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Nintendo takes a leap of faith

It finally happened. Nintendo has announced that its famous collection of IPs (Intellectual Property) will be gracing mobile devices; and following the announcement were screams from fanboys, and jubilation from investors.

The announcement itself wasn’t a great surprise, we all knew that something like this would arrive eventually, it was just a matter of when, not if. In a way though the announcement isn’t exactly as was anticipated. This is because Nintendo are working with Japanese developer DeNA, who specialise in mobile games, to help bring new games (not ports) to mobile devices. Of course we wait to see what the extent of DeNA ‘s involvement in all of this is, after all Nintendo has been burnt in the past by allowing other developers access to its IP; I think we can all agree that the experience with Philips and the CDi was a massive failure. Then again in recent years there has been success, Capcom have created excellent handheld versions of The Legend of Zelda (which are even canon), Sega developed the excellent F-Zero GX and just recently Koei Techmo and Team Ninja created the surprisingly entertaining Hyrule Warriors. In all of these situations Nintendo a say in the development of these games.

The partnership between Nintendo and DeNA is no casual arrangement, as both companies have exchanged stock and shares with each company acquiring approximately 22 billion yen of the other. As a result DeNA has 1.24 percent of Nintendo’s stock, and Nintendo 10 percent of DeNA’s total stock. The latter aspect of the arrangement is significant as owning 10 percent of DeNA could possibly give Nintendo some influence over the company if it feels the need to reign things in a bit.

The decision to allow for an external company that most people have never heard of access to the crown jewels will sound like a risky move to some, but DeNA know what they’re doing in this marketplace, one which Nintendo has no expertise at all. Therefore bypassing the learning curve that would have been necessary for Nintendo to go through. Nintendo wants to focus on making high quality games for their dedicated videogame systems, and this move allows them to continue to do so, whilst simultaneously broadening their brand an appeal with the hope that the mobile games will attract more people to purchase the dedicated systems.

Following the announcement Nintendo’s shares saw a notable rise of just over 20%, the highest since January 2014, and this increase is largely holding a day later. This is not surprising considering investors have been very vocal in calling for Nintendo to make a move like this. Nintendo has also been vocal in not doing so until it knew it would be able to do so effectively, it just wasn’t expected that they would essentially outsource the process. Both companies have benefited from the announcement, but particularly Nintendo which has seen value added to the company, and some analysts recommending people buy Nintendo stock again.

As Nintendo have made a clear distinction between games for the dedicated systems, and the games that DeNA will be helping to make for mobile devices (Nintendo will be leading development), it does open up the discussion as to which series’ could work best on mobile devices. Obviously there will be some kind of Mario game, and likely a game featuring Pokémon, but the key will be utilising the strengths of certain Nintendo IPs that can perform well on these new devices. WarioWare seems like a perfect fit, as its collection of micro games suit the short bursts of play that define many mobile titles. Plus the series is synonymous for its creative use of inputs. Another series that is made by the same internal studio is the Rhythm Heaven (Rhythm Paradise in Europe) series, as it uses simple inputs to great effect, and could work well on these devices.

As Nintendo is leading development it is hoped that the free2play aspects will not be too prevalent, or that they provide “premium” games (meaning paid games of over 69p/99 cents). although it could also provide a great opportunity to tie in with titles that appear on the dedicated consoles. For example by playing the mobile game can result in additional bonus content for the “main” game.

This is feasible as one of the reasons why DeNA have been brought in is because of their knowledge of how to create a system that works across multiple devices and the construction of networks and servers. Nintendo has been playing catch-up in this area, and this is a positive sign of Nintendo’s commitment to improving in this area. They also announced that they are working on a new membership system (which is what they were referring to when they announced the closure of Club Nintendo), one which would connect existing Nintendo devices with mobile devices; as well as to Nintendo’s next dedicated system, currently codenamed “NX”.

The NX represented the other big announcement from the announcement with DeNA. Very little (i.e nothing) is known about the new system, although the general assumption is that the next system will be a combination of Nintendo’s handheld and home system. This based on the merger of the handheld and home console divisions into one, and the increased unity between the 3DS and the Wii U adds to this assumption. But at the moment this is all speculation.

