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Coffee Time News 26/06/15

Ghostbusters Spinoff not currently on the cards, The Joker and Mr Freeze confirmed for Gotham season 2, and Games for Gold gets an upgrade.


With Ant-man so very close now, we’re getting more and more promotional material; today it’s an international trailer which focusses on the father/daughter relationship we’re likely to see as well as a commercial for Cross technologies, the antagonists of the film.

It looks like Disney is somewhat tired of superheroes and the retelling of fairy stories and instead is looking to base a film in Science. That is, an action movie based on the formative life of naturalist Charles Darwin.

Channing Tatum has out and said that currently, at this moment, at the time of writing, the Ghostbusters spin off starring himself (who is set to be in the female lead reboot) is not happening, as it’s too complicated. 


Heroes Reborn finally has a full trailer with actual clips from the actual show with actual actors, as well as a synopsis which you can get your hands on here. Also, we called it, Levi is an antagonist.

The X-files reboot has its first few images of an aged and reunited Mulder and Scully, which you can check out over at Screenrant.

The synopsis for season 2 of Gotham moves the Joker and Mr Freeze rumours from the mill to the hard fact, as it confirms that season 2 will focus on them, as well as the mystery of Bruce Wayne’s father. It will return on September 21st.


Xbox’s Games for Gold is getting a little better, well actually, twice as good, as instead of the offering of one free game a month on Xbox One, starting July you’ll be privy to two free games a month.

In a positive move for the quality of gaming, EA have announced that if Star Wars Battlefront isn’t up to snuff by the time November roles around, they will delay the game to refrain from releasing an unfinished product.

Ah Bungie, they do try don’t they? Releasing a huge expansion later this year, they had the best intentions to bundle all the goodies into a package that would require you to buy all the stuff dedicated players already had to get it all, now they’ve been told (very loudly) that that’s not on, they’ve started making moves to make the ‘year one’ players feel more appreciated.

Coffee Time News 05/05/15

The second Star Wars Spin off will be a Bobba Fett Origin, we learn more about Gwendoline Christies Force Awakened character and Nintendo apologises for being so popular.


Days after we learn of the departure of Josh Trank from the second Star Wars Anthology film (with the first being Rogue One due out next year) we learn what the film’s focus will be and no surprises, everyone called it; we’re getting a Bobba Fett origin story folks. That’s right, everyone’s favourite bounty hunter (who’s kind of awful at his job) is getting his own film.

After great critical and public approval, it looks like John Wick starrin Keanu Reeves will be getting a sequel, Lionsgate announced, stating that not only will Reeves be returning, but so will the pair of directors behind the first film as well as the screenwriter.

Star Wars the Force Awakens has been getting a lot of publicity thanks to the unofficial ‘May the Fourth’ holiday, and today, (on revenge of the fifth) we get a better look at Gwendoline Christie’s character; Captain Phasma. It looks like she’s an imperial officer, but the actress has been seen training with a lightsaber… So… sith?


The Simpsons will be on the air until at least 2017, thanks to a 2 season renewal by Fox. Will this show ever end? Probably not, it hasn’t after 26 seasons (These two newly announced ones will bring the total to 28) so I doubt it.

Tim Kring (of Heroes fame) and his studio, Imperative Entertainment has teamed up with Black Mask Studios to bring a television adaptation of the comic series MAYDAY, which sees two friends attempting to stop the apocalypse in L.A.


Those worried that Star Wars Battlefront might be lacking in content need not worry about the number of maps, as there will be 12 multiplayer maps out of the box, with (I’m sure) more in the way of DLC further down the line.

Sega of America won’t be attending E3 this year. so you know what that means, no half assed sonic games! Though, if you’re sad about that, try not to be, because remember that Bethesda have a panel this year, which could mean… you know… Fallout 4?

Nintendo has officially apologised for their underestimation of the popularity of Amiibos, releasing a statement promising to up production and keep the figures affordable all the while.

Coffee Time News 20/04/15

Solo mode for Star Wars Battlefront, Star Wars Spin off details and a brand new, (and pretty good) Fantastic Four trailer.


For those who missed it this weekend, and didn’t fancy seeing it in shaky-cam glory, here’s the official Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer which was released prematurely as a result of the leaked footage hitting the internet on Friday.

This weekend saw the 2015 Star Wars Celebration event, and along with that came a load of information regarding Rogue One the first spin off film for the series that will hit in December 2016. The Spin offs will be referred to as the Anthology as a way of separating them from the main trilogies, click here for more information from the panel.

