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Coffee Time News 01/05/15

Kingsman sequel gaining momentum, Fantastic Four Character posters and this month’s free games.


It looks like fans of Kingsman: The Secret Service (see; everyone with any sense, that film is awesome) are in luck, as Fox looks to be getting themselves ready for a sequel. Not only that but it looks like they’re aiming to get original director Matthew Vaughn back for round two, something that they failed to do with the Kick Ass sequel, which suffered from the lack of Vaughn-ism, this is all good news.

A gallery of behind the scenes pictures has appeared from the filming of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2, mostly featuring Megan Fox’s April Oneil in various states of disguise, but it also gives us our first look at Stephen Amell’s Casey Jones, as well as his mask.

Hey look, character posters for Fantastic Four that tell us that this is going to be a darker tone than we’re used to. We also get a good look at all of the characters, and I have to admit, the Thing is certainly growing on me… It beats foam suit Michael Chiklis anyway.


Fancy seeing that Arrow has in store for you next week? Well this teaser here will wet your whistle, though I’ll warn you now; MAJOR SPOILERS for this week’s episode, like, in the first second, so don’t even think about it if you’re not up to speed. We also finally see the costume of Katana (Rila Fukushima) after an entire season of talking about the character and seeing her in (non costumed) action.

Have you already finished watching the leaked episodes of Game of Thrones? Do you need more Westeros while the rest-o’-us catch up? Well the best I can do is the titles and plot descriptions of all the upcoming episodes up until episode 8. Happy?


Destiny‘s next piece of DLC  House of Wolves will also bring to the game a heap of new crucible maps, you can take a look at some images and a bit of description right here, and you can play the DLC on May 19.

Hey, do you have Dragon Age Inquisition on anything other than Xbox One? Well you might like to know that the DLC Jaws of Hakkon is due out on all other platforms on May 26th.

It’s the beginning of the Month, which means both Microsoft and Sony have free games to give you; with Xbox’s Games for Gold you can get Castlestorm, Mafia 2 and F1 2013 while on the Playstation system you can bag yourself this huge list of games, including Guacumelee! and a new game; Ether One, many of which are crossbuy between systems.


Coffee Time News 17/02/15

Casting call for Deadpool, An RPG that plays itself and G.R.R Martin warns that book readers aren’t safe from season Game of Thrones 5 deaths.


Kingsman: The Secret Service Director Matthew Vaughn has spoken about the potential for a sequel to the spy action comedy, even the return of certain characters who might not have made it to the end of the film (MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD)

The Casting Call for Deadpool shows off some of the characters fans could see on the big screen, click here to see ScreenRant‘s rundown as well as some conjecture about who they could be. The interesting thing is that a lot of the roles to be filled have the potential to be part of a trilogy, if it all goes well I suppose.

There’s a new ‘Meet’ Tv Spot for Pixar’s Inside OutShowing off more scenes that we’ve not seen to let us get to know the characters that little bit more!


Everything is not all peaches and gravy in the Whitehouse in the new trailer for House of Cards season 3, which airs on Netflixon the 27th of February this year.

There’s a new trailer for the return of Agents of SHIELD, focussing again on how Skye (Daisy) has a dangerous secret, the show returns for the second half of the second season on March 3rd

The world’s most celebrated mass murderer George R.R Martin has a warning for all us fans who have read the books. We’re not safe from the misery; people who don’t die in the books will die in season 5 of HBO’s series when it returns on April 12th. Apparently showrunners Benioff and Weiss are more bloodthirsty than he is, sure George. Sure.


“For all those of you who don’t have time to play an RPG anymore” There’s new mobile game Dreeps, which is played by, actually, not playing it. You set your alarm and the game goes to sleep, and starts playing when you get up in the morning. You do nothing. Check it out.

An ‘Ultimate Xbox Sale’ has been leaked, with huge discounts on games such as Shadow of Mordor, Halo and Destiny. Take a look at the full list here.