For now all we can do is wait. The first game of this new partnership might come out this year, but it is likely that the extent of what this partnership means won’t become apparent until next year. Likewise more information about the NX is unlikely to be provided this year, other than a small, but important, tease during E3 this year. 2015 will likely be a transitory year for Nintendo. There are plenty of great games being released by the company, including a new Legend of Zelda title. 2016 will be when everything will start to be unveiled. That will be the time when we will know who was right; the fanboys or the investors.


Coffee Time News 02/03/15

Watch the Original Whiplash, a preview for tomorrow’s Agents of SHIELD and take a look at the guys who are taking Minecraft/Zelda to the next level.


Everyone here knows how much I enjoyed Whiplash, well now you can watch the short film that earned it a full length investment, still with J.K. Simmons, but also YOUNG NEIL (Johnny Simmons) from Scott Pilgrim Vs the World as Neiman, the role eventually played by Miles Teller.

Chris Hemsworth gives a really interesting and in depth interview about Thor’s role and his experiences with Avengers Age of Ultron over at Screenrant. 

Hey, Robin Hood, there’s a story that we definitely need another re-telling of. I mean, we had the gritty Ridley Scott version, that could have been a really great film if they had gone with the original script which told the story from the Sheriff of Nottingham, and we’ve already got the two greatest tellings of the story ever; the Cary Elwes Robin Hood Men in Tights and the adorable Disney version where he’s a bloody FOX. What was I saying? Oh yeah, King Arthur writer Joby Harold is working on another dark script for the mythical hero.


Game of Thrones fans gather around, I’ve got not only a bitchin’ new poster starring our favourite dwarf, but two kind of clips, one of which includes our favourite sullen know-nothing and the other has Brienne of Tarth, you know, that complete bad-ass who is on the trail of Sansa Stark. Right here!

Take a look at this clip from Agents of SHIELD’s return to the screen on March 3rd, which sees Coulson making a deal with the US government over a certain Hydra prisoner.

Over at Flickering Myth they’ve got a heap of images (courtesy of Empire) of the new Daredevil show for Netflix, only a few of which have been seen in the trailer.


A fairly Zelda heavy day today: Hyrule Warriors is getting a new Boss Pack DLC, which will give players the ability to play as Ganon, and if you’re really good with Ganon, and get an A in his survival mode, you’ll get to play as the deadliest creature in all of the Zelda Universe.

The mother peckin’ Cucco.

In other Zelda news, a pair of incredibly dedicated and smart fellows from New Jersey have begun recreating the original Legend of Zelda in Minecraft. I know, it sounds like it’s been done before, but not like this. Using only features from the PC version they intend to create a perfect replica of the game as if you were playing it in first person, the entire map is to scale (1 zelda block is 3×3 Minecraft equivalents) including Dungeons, weapons and enemies. Enemies that aren’t even written into the vanilla Minecraft game but can be with a bit of know how. I seriously recommend checking out this video if you’d like to see the potential of it all.

Xbox’s Games with Gold have been announced; Xbox One players you’ll be getting Rayman Legends, while 360 players you’ll get Tomb Raider until the 16th and then you’ll be able to grab Bioshock Infinity for yourself. Playstation users will have to wait until the announcement later in the week (Hopefully).

Good Vibrations

This week I’m going to be talking about good vibes! And no, I haven’t had a personality transplant. “Good vibes” is not a phrase I use often, if at all really, but after watching Kyle Bosman’s most recent episode of The Final Bosman on Good Vibes and Metroid Prime it’s all I can think about.

Like myself Kyle Bosman is a fairly straight laced individual, we both wear ties during a normal week, and formality tends to be the norm. Yet every now and then both of us can make statements that are out of the norm; and today I’m all about the good vibes! *puts on shades* *then takes them off because the screen is no longer viewable*

So why good vibes? Well the context for it is “game feel”. When you’re playing a game and there is just something about it that feels right. In essence it’s pure subjectivity. Hyrule Warriors might warrant a solid score of 7, but that game is full of good vibes! It’s satisfying wailing on hundreds of Zelda themed enemies and for me a considerable amount of the vibes comes from the excellent soundtrack, which is a collection of remixes of the classic Legend of Zelda music we all know and love.

In a way Nintendo are the masters of good vibes. It helps that their games are solid pieces of entertainment, if a Nintendo game was released in the same state as Assassin’s Creed: Unity then something has gone very wrong at Nintendo (and in the world). It is very rare for a Nintendo developed game to get a low score, meaning it is very difficult to say a Nintendo game is bad. Yet Kyle makes the good point that just because we think Captain Toad is a brilliant game, doesn’t mean everyone will like it. I might experience good vibes from it, but that doesn’t mean it will gel with everyone.