In a surprise release (I think) there’s a new, full length Fantastic Four trailer that’s appeared; it’s significantly less Interstellar-y, with more of a focus on the plot, also, Sue and Johnny’s dad makes an appearance and there’s a lot more comedy. I think I’m back on board. 


Orphan Black fans may want to take a look at this article which talks about season 3, and some of the moves that the series is taking in its third season, it’s the result of an interview with star Tatiana Maslany.

On top of the rumoured Agents of SHIELD spin off that surfaced last week, there’s no further talks about Marvel and ABC teaming up for another series, with the hopes to ‘reinvent an existing Marvel superhero character or property for ABC’. On top of SHIELD, the Spinoff and the Netflix series, is this one show too many for Marvel? Or is it a more-the-merrier type party?

Star Wars Rebels season 2 has a new trailer and poster, this season seems to be upping the stakes a lot, with the introduction of a new sith character as well as a lot of Darth Vader action.


Not all of Steam’s features will be available to new sign ups, in a new move from the online store/community hub. New users will have to spend at least $5 (£3.35) in the store to access many of the features, including friend requests, greenlight/workshop voting and using chat. All this in an attempt to stop phishing and spam accounts.

Good news! Star Wars Battlefront will be including offline, non co-operative modes for those who prefer to space alone! In a mode called Missions players will play against bots, with the option of getting an online cohort to help out.

More big news for Borderlands, after last week’s closure of 2K Australia and the departure of writer Anthony Burch back in January, the games’ creator Matthew Armstrong is leaving Gearbox, he announced in a tweet,

Coffee Time News 17/04/15

Leaked Batman Vs Superman trailer, new Star Wars trailer and a release date for Star Wars Battlefront.


BIG day for trailers, we’ve got the new Star Wars the Force Awakens trailer, featuring more droids, more lightsabers, more storm troopers taking off helmets and looking surprised. Frankly, if you don’t get shivers on that opening note, you’re not human (or maybe just a Star Wars fan). We’ve also got a leaked version (shaky cam ahoy) of the Batman Vs Superman Dawn of Justice trailer ahead of it’s release on Monday, so if you can’t wait, go ahead and watch it, it’s pretty good; Batman has glowy eyes and a robot voice (his doctor said too much growling is bad for this throat).

In the MCU, Kevin Feige has given some thoughts on Civil War, Antman and the introduction of Daredevil into the films.It’s a good little look at the man who’s got a hell of a lot on his plate, and still keeps his cool.


The Flash is really ramping up in excitement now that Harrison Wells is getting closer to being figured out, and the next episode titled ‘Who is Harrison Wells?’ should be a big step into paying off the season’s biggest mystery. There’s a pair of TV Spots right here to check out. We also see an arm changing into something, possibly a shape shifter which could explain some of the more questionable things we’ve seen in the late season teasers.

IMAGE GALLERY TIME. Flickering Myth have a neat gallery of set photos from AKA Jessica Jones, which include Ritter’s character talking to Tennant’s the Purple Man as well as some sneaky hooding snooping.

Despite the fall of SHIELD and the death of Nick Fury, Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders) looks to be returning to Agents of SHIELD in the near future; with the secrets that Coulson’s been hiding, the building of the Inhumans world, how will Ex SHIELD Agent Hill come into all this? Fury’s messenger? Probably Fury’s messenger.


Inkeeping with the Star Wars announcements, Star Wars Battlefront is rumoured to be launching on Next Gen Consoles (Current Gen? No idea anymore) and PC on November the 17th as discovered via the NeoGaf forums, it’s unconfirmed, but it would make sense to make the most of the release of the new film.

For all your streetpassers, your Nintendo 3DS just got a little less annoying to use. Here’s a list of the new updates to the streetpass feature courtesy of Kotaku.

The team responsible for Borderlands the Presequel, 2K Australia, is to be shut down, in an effort to reduce costs and to improve the working proximity of the creative teams, according to a statement from an anonymous 2K source today. 

Coffee Time News 20/03/15

Two new TV spots for Age of Ultron, New Game of Throne clips and new Evolve Hunters to send you away for the weekend!


Joseph Gordon-Levitt is going to produce and star in a Fraggle Rock movie. The property, for those too young to remember, was from puppet master Jim Henson. Apparently Levitt will be working with Jim Henson’s daughter, Lisa Henson, to bring the project to life faithfully.

