest, without a stable job and is willing to work for free, because an internship is better than nothing. It takes the misfortune of another for Louis’ eye opening break, yet his entry into his chosen “career” is by no means legitimate. The initial funding is obtained utilising his ability of thievery which has been the only means of supporting himself so far.

What follows is a series of deception, betrayal, and a severe lack of ethics on the part of Louis or his associate at the news channel. Yet morals are viewed as a hindrance, they keep people back from making decisions that are necessary to proceed. Doing the right thing doesn’t help ones bank balance. During discussions with his own intern during stakeouts in their movable base of operations Louis continually bemoans the lack of taking risks and determination which are needed to go forward in this world. Louis’ own determination is both commendable, the kind of entrepreneurial spirit that America loves, but also deplorable. His total lack of regard for anyone else at all is chilling; Louis’ whole demeanour makes ones skin crawl.

Both pieces can be seen as exploring the notion of the American Dream. At the start the American Dream is a lie, a fallacy. Louis, despite his hard work, cannot get a break and is constantly rebuffed for efforts. GTA V sees Franklin making an “honest” living (honest for the hood) but is still ultimately trapped where he grew up with the same friends holding him back. Trevor, despite all the bravado regarding Trevor Phillips Industries, lives out of a rundown caravan in the middle of a desert town. The only success seen from the beginning is retired bank thief Michael, living out the closest thing resembling the American Dream; except he’s miserable, and his existence is a lie. He feels the need to visit a psychiatrist who provides him with useless advice for an unreasonable fee, and this fee is increased if he makes an impromptu phone session whilst driving through San Andreas.

During their drive in and around LA/LS the characters all become wealthier as a result of the actions that they carry out from their vehicles, yet they don’t necessarily grow as individuals. Their preexisting flaws are only further ingrained, as this is what has allowed them to succeed in this city. Yet if it weren’t for their vehicles they would be stuck in place ripe to be a victim of someone that they could have become, someone driving through.

Coffee Time News 27/03/15

Bumper Games With Gold Month, Fifty Shades’ director won’t return for the sequel and Downton Abbey to finish after season 6.


Well it was rumoured a while ago, but it looks like 50 Shades of Grey Director Sam Taylor-Johnson won’t be directing the sequel 50 Shades Darker. She’s thanked the cast and crew for the experience, though it’s no secret that she butted heads with author E.L. James, no word yet on her replacement.

X-Men: Apocalypse has added another young name to the cast: Lana Condor will be playing the role of pyrotechnic (see: Firework) mutant Jubilee. She’s joining the cast of youngsters such as Sophie Turner (Jean Grey), Tye Sheridan (Cyclops) and Alexandra Shipp (Storm) alongside many of the Days of Future Past cast.

Ready Player One’s film adaptation has a steadfast director: Warner Bros announced that Steven Spielberg will be directing the film that focusses on a gamer who has to go up against corporations and other players to win a fortune after a games’ creator dies.


Downton Abbey will officially end with season 6 this year, with the finale airing at Christmas in the UK. The showrunners expressed their want to end the show while it’s strong, and without running the show into the ground by over staying its welcome. Though fans shouldn’t fret too much, as there are talks of a movie in the works.

This clip from the Jimmy Kimmel show shows Arya Stark’s first look at the House of Black and White, and who we can assume to be the Kindly man. Book readers will know that this is a great story arc for Arya, and a change of pace from her usual stories of traipsing across Westeros.

Spoilers for the Arrow/Flash HO. A set photo has arisen that shows another crossover this season between the two shows. That’s really all I can say without spoiling it. So bloody click here.


Hearthstone has a new expansion coming sooner than previously thought; Blackrock Mountain‘s five wings will unlock each week through April, and will come with 31 new cards, with 2 class specific cards for each class.

Rockstar brought out a GTA V patch recently that seemed to downgrade certain aspects of the graphics engine, well they’ve reported that they’re aware of the problem and are working on rolling out a new patch to rectify it.