Recently I took advantage of Nintendo’s very generous deal for release of the Metroid Prime Trilogy on the WiiU. The Metroid Prime series is interesting because whilst I agree with Kyle about the good vibes that come from the original Metroid Prime, as a game I’m not a huge fan of it, mostly because I found the controls too clunky and this got in the way. Yet the games atmosphere is almost unmatched. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption on the other hand does not excel in the same well in regards to its atmosphere. Don’t get me wrong, it does have a really good feel to it, but nowhere near to the same extent as the original. However, the controls make the game so much more engaging, and as a result I’m enjoying my time with Corruption so much more, and therefore I’m in the minority for actually preferring Corruption over the original. That is the power of good vibes. Although I haven’t tried out the original using the motion controls, so that might change.

Of course there are non-Nintendo examples of this. Just last night I tried out the Battlefield Hardline beta. The interesting thing about playing the beta was that by the end of the evening I was having so much fun that it was distracting me from playing the game properly. The aim of the game is to shoot people, yet I was perfectly content messing about half way up a skyscraper and parachuting, or just faffing about in a helicopter. Getting a good score no longer became a concern of mine. In a sense the game failed. It wasn’t just me, I noticed as I went on the total scores of everyone else  dropped ever lower as well. Congratulations to EA for making a fun FPS, but as a competitive shooter it needs refining. So in this scenario the good vibes were of a detriment to the core game, which is a pretty unique situation for a game of this nature to be in.

Of course there are plenty of games with bad vibes, I think it’s safe to say that microtransactions are a considerable source of bad vibes (once again I’m looking at you Unity), but today I’m all about the good vibes. Some of my favourite games have received bad review scores, yet for me games like Killer7 and Deadly Premonition are a continued source of good vibes. So don’t worry about what other people say, if a game gives you good vibes, then its all good.

Stay groovy people!


*Next week the New 3DS comes out, so I’ll either have it and I’ll be irrationally praising it, or I’ll still be waiting and will be hyping myself up further like the irrational Nintendo fanboy that I am.*

Coffee Time News 19/09/14


In a surprise to, well no one really, the writer for the Godzilla sequel, which was announced immediately after the Kaiju hit decimated the box office earlier this year, is the same fellow who penned the first film; Max Borenstein.

After being asked on Twitter what his favourite Marvel movie cameo was Stan Lee replied in his regular cheeky fashion and said a movie that we’ve not even seen yet. Apparently his favourite cameo is in Avengers 2.

Remember a while ago when we showed you the Deadpool test footage? Well apparently the response was so good that it required a freakin’ release date for the merc with a mouth, that’s right, the Deadpool film will be hitting cinemas on the 12th of February 2016.


You know how much we love synopsis here at Axby, well the CW has released some episode plans for the Arrow and the Flash, check it out here.

British actor and comedian Alexander Armstrong will be voicing Dangermouse in the upcoming CBBC reboot.

Aubrey Plaza, best known for playing April Ludgate in the fantastic Parks and Recreation will be voicing the meme Grumpy Cat in a Christmas special TV movie. I’m not kidding.


Microsoft has announced that they will be releasing a Xbox One controller for the PC, and it’s almost exactly the same.

Hyrule Warriors will have a bunch of DLC, you can check out the schedule and the pricing here.

The speedrun time for Halo Combat Evolved on Legendary difficulty has been broken, twice. Check out the quickest guy right here.

Coffee Time News 16/09/14


The Hobbit; the Battle of the Five Armies, has a new massive banner which you can check out here in the form of broken up pictures, it’s actually quite pleasant.

Dracula Untold, the newest attempt at making Vampires relevant again, by telling the story of the big man himself, has a new trailer.

The Mockingjay Part 1 has its first full length trailer, showcasing the rebels and their fight against the capital, it looks like they’re really focussing on the juxtaposition of Catniss and Peeta as the symbols for each of their sides.


Sleepy Hollow season 2 has a host of new images for you, apparently these are slightly spoilerific, so only if you’re sure your sure.

Star Wars Revels shows off more cool stuff in this new clip, and it’s in the form of a spinning dual lightsaber. You’ve got to wonder what happened to all these wicked things in the original trilogy.

