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Coffee Time News 29/05/15

Andy Serkis’ role in The Force Awakens revealed, Trevor Noah to debut in September for the Daily Show and FIFA 16 to include womens’ teams.


We’ve got some set photos from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 which not only feature Shredder and the turtles, but also have a focus on newcomers Bebop and Rocksteady, you know, those two mutants who are like, a punk rhino and a punk Warthog? Anyway, we see them here in their regular human skins, so hopefully this is pre-mutation.

Another day, another Inside Out clip, this one focusses on memories, and the ‘core’ memories that determine the film characters’ personality. Who’s got bets on this being a major plot point?

Andy Serkis has revealed a set image from Star Wars the Force Awakens that should answer a few questions; most notably that Serkis will be in motion capture this time around, and that his character is named ‘supreme commander Snoke’. The leader of the remnants of the empire most likely.


The Daily Show’s new host, Trevor Noah will make his debut as host of the irreverent comedy show on September 28th. You can check out Noah trying out his new chair right here. 

Dylan Bruce, star of Orphan Black and Arrow’s Brother Blood, has been cast in Heroes Reborn though very little is known about his character as of yet. Heroes Reborn will air some time this autumn.

Harvey Dent, played in Gotham by Nicholas D’Agasto, has been promoted to a series regular for season 2.


Assassins’ Creed Syndicate the next game in Ubisoft’s historical stabbing simulation will not have a companion app, unlike the last two instalments in the series, so that the dev team can focus on the ‘core experience’. Yes, please, more of this. Syndicate seems to be trying to right the wrongs of the last few games.

It’s taken this long, but female football (soccer) teams will finally be playable in FIFA 16. Not that we usually report on FIFA games, but this is kind of a big step. Not that you’ll be able to play mixed games, but there will be 12 international women’s teams available.

Free Games time; Microsoft’s Games for gold for June include Massive Chalice for Xbox One as well as Thief and Just Cause 2 for Xbox 360. While PSplus’s games include Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes and Super Exploding Zoo for PS4 and Cloudberry Kingdom for PS3. Check out the full list here.

Coffee Time News 27/05/15

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen reboot is in the works, New clip from Disney’s Inside Out, and Gotham to introduce a crime duo,


The Suicide Squad is still in the news it seems, and these folks really need some better security, as this leaked video that shows the Batmobile hunting down Joker’s fancy car that we saw in some previous behind the scene shots, prove. So, Batman cameo very much confirmed?

We’ve not heard much from Disney’s Inside Out of late, but after being very well received at Cannes Film Festival, we’ve got a little clip from the film featuring the whole gang, but focussing on Bill Hader’s Fear.

Hey, do you remember the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen? You know, that film that had Sean Connery, Mr Hyde, Tom Sawyer and Captain Nemo in it? You know that film that caused Connery to quit acting? Well, Fox is attempting to reboot the film. Originally ‘based’ on Alan Moore’s graphic novel, which he describes as ‘the Justice League of Victorian England’ the source material has a lot of potential… Give it to Matthew Vaughn?


Gotham is due to introduce two new villains, most likely working as a pair, in the second season, a male DC villain who is intelligent, cultured and highly articulate and a female companion who is in her mid 20’s. With the Joker being played by a young actor of the same sort of age as Bruce Wayne, we can’t really expect this to be Harley Quinn, so possibly a more vague female villain from the rogue’s gallery?


Battlefield Hardline‘s first piece of DLC; Criminal Activity, has its first trailer/official reveal, which you can check out here. The trailer features new maps, new items, new that sort of thing.

Amiibos are pretty neat, but now they’re pretty cute, with their inclusion into Yoshi’s Wooly World, tapping an Amiibo onto the Wii U gamepad will cause another Yoshi to appear on screen, allowing you to solve more puzzles and have twice the fun, ALSO, the amiibo you use will transform yoshi into a newly knitted version based off of that character.

Coffee Time News 11/03/15

GTA Heists release to a shaky start, new Inside Out and Daredevil trailers, and Zoolander crashes Paris Fashion Week.