April’s Games with Gold for Xbox is looking like a bumper edition with twice as many games as usual: Xbox One will see Child of Light (an excellent fantasy story with a great game mechanic) and Pool Nation FX (A game I have not played, but is not a swimming simulation, it’s the other kind of pool). Xbox 360 sees four games, up until the 15th of April you can get gruff shooter Gears of War Judgement and roguelike Terraria. After that, until the 30th you can get Assassins’ Creed Black Flag and Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel.

That’s it for this week’s news, I’ll see you all on Monday!

Coffee Time News 25/02/15

GTA V Heists finally have a date! Broadchurch gets a season 3, and Lionsgate strike a deal with Telltale for a new show, kinda.


The second Lego Movie is now officially called The Lego Movie Sequel. The only issue is that the original directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller don’t have an awful lot of time to direct Emmit and the gang’s next outing, but it’s not so bad, since they’ve hunted out the very talented Rob Schrab to direct. If you don’t know that name, he’s written for dozens of shows, but also directed fan favourite Community, The Mindy Project and that camping episode of Parks and Recreation, so the sequel seems to be in good hands.

A new poster has been released ahead of the Avengers Age of Ultron trailer that’s due to air next week during the midseason premier of Agents of SHIELD. Looking at the fine print we can see that as well as among returning characters are Idris Elba’s Heimdall, Stellen Skarsgard’s Erik Selvig and Anthony Mackie’s Falcon, it will be super interesting to see how they all come together, though Falcon could be connected somehow to Captain America’s recruitment drive for new heroes.

Xmen Apocalypse continues its casting tidal wave and has cast British actor Ben Hardy as a key role in the Bryan Singer’s completion of the First Class arc. There’s a theory that he could be playing Angel, who, if you know your Apocalypse lore, is one of the first to be converted by the villain, and becomes the powerful Archangel.


ITV has commissioned a third season of the incredibly popular and critically acclaimed drama Broadchurch with actors David Tennant and Olivia Colman returning for season 3.

A few days ago we mentioned that audition scripts for CBS’s Supergirl implied that the show’s universe contains Superman, well now a casting call for a 5’11 (or taller) ripped physique and square jawed body double confirms at least an appearance in the pilot.

Lionsgate (Orange is the New Black, Mad Men) has approached Telltale Games to utilise their story telling ability and understanding of video games to create a new interactive experience that will be recognised over both the mediums of television and games. For a bit more information on the Super Show click here.


Heists are here. No, legitimately, GTAV is getting heists for real on March 10th. The downside is that the PC version has been delayed until April 14th. More information is due to release about the heists in the run up to March 10th, including other new features and content.

There’s a new Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor expansion on the horizon, The Bright Lord will contain 10 new story missions new abilities, it will see you take the form of Celebrimbor in his quest to seize the one ring from Sauron and control Middle Earth, oh, and there’s a boss fight with the man himself. Take a look at the trailer here.

In the vein of DLC, Trials Fusion expansion Fault One Zero rolls out today, players will get 10 new tracks, new trophies/achievements and level editor objects. If you’ve a season pass then it’s free, if not it’s the regular Trials price of $4.99.

Coffee Time News 04/01/15

Limitless gets a TV series, the Arrow’s ATOM suit gets revealed and the UK get The Avengers 2 even earlier than we thought!


Milla Jovovich will be starring in the In the Lost Lands, another media adaptation of one of G.R.R Martin’s (A Song of Ice and Fire) books, although unlike the Game of Thrones series, In the Lost Lands will be a full length cinema feature. The source material is actually part of a series of short stories, so it’ll be interesting to see how the powers that be tackle this.

The long discussed Star Wars spinoff that’s set for release in 2016 and that will be directed by Godzilla (2014) director Gareth Edwards has its leading lady; oscar nominated Felicity Jones (The Theory of Everything). The rumoured plot that’s circulating is focussed on a group of bounty hunters (the second coolest occupation in the universe besides smugglers) who are tasked with stealing the plans to the original death star, events transpire, friendships are built, a buddy cop comedy is made. (That last part is all conjecture.)