Evolve has topped the UK sales charts, coming ahead of Majora’s Mask, a good week for games all in all.

Reaction Time: Kingsman: The Secret Service

By Joe Strange

Brad Pit Ate My Sandwich

Stop me if you’ve heard this before: a suave British secret agent appears, impeccably dressed, in a mountainside retreat on a rescue mission, a secret entrance in an otherwise ordinary location which is filled with hi-tech gadgets and weapons, and an evil lair that’s built into a mountain.

Sounds like a bond film am I right? Well now imagine the rescue mission ends in a bloody massacre, the hi-tech gadgets aren’t the property of the government, and the evil lair houses a megalomaniac evil genius who hates blood, or any kind of gore, to the point that he projectile vomits.

That’s Kingsman: The Secret Service all over. Brought to you by Matthew Vaughn, director of the gore filled Kickass and Xmen: First Class (the only cure to the poisonous Xmen Origins), and based, incredibly loosely, on the graphic novel of the same name by Mark Miller (also of Kickass fame) Kingsman is an incredibly fun, witty and stylish spy adventure that’s more than aware of where it comes from, and strikes a great balance between being familiar as well as being an original take on an age old genre.

Harry Hart (Colin Firth) is a member of the Kingsman, a secret service created after the first world war and with the intention of being an agency of protection that isn’t bound by governments and their politics. There’s only ever a select number of agents, each named after one of the Knights of the round table, the leader (Michael Caine) is codenamed Arthur, and the agency’s Q, their information and tech expert, is named Merlin (Mark Strong), well technology is basically magic isn’t it?

Each time a Kingsman agent dies the remaining ‘knights’ each put forward a recruit to be tested, with the winner becoming the next Lancelot, Galahad or whomever died.  That’s where Eggsy (Taron Egerton) comes in, he’s Hart’s suggestion. Of course it’s not quite that simple, usually Kingsman are picked from the best Universities, with a definite breed of young person being recruited. Coming from a council flat in London, with an abusive stepfather isn’t on the regular candidate’s CV, but that’s Eggsy’s lot.

Running alongside Eggsy’s training, which involves team building, parachuting and er, dog training, is Hart’s investigation into a series of high profile disappearances  which eventually trace back to Samuel L Jackson’s Mark Zuckerberg-esk Valentine who is complete as an evil villain with a badass Henchmen with blades for legs.

Full of tongue in cheek references to the classic Bond films, from the previously mentioned evil mountain base, to the Martini snobbery and ridiculously elaborate evil scheme, Kingsman has a lot of fun with a formula that we all know inside out, but it never goes as far as being a parody, it never stoops as low as the Austin Powers humour that put an end to the extravagant spy genre and ushered in the dark and serious Jason Bourne films and Daniel Craig era Bond. Its wacky and takes some liberties here and there, but you find yourself forgiving it instantly because it’s so charming and cleverly written.

With Kickass, Matthew Vaughn earned himself a name in intense and crazy action scenes, and with Kingsman he shows that he’s more than comfortable with that title. All of the action scenes are excellently choreographed and while the action is manic, you’re never confused as to what’s happening. Combined with some incredible cinematography and excellent camera work, the action scenes are some of the most visceral, fun and adrenaline filled of their kind; watch out  for the church scene that will find you with your jaw on the floor and asking yourself ‘wait, is Colin Firth an action hero now?’ Yes. Yes he is.

The set pieces are incredible high octane fun, even the training montages have you gripping your seat, because the Kingsman take their training deadly seriously, but the action is punctuated with just the right amount of comedy to make it a really enjoyable ride. The soundtrack is stellar too, with a great blend of a scene setting original score with licensed music, the former of which is really reminiscent of the spy thrillers of old.