Well, this makes me wish I had gone to Paris Fashion Week. Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson crashed, for want of a better word, Paris Fashion Week as Derek Zoolander and Hansel McDonald. (you know, from Zoolander) The sequel Zoolander 2 now has an official release date of February 12th 2016, and you can see Hansel’s and Zoolander’s appearance here.

Tron 3 will begin production this autumn, according to ‘insider scoops’. This would point towards a late 2016 release for the film that will, according to Joseph Kosinksi, be darker and more akin to Empire Strikes Back. But the important question remains, will the best character of Legacy return? I’m talking of course, about Daft Punk’s Soundtrack.

Finally, check out the third trailer for Inside Out, it shows us a little bit more of the plot, and it’s looking to be a bit of a buddy adventure between Sadness (Phyllis Smith) and Joy(Amy Poehler), with Anger (Lewis Black), Envy (Mindy Kaling), and Fear (Bill Hader) running the ship while they’re away and getting into, just, all kinds of shenanigans.


Powers, the Playstation Original Series based on the graphic novel series of the same name, has a new full length trailer, and also, if you’re one of our readers based in the US, you can watch the first episode for free right here. Enjoy!

Marvel’s first Netflix show, Daredevil is less than a month away, and here’s another full length trailer, it shows off a bit more of Kingpin, and the parallels between him and Murdock. There’s also a neat shout out to the Avengers, so just because it’s dark and violent doesn’t mean it’s not a part of the MCU.

HBO is joining the realm of internet streaming subscription services with HBO Now. HBO Go is a pre-existing streaming service, but is only available for those with a HBO cable subscription, that will not be the case for HBO Now which will run at a subscription fee of $15 a month. As of yet, there’s no news as to whether the service will be rolling out internationally.


Heists were finally released on GTA Online yeserday! Which means, that, of course, it all went off without a hitch right? Yeah, not so much. Server issues across the board, and limited access meant that it’s off to a rocky start for the most anticipated update in the game’s history.

Sid Meier’s Starships is a bit of a departure from the usual fair of Civilisation, though it does have familiar components (democratic dealings, for example,) but what’s most interesting is that the developers decided to work off of player’s inherent knowledge of space, instead of the cold hard facts. This is an interesting article by Charlie Hall over at Polygon, but one example is the Asteroid fields, and how they behave the way that people expect them to from seeing them in films, shows and other games, pretty clever.

Dying Light has a new update rolling out, the Hard Mode patch. As well as introducing a new, well, hard mode, the update also brings new weapons, new outfits and new behind the scenes improvements, check out this run down video from Techland for the full scoop.

Coffee Time News 17/02/15

Casting call for Deadpool, An RPG that plays itself and G.R.R Martin warns that book readers aren’t safe from season Game of Thrones 5 deaths.


Kingsman: The Secret Service Director Matthew Vaughn has spoken about the potential for a sequel to the spy action comedy, even the return of certain characters who might not have made it to the end of the film (MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD)

The Casting Call for Deadpool shows off some of the characters fans could see on the big screen, click here to see ScreenRant‘s rundown as well as some conjecture about who they could be. The interesting thing is that a lot of the roles to be filled have the potential to be part of a trilogy, if it all goes well I suppose.

There’s a new ‘Meet’ Tv Spot for Pixar’s Inside OutShowing off more scenes that we’ve not seen to let us get to know the characters that little bit more!


Everything is not all peaches and gravy in the Whitehouse in the new trailer for House of Cards season 3, which airs on Netflixon the 27th of February this year.

There’s a new trailer for the return of Agents of SHIELD, focussing again on how Skye (Daisy) has a dangerous secret, the show returns for the second half of the second season on March 3rd

The world’s most celebrated mass murderer George R.R Martin has a warning for all us fans who have read the books. We’re not safe from the misery; people who don’t die in the books will die in season 5 of HBO’s series when it returns on April 12th. Apparently showrunners Benioff and Weiss are more bloodthirsty than he is, sure George. Sure.


“For all those of you who don’t have time to play an RPG anymore” There’s new mobile game Dreeps, which is played by, actually, not playing it. You set your alarm and the game goes to sleep, and starts playing when you get up in the morning. You do nothing. Check it out.