Great news for all us UK based Avenger fans; it looks like we’ll be getting the Avengers Age of Ultron a whole 24 hours earlier than we thought! We’ll be able to see the film on the 23rd of April, while those of you across the pond will still have to wait until May 1st.


Marvel’s Daredevil gets a teaser trailer ahead of its full length trailer that’s due later today. A Netflix exclusive, Daredevil will star Charlie Cox (Stardust) as the blind lawyer turned crime fighter.

Limitless, the Bradley Cooper vehicle that revolved around a drug that allowed the user to use 100% of their brain (think Lucy without the superpowers) is getting a series. The pilot, to be directed by Marc Webb (The Amazing Spiderman) will feature a character that we’ve not seen before, who’s dealings with NZT lead him to be coerced into using his enhanced intelligence to help the police for- Oh, it’s another procedural cop show with a super intelligent consultant…

Arrow‘s Ray Palmer is getting closer by the week to his dream of using a suit of armour to help his city, and today we get to see the ATOM suit in all its glory. While it’s not due to be seen in the show until episode 15, it really looks awesome, and stays away from being too similar to a similar armoured superhero by being more of a exo-suit of sorts. And those things are all the rage at the minute.
<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet” lang=”en”>

It’s ALIVE…! pic.twitter.com/mVsZc0L2pX #RayPalmer #TheATOMSuit

— Brandon Routh (@BrandonJRouth) February 3, 2015


Grand Theft Auto 5 has sold over 45 million copies, including Xbox One and PS4 sales. Or at least, 45 million copies have been shipped to stores. With the release of the PC version on March 24th, these figures should only go up. (Well, they’re hardly going to go down are they?)

Invigorate Gaming are a big name in the world of Destiny, holding world first status in both of the raid bosses that Bungie have rolled out, they’re a ‘deadly team’ and soon you’ll be able to get your ass kicked by them. If you’re playing Destiny on the PS4 between 7pm and 9pm EST, hit them up on Control to try and beat the best.

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number released a cryptic tweet recently. all it contained was a number with an extension. Calling that number gave you a message, the word March repeated. Since the extension has no effect on the message contents people are deducing that the 10 in the extension is the date. So perhaps March 10th?

Coffee Time News 14/01/15

Monopoly gets a film, Evolve gets a new monster and Community gets a release date.


So Monopoly. There’s a board game that’s getting a film. With more details being released in the first few weeks of February, the producer Randall Emmet has likened it to the adventure filled film The Goonies and it will have a treasure map. Monopoly starts shooting this summer.

There’s a new poster and clip for Matthew Vaughn’s Kingsman: Secret Service, which shows off Colin Firth’s armoury.

The Big Short is a film based on the credit bubble of the early 2000’s and is being made by Brad Pitt’s production company Plan B. It will star Brad Pitt, Christian Bale and Ryan Gosling. With 3 big hitters in one film we can expect a pretty grand affair when the film sees the light of day. (Though I’m bagging Bale as the antagonist)


Fan favourite Community has an air date for its Yahoo video release. March 17th will see two episodes of the comedy air, while a new one will be released every subsequent Tuesday. Check out the announcement trailer here.

Gotham will approach the topic of the Scarecrow in an episode entitled ‘the Fearsome Doctor Crane’, though previous rumours claimed that the Scarecrow role would be that of a younger actor, we could see his dad or something along those lines as the character who ‘targets victims with severe phobias’.

April 26th will see the return of Penny Dreadful on Showtime, and you can watch a trailer for it here.


GTAV for the PC has been delayed, again, until March 24th. But, on the upside, console players can expect to see the long awaited Heists before them, in fact ‘in the coming weeks’. And the specs for PC players have been released here.

Since we won’t be here to remind you tomorrow, the PSN will be down from 5pm until 9pm GMT on Thursday, so get all your playing done before then, or after I suppose.

Evolve has announced its fourth monster, the Behemoth, with this new trailer. According to developer Turtle Rock the Behemoth is the biggest monster there will, and could, ever be in Evolve, it was made with the sole purpose to be huge.