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Coffee Time News 10/03/15

Trailers for The Flash, IZombie, Game of Thrones and Tomorrowland as well as Arkham Knight News and a new way to enjoy indie games.


Disney’s Tomorrowland has a second trailer out now, brought to you by Brad Bird, who’s responsible for The Incredibles and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, the second trailer focusses that little bit more on the forces acting against George Clooney and his new pin-toting protege. Also, is Hugh Laurie going to be the villain? I hope not.

In a Q and A on Facebook, Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn (who’s currently working on a sequel) has claimed that Marvel won’t be at this year’s Comic-con, and has said that ‘Marvel isn’t going so I’m not sure I will either.’. Which is understandable, Marvel has only less than two months until Age of Ultron releases, and they’ve caused such a stir with the recent announcements (All of Phase 3, the Sony/Spiderman deal) that they could be hard pressed to find anything mind blowing. And it gives the little guys a chance I suppose.

The star of the Robocop remake, Joel Kinnaman has confirmed his role as Rick Flagg in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie, after more than a few actors had been pinned for the role including Tom Hardy and Jake Gyllenhaal to varying degrees.


Trailers galore in today’s TV news: check out a promotional run down video of the episodes of The Flash leading up to March 31st, quick glimpses of returning villains, story lines, Cisco. But also, our first proper look at Mark Hamill as The Trickster. Flash returns next Tuesday, March 17th.

Then, if you still watch TV like a regular person (A regular person from the nineties) you can stay tuned on the CW to catch the first episode of IZombie, and a new trailer is available here. It shows off some more of the action scenes we’ll be seeing as well as (like the Tomorrowland trailer,) some of the forces Liv will be facing.

And finally, Game of Thrones has a second trailer in ‘The Gods Demand Justice’. It focusses on Daenerys’ rise to power, and her plan to ‘destroy the wheel’ of the 7 kingdoms.


Have you ever wanted a collectors edition of Papers Please? (James, I’m looking at you.) What about Hotline Miami? Well the guys over at Gamer’s Edition work with the gaming community and developers to create cool, interesting collectables for indie games. They’re taking orders now, so get placing!

Due for release next Tuesday, episode 2 of Tales from the Borderlands is titled ‘Atlas Mugged’, which aside from being an excellent pun, gives you a bit of a clue as to what’s going on with some of the other gun manufacturers on Pandora (Ah, Jakobs, you were the best) and you can see a new trailer for it here. It’s really great that Telltale have breathed a bit more life into the character models that previously merely stand around, giving you missions.

Players of Batman Arkham City had a great surprise at the games’ finale, but it’s left some wondering about the fate of the villains in Batman Arkham Knight. (I’m being intentionally vague for spoilers sake) Well, spoilers ahead, but this should settle some nerves, as well as a few bets.


Coffee Time News 02/02/15

The one stop shop for all the biggest Superbowl film trailers! We’ve got the seven biggest film trailers from last night’s game as well as our regular news round up!


It’s had a long road (if you car-don the pun, god I hate myself) but Furious 7 is very much alive, and very much exactly what we want from these movies. Stuff like jumping through skyscrapers in sports cars. It also seems like the film’s got heart, which isn’t surprising considering the untimely death of Paul Walker, which was bound to resonate with such a close cast.

Jurassic World, love or hate what you’ve seen so far, you’ve got to admit it looks enticing as all hell. With a little more action in this trailer and a much better look at the new dinosaur (named the Indominus Rex), we also get to see more of the chaos that will reign when she gets loose.

Pixar held out on us last year, after there was no new release from the studio that brought you Toy Story, The Incredibles, Finding Nemo, this year we’ll get to see Inside Out, and in this trailer we get a little more of a showcase of the main emotions of the show, also, you know, puppy bowl needs to be a sport now.

Well. Arnie was right, he is certianly back in the new Terminator Genisys trailer. Buses are flipping, shotguns are cocking, the T-1000 is doing his liquid metal thing; the soft-kind-of-reboot-maybe-a-retcon is definitely going to be a spectacle.

Do you have plans this Valentines day? Does it involve going to watch Fifty Shades of Grey with your significant other? A boastful beginning leads to pretty much the same sort of thing we’ve seen in the other trailers, but hey, the book sold millions!

The last marketing push for Legendary’s Seventh Son, which opens in US theatres on the 6th of this month, shows of monsters, magic, swords and Jeff Bridges (who’s sporting the same beard from True Grit I think).

Pitch Perfect was an absolutely delight surprise, so let’s hope that this year’s sequel can deliver to the same standard. The stakes are bigger, and so, we can assume, are the performances. With a host of cameos of both musical and… otherwise (the Greenbay Packers?) this will definitely be bigger than the first.


If you’re anything like me, in that you freaking loved Heroes when it first hit our screens, you’ll want to see this first look at the 13 episode spinoff Heroes Reborn. Featuring HRG (Jack Coleman, a mysterious child who can create an Aura Borealis, and Chuck’s Zachary Levi is all great, but what’s really awesome is that trademark heroes wail.