Deadpool has its logo, it also has two casting announcements; Firefly alum Morena Baccarin (who you may also recognise from Gotham) will be playing Copy Cat, a shape shifter/power mimic who gets the hots for Deadpool. And T.J. Miller (Silicon Valley, Big Hero 6) will be playing Weasel, Deadpool’s sidekick/friend.

Two new TV Spots for Age of Ultron appeared last night, both with a little bit more footage. We’re getting to the point now where I don’t want to see any more trailers, just so they don’t give away too much. (No, I couldn’t just not watch them) but that sick motorcycle flip and the home run with the shield looks great. Also, Quicksilver has an actual accent.


Good news Community fans, Ken Jeong has come out and said that he never wants to leave the show. So, it looks like there won’t be any chang-ing his mind about that. (I’ll leave.)

A few new Agents of SHIELD posters are floating around; one sees the return of Jake Chisel Grant Ward, and Agent 33. But more exciting is the appearance of Edward James Olmos’ character, who is set to be a foil for Coulson.

Myrcella Baratheon and Trystane Martell appear in these new images for Game of Thrones season 5, as well as two extended clips that we’ve seen parts of in trailers featuring Tyrion and Varys and Jon and Mance.


You can check out the next set of Hunters for Turtle Rock’s Evolve here, along with some information about the four of them, (it’s a little scarce, more to come I imagine) the hunters, as well as the new monster the Behemoth and two new maps, are coming as part of the first DLC out on March 31st, though the maps will be free (but will be coming to PS4 and PC almost a month later, on April 30th.

Star Wars Battlefront will be shown at a Star Wars celebration event in April. Developed at DICE (Battlefield, Mirrors Edge) the previous entries into the series have seen great huge space battles. Also, there’s a Star Wars celebration event in April apparently.

Hideo Kojima, a lead developer in the Metal Gear franchise, could leave Konami before the year is out. There’s a lot of discussion on the issue here at Gamespot, who know a fair bit more about it than us.

Coffee Time News 29/10/14


Let me look, nope, it doesn’t look like there was any big announcements or line up presentations in any huge cinematic universes today…. Oh wait, the other thing.

Today’s film section is overrun with Marvel announcements, first of all, here’s another clip from Age of Ultron that aired with Agents of SHIELD last night, it shows the gang trying to lift Thor’s hammer, with both hilarious, and interesting consequences.

Next up is the film line up from Antman to 2019. In May 2016 Captain America: Civil War will fill our screens with Ironman and Cap’s different ideologies, November 2016 will introduce Stephen Strange, a new character who will explore new dimensions and the more mystical side of the universe in Doctor Strange. Brought forward from July, Guardians of the Galaxy 2 will be released in May of 2017 instead. Taking its summer place will be Thor: Ragnarok in July 2017. Black Panther, a fan favourite that will have been introduced in Civil War will have his standalone movie in November 2017, which will be followed in May 2018 by the first part of Avengers: Infinity Wars, which will begin to see the culmination of all the events thus far. Marvel’s first standalone female character film will be Captain Marvel in July of 2018, and though many other people have held the mantel, Carol Danvers has been confirmed as this iteration. Marvel’s the Inhumans, one of their more riskier properties will follow in November 2018 and we round it all off in May 2019 with the Avengers Infinity Wars part 2. After that? Well I don’t think we have to worry about that for a while.

For a look at all the titles, as well as the press release itself, jump over here.


Right, that should do it with the superheroes now right? Wrong. I present to you a trio of Promos; a clip of last night’s Flash if you haven’t seen it already, a promo for Gotham as well as the first TV spot for the 8 part Marvel series Agent Carter.


Still looking ahead, though not as far as 2019; Star Wars Battlefront will be released in the last quarter of next year on PC and Consoles.

Zombie Survival game Dying Light is no longer a cross generational game, as the developers have announced that it will be new gen only, it drops in January.

After being asked countless times (I’m sure) if it’s worth buying the next generation version of GTA V, Rockstar have released a list (hopefully not exhaustive) of all the new and exclusive features in the new gen version. Still no heists though.


E3: EA and Ubisoft Conferences


I’m still recovering from the 4AM finish of Sony’s conference which was long and also news filled (expect details soon). For now here is a wrap up of EA’s and Ubisoft’s conferences, there will be some games where I don’t go into much detail as they either received plenty of coverage previously during Microsoft’s conference, or subsequently at Sony’s.