The cast works well together, and though some actors don’t quite get their chance to shine, those that do really stand out. The lack of a romantic sub-plot is a great boon to the film too, as the story focusses on fraternity and teamwork, and lack thereof, as oppose to doing the right thing just to get into someone’s knickers. The script doesn’t allow you to forget the overall message of the film, summed up by the repeated line ‘manners maketh man’, that it’s not where we’re from, but what we do that matters, but it’s an apt message for a story about overcoming presumptions and stereotypes.

Kingsman: The Secret Service is in cinemas on the 29th of January, and if you enjoy fun, witty scripts with great casts and excellent and over the top action scenes, and let’s face it, who doesn’t, then it’s a must watch and running at a smidge over 2 hours, it’ll fly by.

Coffee Time News 26/01/15

Simon Pegg to Co-write Star Trek 3, the Howling Commandos return to Agent Carter and Borderlands the Pre-Sequel gets a new Playable character.


Star Trek star Simon Pegg, who plays Scottish Engineer Scotty, (Also from Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz,) has been brought on as a co-writer for the third film in the franchise alongside Doug Jung.

James Gunn, director of the summer’s huge hit, Guardians of the Galaxy, has spoken about the sequel to the space adventure. When asked about Lee Pace’s Ronan’s return he denied the villain being in the sequel, though he could make a return eventually (You know how comics can be with death) and when speaking of Nebula, Thanos’ daughter, he said she ‘will be back’.

There’s a new clip for Kingsman: Secret Service available, featuring Colin Firth and relative newcomer Taron Egerton. Check back later today for our review of the film, which is released in cinemas on the 29th of this month.


Here’s a few promo images for Gotham’s episode ‘the Fearsome Dr. Crane’ which will feature a villain who targets victims with severe phobias. Whether this will be the Dr. Crane who eventually becomes Batman’s foe the Scarecrow, or his father…. Well, you’ll need to tune in.

The Howling Commandos, Captain America’s Wartime buddies, will be making an appearance in Agent Carter, after she’s given a mission, she decides to recruit the commandos onto her team. It’s also worth noting that the late Agent Trip from Agents of SHIELD’s grandfather was a commando, and so it’s most likely him we see in some of these images.

It’s been a wild ride for Constantine, the NBC show based off of the DC comic series, it’s been denied a second season, and even got cut off from a full 22 episode season after lack lustre ratings, but after a 12 percent increase in viewing figures, we could be seeing a full series after all.


Borderlands the Pre-sequel is getting a new set of DLC, the first instalment was a Colosseum type mission set that the series loves so much, but this next DLC is a new character, the sister of Sir Hammerlock, the hunter, and she’s got some wicked cool abilities. 

Dying Light’s release schedule is a little confusing, what with digital releases being fine, but physical copies being delayed… so Polygon has surmised it all for you. And as a treat, the ‘play as a zombie’ feature, which acts like the game invasion feature of Watch_dogs, will be free for everyone.

Bungie seem to be listening to the community when it comes to the flaws of Destiny, which no one can slate them on. In an unannounced comment thread on the NeoGAF forum, designer Luke Smith has set some things straight and given us some hope, not only for the next DLC, the House of Wolves, but for Destiny 2.


Coffee Time News 14/01/15

Monopoly gets a film, Evolve gets a new monster and Community gets a release date.


So Monopoly. There’s a board game that’s getting a film. With more details being released in the first few weeks of February, the producer Randall Emmet has likened it to the adventure filled film The Goonies and it will have a treasure map. Monopoly starts shooting this summer.

There’s a new poster and clip for Matthew Vaughn’s Kingsman: Secret Service, which shows off Colin Firth’s armoury.

The Big Short is a film based on the credit bubble of the early 2000’s and is being made by Brad Pitt’s production company Plan B. It will star Brad Pitt, Christian Bale and Ryan Gosling. With 3 big hitters in one film we can expect a pretty grand affair when the film sees the light of day. (Though I’m bagging Bale as the antagonist)


Fan favourite Community has an air date for its Yahoo video release. March 17th will see two episodes of the comedy air, while a new one will be released every subsequent Tuesday. Check out the announcement trailer here.

