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Coffee Time News 04/08/14

Happy Monday everyone, just a quick bit of admin to get out of the way; last month I mentioned that I’ve taken a bit more work at my night job, well this has left me with less time than I would prefer to dedicate to Axby. To that end, for the next 6 weeks or so, our weekly Lazy Sunday Lists will now be up on Wednesdays. I’m hoping that this will allow me to do a bit more behind the scenes to make Axby a better site for you guys.

With that out of the way it’s time for some news!


Bill Murray has been cast as Baloo the bear in Disney’s upcoming Jungle Book re-imagining.

Studio Ghibli is most likely closing its doors on production, instead focussing on managing their existing trademarks.

The Guardians of the Galaxy talk about the possibility of an avengers crossover. Spoiler, they’re all pretty keen.


The creator of The Walking Dead knows when all your favourite characters are going to die.

There’s a new poster for the 7th and final season of Sons of Anarchy.

And here we have a teaser and a new poster for Sleepy Hollow season two. Don’t lose your head over it.


For fans of Zelda and regular board games, I present to you the hero of time and the king of board games. Yup, Zelda Monopoly. Get them rupees.

In some nice gaming publicity for once, scientists have found an hour’s worth of gaming can make children happy. Which, since I play games more than koalas sleep I must be the happiest guy out there.

So, the Destiny Beta had a big bit of story-plot that was hidden away, the Vault could be reached by playing around on the water with the speeder bikes.


Coffee Time News 29/07/14


A red ban trailer for Sin City: A Dame to Kill For has been released, and focusses on the plethora of badass lady types in this instalment. 

Christopher Walken has been cast as King Louie in the upcoming live action Jungle Book, and I just spent the last 3 minutes singing Wanna Be Like You in a Christopher Walken accent.

And finally, here’s a new poster and trailer for the Hobbit; Battle of the Five Armies. Lots of wreckage, people shouting, lots of armour, you know… War.


Daredevil will start in 2015, premièring on  Netflix in May, shortly after Avengers 2.

Fans of the Killing will be happy to know that there’s a bit of footage from season 4 right over here, enjoy.

And fancy watching 5 minutes of the Simpsons/Family Guy crossover? Take a look here for in jokes, comparisons and a cheap shot at Bob’s Burgers which is a far superior show to where either of the two are at the minute.


You can play as Link (or at least use his equipment) in Monster Hunter 4 when it comes to America and Europe next year. If you’d please excuse me I have to go and preorder a game.

Games for Gold is still going, check here for this month’s offerings from Microsoft, one of which is a personal favourite of mine; Dishonored.

Last week I mentioned some new Ocarina of Time additions to Hyrule Warriors, well now we get to see two of the sages in action. Did that Zora just wink at me?

Coffee Time News 16/07/14


Anyone who’s still following Ant-man after the drama of Edgar Wright’s departure may want to read this little bit of an interview with Kevin Feige discussing the new Director.

Jon Favreau has finally got a Mowgli for his live action Jungle Book, it’s newcomer Neel Sethi.

Big Hero 6, Disney’s superhero team up shindig, has another new trailer, this one shows off a bit more of the story, and more of the physical comedy that comes from having an inflatable robot pal.


Agents of SHIELD season 2 has a premier date, the 23rd of September. This means it will be showing on Tuesdays, the same night as The Flash, which airs two weeks later.

The directors of Game of Thrones season 5 have been announced, and apart from one, they’re all complete newcomers to the series, which could mean some interesting things for the series.

Fans of DC’s clown prince of crime, and fans of Gotham, will be interested to hear that the showrunners are going to be playing with you with regards to the Joker in the first season of the show.


In the makings of Mass Effect 4, Bioware have released a survey for fans, wanting to know about their play habits and what not. You can find it over at Kotaku. It’s most likely a coping mechanism for the less than great reaction to the end of the third game.

Some of the ‘founding fathers’ of Fallout could appear in a fan made live action webseries, if they reach their stretch goal.

A new free to play team based game has appeared; Gigantic. From Motiga, this absolutely stunning game will have you fighting against, and alongside, giant monsters, check out the lovely trailer here.

Coffee Time News 26/06/14


Remember yesterday when I reported the reboot of Predator by Ironman 3 and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang director Shane Black and called it a reboot? Well Black has now come out to state that it will be an inventive sequel and not just a reset.

Award winning actor Ben Kingsley has been cast as Bagheera in Jon Favreau’s up and coming live action adaptation of The Jungle Book. He’ll star along side Idris Elba and Scarlett Johansson as well as 12 years a slave star Lupita Nyong’o.

And finally, the teaser trailer for the Hunger Games Mockingjay that came out about 5 minutes after I published the news yesterday. Go figure.


Gotham, a show that I’m increasingly excited for, has released another host of posters, as well as our first look at Poison Ivy.

The Flash and Arrow have season premiers all signed off, they’re October 7th and October 8th respectively.  DC fans are going to have a blast come October.


Minecraft has now sold more on consoles than on the PC. Which is cool. I mean, I own it on both, but then, you know, I’ve nothing better to do.

The Legend of Korra, you know, the ATLA sequel series, has a game coming out, from the makers of Bayonetta, it could be good, considering the source materiel has more action in it than its precursor, but then again, this is a tie in game.

There’s a little leaked news about GTA online’s heists and new missions, the heists may just be new missions though, and not what we were all waiting for…