Star Wars Battlefront

Very little actual information still exists about this game, but what we do know from the video that started off EA’s conference is that the team at DICE are committed to Star Wars, so much so that they have gone to the locations where the film was shot to perfectly recreate the environments. The test footage they have so far is stunning, and DICE do know how to make great multiplayer shooters, so good things to come I expect.

Dragon Age Inquisition

Another trailer for Inquisition, but different to the one shown during Microsoft’s, this one also included live music playing over it. They also went into more details about the different characters and the different styles of play available.

Mass Effect

After Inquisition Bioware started a video with music from Mass Effect, then some of the key members of the team began talking about the series, some concept footage was shown. But nothing of any significance. What do we know? Only that a new Mass Effect is in development, what that game will be like? It is still too soon for even the developers to know.

They also went on to talk about a new IP they are starting, but this was just as vague as the Mass Effect announcement. But the trees in the game will look excellent.

Sims 4

How do you follow up Dragon Age and Mass Effect? With the the Sims. Although actually it was a wise decision as there is a notable crossover among certain segments of the gaming audience. Essentially it is more of the same, but better. There is also more interactivity among the Sims in that they seem less confined to their immediate home. Also you can import Sims from other peoples games.

EA Sports

EA showed off the upcoming titles from their various sport franchises. Apparently they contain more emotion?

UFC will contain Bruce Lee because of reasons and there are new NHL and Madden games. However the new PGA golf game utilises the Frostbite engine, which is exactly how it sounds, there are explosions in a golf game! The trailer showed someone teeing off (that’s correct golf terminology right?) over a battleship that is on fire! EA, that is how you get someone interested in a golf game.

Then there was obviously a new Fifa, but they referred to it as football having just also referred to Madden as football, I assume many Americans were confused by this.

Criterion new IP

Criterion announced that they were working on a new IP, then showed off various extreme activities, mostly involving engine based vehicles, but not exclusively. Unfortunately there is very little to add, but it appears we won’t likely be seeing a Burnout game any time soon.

Mirror’s Edge 2

The game was teased last year, and from what was shown off this year the game still has some way to go before being anywhere near complete.

Battlefield Hardline

Having been leaked EA were wise not to go into detail explaining what the game is, although Battlefield Cops and Robbers pretty much sums it up. They showed off a video showing what gameplay is actually like and displaying the amount of destruction possible. Then Adam Boyes from Sony comes onto the stage to announce that the Beta will be coming exclusively to the PS4 and you can register now. At which point the servers crashed.

That was everything from EA, it wasn’t a bad conference, although they may have gone a little far with the teasers.


Far Cry 4

Announced a couple of weeks ago to investors, but for the first time we get a proper introduction to the games “villain” who came off well, it might not quite have the same ring as Vaas’ ‘do you know the definition of insanity’ but he did have a good discussion with a soldier about the difference between ‘stop’ and ‘shoot’.

Just Dance 2015

Things quickly took a turn for the worse with Just Dance coming on stage. This was followed by the announcement of a mobile app that allows more people to participate. It was embarrassing for everyone, including you.

The Division

Unlike the gameplay shown during Microsoft’s conference, this time there was a slow CG trailer giving more indication to the narrative tone of the game.

The Crew

They explained the games key feature of not having loading screens between locations, that it is one massive open world. They also announced that the game would contain missions that last 2 hours!

Assassin’s Creed Unity

More footage shown off, different to what was shown at Microsoft and at Sony. The difference here is more decapitations.

Shape Up

Just in case you wanted more fitness games. Although I have to give Ubisoft credit, as this fitness game does look mildly interesting. It actually looks like a fitness game.

Valiant Hearts

Not a new announcement, and no new details were provided. More of a case of reminding people that this WW1 game made using the same engine as Rayman Legends and Child of Light is coming soon. It does look excellent, it’s great to see a studio try to make a poignant game about The Great War.

Rainbow Six: Siege

The big final announcement of the night. Many people were wondering if we would hear more about Rainbow Six: Patriots, well that appears to have been cancelled and replaced by Siege. Only a multiplayer hostage mode was shown off. It also allowed for the house the hostage rescue was taking place in to receive plenty of damage in pursuit of saving the hostage. I’ll wait for more details first.


And that is it from the main Publishers conferences. Nothing particularly mind blowing, more of a confirmation of what we already knew, with a couple of small surprises thrown in.