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Coffee Time News 07/10/14


William Shatner will be appearing in Star Trek 3 as Captain Kirk (the old version) but no one is really sure how…

The Purge 3 is happening, and it’s retaining its director in James DeMonaco. We at Axby love the concept of the Purge, but it’s a shame it’s been done in such a, predictable, horror way.

Here’s a bunch of rumours surrounding Star Wars Episode 7, some sound fairly convincing so it’s worth checking out.


Yesterday we announced some teasers for Twin Peaks and its return to our screen, well… Turns out that if we had waited an hour or so to do our news we would have hit the actual showtime announcement.

Apparently the crossover between the Flash and Arrow will highlight the moody and super serious mood to Arrow by poking fun at it, but also will include one of the biggest twists in Oliver Queen’s Story.

Finally for TV here’s a teaser for Penny Dreadful season 2.


We’ve got a new trailer for Assassins’ Creed Unity which shows off some more of that story that we love, a little more on Arno as well, making me less apprehensive that we’re going to have another Connor on our hands.

Some maniac has finished Dark Souls 2. That’s not the maniacal thing, the maniacal thing is that he’s done it using a Guitar Hero controller. 

The Metal Gear Solid 5 prologue ‘Ground Zeroes’ is coming to PC this December 18th.


Coffee Time News 29/09/14


Interstellar, the new sci fi film from that guy who did the film about Batman, has a new trailer, which gives just a little bit more away, but in classic Nolan fashion, not everything. We also have rumours that Avengers Age of Ultron’s trailer could be attached to Interstellar, in case you needed more reasons to go and watch it.

Oscar Isaac, one of the leads in the new Star Wars instalment, has spoken out about the myriad of changes Lucas has made to the original trilogy.

Peter Jackson has explained exactly what he’s doing to make the last few chapters of the Hobbit into a whole film, see his reasoning here.


Arrow fans may not have seen the last of Slade Wilson, AKA Deathstroke, after his imprisonment at the end of season 2 he’s left stranded, but alive. And with such a tantalising villain at their disposal, the writers may have more in store for him.

The Walking Dead, Tv’s most popular show about people arguing with the occasional threat of Zombies, is getting a companion series, and here you can read a bit about the characters you’ll be following until they inevitably die horribly.

The Flash is nearly upon us, and here is a new batch of character posters, because we’re kind like that.


A patch for Destiny this week will see its flawed loot system fixed, now engrams, the levelled loot that drops from enemies and is rewarded for activities will now actually be the rarity they advertise. This has come after the Loot Cave on Russia was nerf’d last week.

In a rather large sporting event this summer, a player bit another player and was subsequently banned, because biting people is something that we just don’t do in professional sport. In Fifa 15 the offending striker, Luis Suarez, is also banned for a time. (in case my sub par football knowledge has you confused, read about it here for clarity.)

Finally check this video out for a scary trailer for Alien Isolation, a game with barely any action, but will most likely have you screaming and crying like a little child.

Coffee Time News 12/09/14


The fifth Rambo film now has a title, and it’s Last Blood. Which means we can probably expect to see Rambo Laster Blood in 2018.

Some follicle news for you now; after lasting 2 films so far without going full on bald, James McAvoy may finally be losing his hair for Xmen Apocalypse.

Looks like we’ll be seeing the Millennium Falcon as well as at least one X-wing in Star Wars episode 7.


DC are taking another shot at the Television superhero industry with the announcement of the Teen Titans live action show. Click here for some more info but it could be a good chance to tell a coming of age story wrapped up in a superhero’s cloak.

In that vein, Arrow star Stephen Amell addresses, once again, the talk of the Justice League and says that they’re building their own,television universe league, which makes perfect sense.

And finally, Agent Carter has its logo, and doesn’t it look… Standard.


Check this link out for some of the leaked Super Smash Bros unlockable characters, and you’ll see some new faces and old favourites amongst the hidden roster.

Here’s a trailer for the newest Resident Evil game, Revelations 2. Showing Claire Redfield, some shady surveillance, and gore.

Finally; are you a fan of Metroid? Especially the Soundtrack? Are you a fan of Orchestras and Orchestral music? WELL HERE’S A THING.

Coffee Time News 02/09/14


Recently, Marvel reacquired the rights to Blade, along with some other heroes, but does this mean we’ll be seeing a Blade movie again soon? Maybe, but probably not.

On the upside, fans of Black Panther (and everyone should be a fan of the Black Panther) need not fret, because there is definitely some Wakandan shapes on the horizon.

Miltos Yerolemou, who played Syrio Forel (Arya Stark’s dancing teacher in the first season of Game of Thrones) has signed up for Star Wars Episode 7. Does this mean we’ll finally get to see a Jedi who uses his lightsaber like a fencing sword? I (NEW) HOPE SO.