An ‘Ultimate Xbox Sale’ has been leaked, with huge discounts on games such as Shadow of Mordor, Halo and Destiny. Take a look at the full list here.

Evolve has topped the UK sales charts, coming ahead of Majora’s Mask, a good week for games all in all.

Coffee Time News 02/02/15

The one stop shop for all the biggest Superbowl film trailers! We’ve got the seven biggest film trailers from last night’s game as well as our regular news round up!


It’s had a long road (if you car-don the pun, god I hate myself) but Furious 7 is very much alive, and very much exactly what we want from these movies. Stuff like jumping through skyscrapers in sports cars. It also seems like the film’s got heart, which isn’t surprising considering the untimely death of Paul Walker, which was bound to resonate with such a close cast.

Jurassic World, love or hate what you’ve seen so far, you’ve got to admit it looks enticing as all hell. With a little more action in this trailer and a much better look at the new dinosaur (named the Indominus Rex), we also get to see more of the chaos that will reign when she gets loose.

Pixar held out on us last year, after there was no new release from the studio that brought you Toy Story, The Incredibles, Finding Nemo, this year we’ll get to see Inside Out, and in this trailer we get a little more of a showcase of the main emotions of the show, also, you know, puppy bowl needs to be a sport now.

Well. Arnie was right, he is certianly back in the new Terminator Genisys trailer. Buses are flipping, shotguns are cocking, the T-1000 is doing his liquid metal thing; the soft-kind-of-reboot-maybe-a-retcon is definitely going to be a spectacle.

Do you have plans this Valentines day? Does it involve going to watch Fifty Shades of Grey with your significant other? A boastful beginning leads to pretty much the same sort of thing we’ve seen in the other trailers, but hey, the book sold millions!

The last marketing push for Legendary’s Seventh Son, which opens in US theatres on the 6th of this month, shows of monsters, magic, swords and Jeff Bridges (who’s sporting the same beard from True Grit I think).

Pitch Perfect was an absolutely delight surprise, so let’s hope that this year’s sequel can deliver to the same standard. The stakes are bigger, and so, we can assume, are the performances. With a host of cameos of both musical and… otherwise (the Greenbay Packers?) this will definitely be bigger than the first.


If you’re anything like me, in that you freaking loved Heroes when it first hit our screens, you’ll want to see this first look at the 13 episode spinoff Heroes Reborn. Featuring HRG (Jack Coleman, a mysterious child who can create an Aura Borealis, and Chuck’s Zachary Levi is all great, but what’s really awesome is that trademark heroes wail.

IZombie has seen a bit more of the daylight recently, though that’s not always a great thing for the undead, but this new trailer shows off a lot more than the one we featured last week, also, call me a ghoul, but that brain salad looks  kind of tasty.

David Duchovny could return to Twin Peaks as well as the X-files, He seems pretty hedgy about returning to both, but at the same time, sort of confident. I think he knows more than he’s letting on.


Now normally we don’t feature mobile games on this site, especially those that carry the ability to be as exploitive as Clash of Clans, but the new trailer is actually pretty damn entertaining. Need more convincing? It features Liam f*cking Neeson.

This Month Xbox live members can download IDARB for free if they’re on Xbox One or if you’re on the 360 you can grab the phenomenal Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons up until the 16th, and after that you can bag yourself Sniper Elite V2

Battlefield Hardline is getting another open beta this month, starting tomorrow (Feb 3rd) and ending on the 8th, the beta will feature 3 maps, and a gamemode entitle heist so yes, Battlefield, which isn’t even out yet, is getting heists before GTA.

Sara Looks Ahead: Films of 2015

By Sara Da Silva


2014 is over. Pause for dramatic realisation of how fast time goes by. Whilst this year might not be what Back to the Future imagined, it will be a fairly good year for film. This won’t be an extensive list but these are a few of the movies that I’m personally excited for.