The pilot for Gotham isn’t even off of the runway yet, (the show doesn’t take off until September 25th) but we’ve already got a synopsis for the second episode for you.


Microsoft purchased Minecraft creator Mojang yesterday for $2.5 billion, but that’s not the biggest news of the story as Markus ‘Notch’ Persson, as well as some more of Mojang’s staff have left the studio.

Nintendo’s Hyrule Warriors has its first TV advert, and it’s got deep voices and impending doom. 

The 3DS version of Super Smash Bros has sold over one million copies in Japan in its first week, which is hopefully a sign of things to come over here as well.

Coffee Time News 11/09/14


There’s a very short announcement trailer for Mockingjay, the announcement is that there’s a new trailer coming out in a few days. But, it’s not all a disappointment, because we also have a new poster too.

Zach Snyder, in a retaliation to the leaked Batman vs Superman batmobile images has released an official look at the Dark Knight’s new ride, and it looks good.

Since the Amazing Spiderman 2 got such a mixed reputation, the Venom spin off will take precedence. Alex Kurtzman, the director, has stated his excitement saying that ‘you can do things with venom that you can’t do with Spiderman’.


The Legend of Korra, which has improved substantially since it’s lack lustre season 1 finale, has a fourth season on the way, on October 3rd. Seems silly that there was such a break between the second and the first season really.

Get a better look at the villains of Gotham in this new banner to promote the show.

We’ve already announced that Hayley Atwell’s Agent Carter will feature in the Agents of SHIELD season 2 premier, but it’s now been announced that the Howling Commandos, Captain America’s War buddies, will as well.


Take a look at the inner workings of a French hospital heist mission from Assassin’s Creed Unity. Frankly it doesn’t look much different to how I’d play AC normally.

Hyrule Warriors’ roster is full up, and here’s an in depth look at all the characters you can use to kick ass in the up coming Zelda hack and slash.

WiiU owners will finally get to play Watchdogs on the 21 of November in Europe, or the 18th in America.

Is pre-ordering games worthwhile?

Destiny is coming out next week, and from the various bits and pieces written here at Axby, we’re pretty excited about it. However, I haven’t even given thought to the idea of pre-ordering it.

Here in the UK pre-ordering is different to how it apparently is in the US, as it is very rare to be asked for a deposit on your pre-order. In fact if, in the rare occurrence (which I’ll get to), that I was preordering and was asked for some payment up front, I would simply go elsewhere.

So with there being very little risk associated with pre-ordering here, why then is it that I tend not to get involved in this practice? On one level I think it’s partly due to the kind of games that heavily push preorders; these being the AAA games. Before you call me out as a snob who doesn’t buy these games, you’d be wrong. I recently got back into the Assassin’s Creed series with the enjoyable Black Flag, but I’m playing it more than half a year after it originally came out. Whilst I am also looking forward to Unity I have no interest in getting that at launch or participating in Ubisoft’s ridiculous gambling minigame for those who pre-order.

Another reason has been that for the past four years the purchase of a new game had to fit into my schedule of exams and essay deadlines. This meant that despite wanting to get something like Skyrim as soon as possible, realistically I wasn’t going to be able to play it for at least another month. So whilst my grades benefitted from this decision, my bank balance also benefitted slightly as well. As when I had a gap where I could fit in this behemoth of a game in, it had dropped in price by £10. Some games can drop even more after the same amount of time, I recall the previous two Far Cry games having done so.

However a more personal reason for avoided pre-ordering is that I don’t like the practice utilised by many of the big publishers, which is the use of in game pre-order bonuses. Now I have no issue with the physical extras that can comprise special editions and/or are only available when you preorder. This is because they have no impact on the game itself, and these often cool, but not always, additions are a sensible way to entice people to preorder.

In game bonuses that are only available (or even if for an exclusive period) for those who pre-order is something that purposely fragments the gameplay experience. Often the bonuses can be minimal, but this makes the whole practise seem even more disappointing. When you buy a game you should be able to get everything that was originally created for it included. At least the concept of online codes that came free with new games, but had to be bought separately with used games is a practise no longer followed.