Gotham will approach the topic of the Scarecrow in an episode entitled ‘the Fearsome Doctor Crane’, though previous rumours claimed that the Scarecrow role would be that of a younger actor, we could see his dad or something along those lines as the character who ‘targets victims with severe phobias’.

April 26th will see the return of Penny Dreadful on Showtime, and you can watch a trailer for it here.


GTAV for the PC has been delayed, again, until March 24th. But, on the upside, console players can expect to see the long awaited Heists before them, in fact ‘in the coming weeks’. And the specs for PC players have been released here.

Since we won’t be here to remind you tomorrow, the PSN will be down from 5pm until 9pm GMT on Thursday, so get all your playing done before then, or after I suppose.

Evolve has announced its fourth monster, the Behemoth, with this new trailer. According to developer Turtle Rock the Behemoth is the biggest monster there will, and could, ever be in Evolve, it was made with the sole purpose to be huge.


Coffee Time News 19/12/14


There’s a bunch of character featurettes for Kingsman: Secret Service over here, which only adds kindling to the excitement fire for the film.

Evangeline Lilly divulges a bit more about the Antman plot, including a reference to her character being the daughter of the founders of the Avengers, which may just be a misunderstanding or mix up with the source material, either that or we’ve got a bit more intrigue into SHIELD.

Jonah Hill and James Franco star in the first trailer for True Story, a drama based on real events about a journalist and a murderer.


A new image has surfaced of Charlie Cox as Daredevil, and from the looks of things this is before he suits up, whatever that suit may be. (Hopefully not shiny red leather)

A sneak peak at Agent Carter, which will be filling the gap left by the Agents of SHIELD hiatus in January, has popped up, showing off Peggy’s relationship with her housemate.

There’s a casting notice out for Robin’s parents in Gotham, the show intends to tell the story of how the boy wonder’s parents got together.


Dragon Age Inquisition has two pieces of DLC coming up; one free one and a premium one. Click here for some more details,

Telltale continues its reign of making games about popular properties, though this one may surprise you; a Minecraft game has been announced. Yup. You heard that right.

Those spurned by Assasssins’ Creed Unity now have the chance to claim a free game, you’ve got to have a Uplay account, but hey, free game,

Coffee Time News 12/12/14


Boy howdie do we have a bunch of trailers for you today, so I’m just going to get them out of the way in one big, Ace Ventura style breath; *Inhale* Kingsman Secret Service has a redband trailer for those who don’t mind swearing, but also a greenband for those at work, it’s due to release on the 13th of Febuary next year. The first trailer for Inside Out from Pixar came out yesterday and it’s worth a watch. And finally there’s the trailer for Mad Max Fury Road, which is one of the more unique trailers I’ve seen this quarter.

And as if you needed telling, the names for the characters we saw in the recent Star Wars the Force Awakens trailer have been announced in a pretty nifty way.


The Flash has only just left our screens and we’ve already got a promo for the first episode of the next half of the season entitled; Revenge of the Rogues, it focusses on Barry getting faster, or trying to.

Blair Underwood (L.A Law) will be joining the Agents of SHIELD cast as Agent May’s (the Cavalry) ex Husband and will be a recurring character.

There’s a new trailer for the Christmas episode of Doctor Who, and it looks like someone’s in trouble (as usual, actually, that’s not that different to every other episode… Santa’s in this one though.)


Minecraft developer Mojang have officially released their new Card/board game hybrid Scrolls, for PC, Mac and Android tablets, with an IPad version coming next year. There’s a Demo available from their website.

Papers Please, one of James’ favourite games and the basis for his most recent article, is now finally available on IPad, after a bit of censorship.

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed this, but I love Zelda, and so I’m obliged to let you all know about the Zeldathon Relief Fundraiser that’s taking place on the 27th of December, check out the details here.