There’s a new short to introduce the last members of the team from Star Wars Rebels. The other two can be found in the article’s links.

A whole host of promo images from the third episode of this season of Doctor Who is here, possible spoilers for the faint of heart.

Shippers delight, this new Arrow preview sees Felicity and Oliver having a little moment, amongst all the weaponry and city failing.


Telltale is teasing the setting for their upcoming Game of Thrones game, spoiler, it’s probably the North. (making Spoiler jokes in a Game of Thrones post is a bold move I realise.)

Peggle 2 will be coming to PS4 on the 14th of October. 

And starting from the fourth of this month, there will be a big Zelda sale on the Nintendo Eshop, check out details here.

Coffee Time News 23/07/14


Straight out of the whole Antman drama, Edgar Wright has signed up to direct Baby Driver, which apparently will be a collision of Crime, Action, Music and Sound. 

Hey look, a new image from The Hobbit, The Battle of The Five Armies is here, and look, Gandalf!

Could Gwendoline Christie be playing a sith in Star Wars episode 7? COULD SHE? I don’t know, but it’s possible.


Both Hugo Strange and Harvey Dent have been announced for Gotham season 1, which might not be a bad thing, as both these characters could see a slow burn to villainy over the series.

Because episode 7 is a while away, why not fill your Star Wars boots with some animated shows? Like Star Wars Rebels perhaps?

the Arrow executive producer has teased season 3’s big bad, and apparently it’s a different sort of agenda that drives this fellow compared to the villains of the first 2 seasons.


Destiny fans, the Beta was due to be down for a few days, but it’s back up a day early, and totally ready for Xbox players to jump in!

Battlefield Hardline has been delayed until 2015, and this looks to be because of the Beta feedback, which isn’t a bad thing.

The Goron Sage Darunia, Zora Sage Ruto and finally Shiek have been added to the roster of Hyrule Warriors, no footage yet, but you know we’ll be featuring it when it comes.

Coffee Time News 22/07/14


It looks like, in the rumour sense, that Studio Ghibli may not be making movies any more, which totally sucks all kinds of things, but it’s only a rumour, a very likely rumour.

In light of that, WHO WANTS TO SEE AN X-WING? Yeah? Everyone? Cool! Here’s a little something something from the set of episode 7 to help you cope with that news.

Finally, fresh out of the Furnace that is Smaug the dragon, Benedict Cumberbatch stars in the new trailer for The Imitation Game, which is based on the cracking of the Enigma Code from WW2.


Lucy Lawless (Ron Swanson’s epic lady friend Diane from Parks and Rec) has been cast in season 2 of Agents of SHIELD.

Fargo has been renewed for a second season, and looks to take the route of True Detective by having a separate storyline for its second season.

The first reactions to Gotham are great, but there’s some worry that they might give away too much too soon with regards to key villains in the DC universe, the showrunner sets things straight.


Earlier in the week I mentioned that some lucky people got to see some Doom 4 footage, well, they really are lucky as we regular folk won’t get to see anything until 2015.

Timespinner started as a kickstarter project, and has reached a pretty great stretch goal; it will be on handheld consoles, check here for some footage. As a massive fan of the Metroidvania style , I’m excited for this.

We finally get to see some of Link’s massive arsenal in today’s video for Hyrule Warriors, and it’s the turn of the Powerglove/Ball and chain combo.

Coffee Time News 07/07/14

Happy Monday morning everyone, hope you’re weekend was top notch, here’s some news!


Two new unknown actors have been added to the Star Wars cast, one of whom is a parkour specialist. So, could we be seeing some free running Jedi or bounty hunters? I HOPE SO. (That’d be awesome)

Transformers 4 is still destroying the box office, much to no one’s surprise, 

Roosterteeth, the guys behind web series Red Vs Blue, Rwby, Immersion and Achievement Hunter, started an Indiegogo campaign for their first feature length movie a month ago. It had the modest goal of 650,000 dollars. They may have slightly surpassed that… In the end their total was over 2 million.


Doctor Who season 8 has another snippet of a teaser trailer, the voice is all dalek-y and everything.

The Flash has yet another behind the scenes featurette, and is it just me, or does the guy who plays Barry Alan (Grant Gustin) have a pretty superhero style name.

Gotham has Sin City’s composer on board (score) as well as casting the Penguin’s Mother.


Above I mentioned Roosterteeth’s first film project, well, at RTX, their annual Expo, they announced another first for the company; a video game. Originating in the community, the game will be based on the animated series Rwby.

More footage from Hyrule Warriors, this time it’s Midna (Twilight Princess) and her plethora of inter dimensional moves.

The Tower, an early access steam game, was released early, like, a year early, due to an error. This may have some repercussions, apparently.