Though is where I admit that I do still pre-order some games. There are times when I want to get the game as soon as possible, and my schedule allows for it. This was the case with  GTA V, and with the immense amount of hype surrounding it I assumed that getting a copy without pre-ordering would be difficult, turns out I was half right. Unfortunately due to the large demand for the game, the online retailer that I had pre-order from were unable to fulfill many people’s pre-orders, and then proceeded to cancel them without informing people that this was the case. This was made worse by the fact that it stated that it had been dispatched and money had changed (electronic) hands. In the end after, four days of getting to the bottom of the problem and being refunded, I walked into a Sainbury’s and was able to pick up a copy there and then. So even though this was one instance where it made sense to preorder, I was let down and then was able to walk into a supermarket and buy it off the shelf.

The GTA example was an exception, but there is one segment of videogames that I frequently pre-order, and that’s Nintendo games. Part of the reason is that with Nintendo games, it is quite rare for them to drop in price (aside from occasional temporary discounts), usually it can take years, that’s right years, for a permanent drop in price. So by pre-ordering you won’t have the same concern that that you could’ve got it cheaper if you had waited. Then there is the fact that often the pre-orders come with nice collectibles. Nintendo also avoided the lure of in game bonuses, but unfortunately times are changing, as the upcoming Hyrule Warriors will use this practise in some regions. Although this being Nintendo some of the bonuses are available to all who register the game with Club Nintendo within the following month.

Pre-orders are important for the big publishers as it gives them some indication as to what to expect with sales numbers, but the surrounding practices around them are a hinderance to those who actually buy the games. I’m not going to say that you should never pre-order, but maybe give it some thought.

Coffee Time News 15/08/14


Some possible cameos and a little bit of the direction that Ant-man could be taking when it hits our screens has been revealed, check out that over here.

Tarantino’s Hateful Eight will have a trailer at screenings of Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill for. Just in case you needed convincing to see that.

Looks like we’ll see a sequel to the very successful Godzilla from earlier this year, and looks like we’ll see it in 2018. Which, when you think about it, isn’t that long away.


Community season 6 has a trailer! Well, it’s actually snippets of previous trailers, but the thought’s still there.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine and the Expendables star Terry Crews would like to play Luke Cage. And I would like to see that.


Incredible creep and hard to spell Zelda Villain Ghirahim has is own gameplay video for Hyrule Warriors, and it looks like he focusses on speed and moves without much cool down.

Surgeon Simulator has an anniversary edition with new surgeries, new environments and stat tracking so that you can tell just how badly you shouldn’t be in medicine.


Coffee Time News 12/08/14


Obviously the first piece of news is that Robin Williams has died at the age of 63 from asphyxiation. It’s a tremendously sad day for comedy, for film, but even more so for his family, and our thoughts are with them.

Michael Bay may be finished making Transformer Movies. They’ll still be made, but not by him.

Some new details about the Assassin’s Creed film have surfaced, and it seems to be set during the Spanish Inquisition, which no one expects.


Here’s a short from Star Wars rebels, which is full of original trilogy feel, style and music.

Better Call Saul, the spin off to the hit show Breaking Bad, has a trailer, now it’s only 11 seconds long, but it’s something.


Hotline Miami will be available as a cross buy for the PS4 from August 19th, so if you’ve already bought it on the Vita or the PS3, you won’t be charged.

Want to see some crazy ass powers from twilight Princess’s main antagonist Zant? Well you’re in luck!

Runescape, the free to play, in browser MMORPG, is getting its first expansion in 13 years. Here’s some details.

Coffee Time News 05/08/14


So what’s the deal with the Infinity Gems? Fans of the Marvel films might want to check out this look at the mcguffins of all mcguffins.

We’ve got a sneaky first look at Ben Affleck as Batman, well actually, as Bruce Wayne right here.

Sony have announced a new, super secret, female lead for a new superhero movie in the Spiderman Universe, but who could it be? Well, check out here to see!


Nickelodeon will be airing a School of Rock serialised show in Spring, but it wont have Jack Black.

Here’s a good old shot of Charlie Cox as Daredevil, a little better in quality than Affleck up there.

David Cubitt (Medium) will be playing Manhunter in Arrow, and no, that’s not the Martian Manhunter, which is a shame.


Demon prince of the Gerudo, Ganondorf, is a playable character in Hyrule Warriors, and here’s some footage to go with that.

Along with Hyrule Warriors News, there will be a story mode/adventure mode, and it will be a little different to what we expected.

Bioshock, one of the best games of last generation, is coming to IOS, and Ken Levine had a hand in it.