IZombie has seen a bit more of the daylight recently, though that’s not always a great thing for the undead, but this new trailer shows off a lot more than the one we featured last week, also, call me a ghoul, but that brain salad looks  kind of tasty.

David Duchovny could return to Twin Peaks as well as the X-files, He seems pretty hedgy about returning to both, but at the same time, sort of confident. I think he knows more than he’s letting on.


Now normally we don’t feature mobile games on this site, especially those that carry the ability to be as exploitive as Clash of Clans, but the new trailer is actually pretty damn entertaining. Need more convincing? It features Liam f*cking Neeson.

This Month Xbox live members can download IDARB for free if they’re on Xbox One or if you’re on the 360 you can grab the phenomenal Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons up until the 16th, and after that you can bag yourself Sniper Elite V2

Battlefield Hardline is getting another open beta this month, starting tomorrow (Feb 3rd) and ending on the 8th, the beta will feature 3 maps, and a gamemode entitle heist so yes, Battlefield, which isn’t even out yet, is getting heists before GTA.

Coffee Time News 30/01/15

Get the Metroid Prime Trilogy for a STEAL. Wet Hot American Summer is coming to Netflix, as a series! And Avengers Age of Ultron gets a TV spot.


The all female Ghostbusters reboot has got a date; July 22nd 2016. This just so happens to be the release date for the Power Rangers reboot as well as the Guy Ritchie King Arthur film; Who’s going to cave first?

Game of Thrones actor Jason Momoa will be playing Aquaman in the DC universe, and won’t be blond. He gives a good in depth account of his casting over here at Flickering Myth.

Avengers Age of Ultron has a TV spot, but it doesn’t seem to show off an awful lot more than what we’ve seen in the previous trailers. Which is probably a good thing, By and large we don’t know an awful amount about the film’s plot, so the more they keep under wraps until the release in the spring the better.


Something is wrong with Skye (Daisy?) in this new promo for the season 2 return of Agents of SHIELD. Which isn’t surprising after the spoiler with the spoiler when the spoiler spoiled the spoiler of the mid season finale.

To me IZombie, the undead show starring Rose McIvver (Once Upon A Time)  seemed like a cash in on a genre we’ve kind of had enough of, but reading the synopsis that she takes on the memories of the brains she eats is a nice twist, and somehow turns it into a murder mystery show. Bonus. Oh, and here’s a trailer.

Big news, a while ago we mentioned that the hilarious cult film (starring literally everyone you love) Wet Hot American Summer will be getting a Netflix series, well today we’ve got a cast announcement trailer for it!


Let’s Players! You can now join up for Nintendo’s affiliates program to monetise on your Nintendo let’s plays, they’ve even got the disclaimer for you to copy and paste. Sign up and read more about it here.

And here’s a game you might want to let’s play; The  Metroid Prime Trilogy is only $10 (and its equivalent in other currencies) on the Nintendo Estore. THAT’S TEN MONIES FOR THREE INCREDIBLE GAMES.

On the Playstation Plus side of February, here’s a list of games that are free to subscribers of the service, the PS4 games include Transistor, the spiritual successor to Bastion, which is coming to PS4 later this year.


Coffee Time News 16/05/14

It’s Friday everyone, so here’s a bit of news to send you off for the weekend,


Harrison Ford is being sought out for another 80’s reboot, this time its Blade Runner.

Universal sets a 2016 release date for a secret project from Legendary, could it be the adaption of epic space game series Mass Effect? Or something else entirely?

Did you know Kenneth Branagh is working on a live action Cinderella with a heap of star power? Well here’s a teaser trailer.



From the creator of Veronica Mars comes a new Zombie TV Show, IZombie, about a medical student turned Zombie who has to blend in with the living crowd. Not sick to death of Zombies yet? Check out the synopsis here.

Having apparently not milked their cash cow (cash brothers and assisting trench coat donning angel) the CW are taking a shot at another Supernatural spin off after the lukewarm reception of Bloodlines.

And the big reveal today I guess, The Flash, which we had a teaser for yesterday, now has a 5 minute trailer. Get a feel for the sense of the show, which doesn’t seem too unlike its big brother Arrow, which you should definitely watch if you haven’t already.


First up, today, being the 16th, marks the release of the second Game for Gold on XBL for May, it’s Saints Row the Third. It’s free, so you might as well buy it and download it when the time suits you.

My favourite piece of gaming news of the day, Far Cry 4 has official box art and release date; November 18th. It’ll be based in the Himalayan mountains, and focus on deposing a tyrannical leader in the region of Kyrat. As long as there’s another bow, I’m totally game.

Grand Theft Auto Online is still going strong with the updates, did you know? Despite its teething issues… And then some, Rockstar are rolling out the updates. The newest one, the High Life update, has a whole host of new features, as well as triple XP all weekend.


So that’s the news for the week, keep checking Axby.com for more news, features, comics and general ranting, see you breifly on Sunday for our Lazy Sunday Lists, and I’ll be back on Monday with more Coffee Time News.