1. The Avengers: Age of Ultron (April 2015): My level of excitement for this film is off the charts. Things go terribly wrong when Tony Stark tries to jumpstart a dormant peacekeeping program with Ultron. So it’s up to the Avengers to stop Ultron from eradicating the human race from Earth. The usual cast of Robert Downey, Jr, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Jeremy Renner and Scarlett Johansson is back, and more beautiful than ever.

2. Pitch Perfect 2 (May 15th 2015): This movie sees the Barden Bellas enter an international a capella competition that no American team has ever won. So, no pressure. Welcoming back the cast we love, including Anna Kendrick who is taking this year by storm, this film seems like it’ll be even better than the first.

3. Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (December 18, 2015): Don’t mind me I’m just freaking out internally. The trailer sparked major controversy amongst old and new fans. But, disregarding the stress of it all, I’m excited to see how it turns out. I might just have to stay away from the internet crazies when it’s released.

4. Ant-Man (17th July 2015): I initially had my reservations about this film but the Ant-Man teaser put my mind at ease. It’s Marvel after all so I doubt it’ll be disappointing. Armed with a super-suit with the ability to shrink in scale but increase in strength, Scott Lang must help his mentor, Dr. Hank Pym, plan and pull off a heist that will save the world. Fingers crossed it goes off without a hitch.

5. Inside Out (June 19th 2015): Finally, a new Pixar movie that can compete with some of the best. Riley, who is forced to move with her family to San Francisco, is guided by her emotions – Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness. As Riley and her emotions struggle to adjust to their new life, turmoil ensues in the emotion Headquarters. With Mindy Kaling as Disgust and Phyllis Smith as Sadness, fans of The Office US will be rather pleased. Personally I can’t wait to hear Amy Poehler as Joy. Definitely a film for all ages.

6. Jurassic World (May 11th 2015): Set twenty-two years after the events of Jurassic Park, Isla Nublar now features a fully functioning dinosaur theme park with a genetically modified hybrid dinosaur. You’d think they’d know better by now. But of course, the dinosaur runs wild on the island causing major havoc. After Chris Pratt’s amazing performance in Guardians of the Galaxy, I’m really excited to see how well he’ll do in Jurassic World.

7. Mad Max: Fury Road (15th May): Set in a stark desert landscape, two rebels on the run might be able to restore order to this apocalyptic world. With Tom Hardy and Nicholas Hoult starring in Mad Max this is definitely a movie that I’ll need to see, for obvious reasons…

Coffee Time News 12/12/14


Boy howdie do we have a bunch of trailers for you today, so I’m just going to get them out of the way in one big, Ace Ventura style breath; *Inhale* Kingsman Secret Service has a redband trailer for those who don’t mind swearing, but also a greenband for those at work, it’s due to release on the 13th of Febuary next year. The first trailer for Inside Out from Pixar came out yesterday and it’s worth a watch. And finally there’s the trailer for Mad Max Fury Road, which is one of the more unique trailers I’ve seen this quarter.

And as if you needed telling, the names for the characters we saw in the recent Star Wars the Force Awakens trailer have been announced in a pretty nifty way.


The Flash has only just left our screens and we’ve already got a promo for the first episode of the next half of the season entitled; Revenge of the Rogues, it focusses on Barry getting faster, or trying to.

Blair Underwood (L.A Law) will be joining the Agents of SHIELD cast as Agent May’s (the Cavalry) ex Husband and will be a recurring character.

There’s a new trailer for the Christmas episode of Doctor Who, and it looks like someone’s in trouble (as usual, actually, that’s not that different to every other episode… Santa’s in this one though.)


Minecraft developer Mojang have officially released their new Card/board game hybrid Scrolls, for PC, Mac and Android tablets, with an IPad version coming next year. There’s a Demo available from their website.

Papers Please, one of James’ favourite games and the basis for his most recent article, is now finally available on IPad, after a bit of censorship.

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed this, but I love Zelda, and so I’m obliged to let you all know about the Zeldathon Relief Fundraiser that’s taking place on the 27th of December, check out the details here.

Coffee Time News 10/12/14


A few days ago we announced that Roberto Orci stepped down as the director for Star Trek 3, but he’s recently announced that he hasn’t left the project completely, and will be staying on as a producer. Also, there’s no time travel, he was quite insistent on that part.

Ah, we’ve got to the point where there’s teasers for trailers. Well later today we’ll see our first real trailer for Inside Out fro Pixar, but until then here’s a teaser for that.

Marvel were very keen to have Spiderman in Captain America Civil War, which, if you’ve read the source material, isn’t surprising; he’s kind of a big deal. Sony even approached Sam Raimi about the feature. More details here.


The pilot for the live action series based on Teen Titans (called Titans) will begin shooting next year. There’s also a chance that the series could crossover with DC’s other television properties; The Flash and Arrow.

Two pieces of news now for Agents of SHIELD, and it’s quite important I get these links right;

If you want to read about how the Avengers Age of Ultron will be presented in Season 2 of Agents of SHIELD click here.

If you’ve already seen the midseason finale that aired last night, and want a run down on the origins of an important character in the show click here. BUT THERE ARE MAJOR SHOW SPOILERS THERE.


The first piece of story based DLC for Sunset Overdrive entitled the Mystery of Mooil Rig and will released on the 23rd of December.

Destiny fans who haven’t bought the first DLC the Dark Below, are in for a disappointing weekly strike, it’s one of the strikes that came with the DLC and therefore is locked if you’ve not bought it.

In other Destiny news, the Dark Below Raid, Crota’s end has been beaten by Invigorate Gaming, who were the first to best the original raid; the Vault of Glass.

Coffee Time News 09/12/14


Pixar’s Inside Out won’t just focus on the main characters emotions, and will in fact feature the emotions of the parents as well, on top of that the setting for Finding Dory has been announced, with most of the film taking place in a marine research facility.

It’s been revealed by James Gunn that the character of Guardians of the Galaxy aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. He teases a darker, less noble side to out beloved guardians in the sequel.

What We Do in the Shadows is a mockumentary from the creators of Flight of the Conchords showing the lives of four Vampire flatmates. Yeah, it’s about as odd as you’d expect given the circumstances.


There seems to be no end to superhero television shows, and now David S. Goyer has announced his new project Krypton, which will be centred around the fall of house El and Superman’s grandpappy.

Mark Hamill will reprise an old role from the original Flash TV show, in this season of the Flash,  in the form of The Trickster, who’s an anarchist slash Conman. 


Two big patches for you; news on the fourth patch for Assassin’s Creed Unity, which is still being worked on but will hopefully solve a lot of the lingering problems with the title. The second is the second patch for Dragon Age Inquisition, which fixes dialogue issues and the Banter bug and will be released today, though not on the Xbox One.

Check out here for a rundown of the announcements from the Playstation Experience, including Octodad, Dadliest Catch, the new Street Fighter, as well as the fantastic Bastion (from the makers of Transistor) which will be released next year.

Fans of Nathan Drake should pop over to here for a 15 minute gameplay demo with a surprise voice actor at the end.


Coffee Time News 19/11/14


Inside out, Pixar’s movie emotional emotion movie, has some character posters and clips to show you.

Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar has a prequel comic called Absolute Zero, spoiler warning for Interstellar ahead.

Casting rumours for Xmen Apocalypse have already begun, with the casting for young Scott Summers and young Jean Grey at the forefront, check here for the details.


Peter Capaldi will definitely be returning as the Doctor for the 9th season, and there are a few theories on what could happen with Jenna Louise Coleman’s character to be found here.

Toy Story that time Forgot has a couple of trailers to be found here, and will air in early December.

Golden Globe winning crime drama Luthor is getting an American remake, while Idris Elba won’t be reprising his role as Luthor, he will be on in an executive producer role.


Eiji Aonuma discusses the changes that we’ll see in the hugely anticipated remake of Majora’s Mask, including fishing and boss fight changes.

GTA V for PS4 and Xbox One has had some teething issues in its online department (it wouldn’t be GTA V without it really would it?) but Rockstar are patching character import issues.

The creators behind Monkey Island, the quintessential adventure game on PC have started up a no frills Kickstarter for their new project Thimbleweed Park.