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Coffee Time News 14/07/15

Suicide Squad trailer released in HD, a look at Oliver Queen’s new outfit and Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5 gets a trailer.


The first trailer for Xmen apocalypse appeared at Comic Con this week, and while we don’t have that to show you, we do have a detailed description, as well as the confirmation of the official Four Horseman; Magneto, Psylocke, Storm and Angel.

Speaking of Super Hero trailers, or, more precisely, villain trailers, here’s an official release of the pirated Suicide Squad trailer that the WB have been unable to contain, so they did good by everyone and released an HD version. 

Star John C Reilly has pretty much confirmed Wreck it Ralph 2. Though it’ll most likely be somewhere after all the other sequels (and new properties) that are coming out in the coming years. (Frozen 2, the Incredibles 2, Cars 34(probably).


A whole lot of talking went on at Comic Con this week, some of it about our favourite scarlet Speedster The Flash, season two is only 14 weeks away and we’ve got a little run down of season one as well as a cryptic look at what we can expect in season 2. (Blue lightning, the answer is blue lightning).

Speaking of DCs’s television shows, Arrow, which saw Oliver Queen going off on holiday and hanging up his hood at the end of the last season, has a new costume. It looks very cool, as well as practical. Diggle is also getting new threads this season, though this one’s a little vague.

Finally, as a surprise to no one, Bran will be returning for season 6 of Game of Thrones, picking his story up a little after we left him (to skip all that boring seer training)


Five nights at Freddy’s Four has a new creepy trailer, and will be coming this Halloween, this jump scar filled indie game series took the lets play community by storm.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 has a trailer, and it involves skating, which is good, since, you know, I don’t buy Pro Skater games for the FPS sections.

Batman Arkham Knight has had a heap of trouble on the PC, so much so that WB are holding off on the Batgirl DLC for the platform until it’s up to scratch.


Coffee Time News 27/05/15

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen reboot is in the works, New clip from Disney’s Inside Out, and Gotham to introduce a crime duo,


The Suicide Squad is still in the news it seems, and these folks really need some better security, as this leaked video that shows the Batmobile hunting down Joker’s fancy car that we saw in some previous behind the scene shots, prove. So, Batman cameo very much confirmed?

We’ve not heard much from Disney’s Inside Out of late, but after being very well received at Cannes Film Festival, we’ve got a little clip from the film featuring the whole gang, but focussing on Bill Hader’s Fear.

Hey, do you remember the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen? You know, that film that had Sean Connery, Mr Hyde, Tom Sawyer and Captain Nemo in it? You know that film that caused Connery to quit acting? Well, Fox is attempting to reboot the film. Originally ‘based’ on Alan Moore’s graphic novel, which he describes as ‘the Justice League of Victorian England’ the source material has a lot of potential… Give it to Matthew Vaughn?


Gotham is due to introduce two new villains, most likely working as a pair, in the second season, a male DC villain who is intelligent, cultured and highly articulate and a female companion who is in her mid 20’s. With the Joker being played by a young actor of the same sort of age as Bruce Wayne, we can’t really expect this to be Harley Quinn, so possibly a more vague female villain from the rogue’s gallery?


Battlefield Hardline‘s first piece of DLC; Criminal Activity, has its first trailer/official reveal, which you can check out here. The trailer features new maps, new items, new that sort of thing.

Amiibos are pretty neat, but now they’re pretty cute, with their inclusion into Yoshi’s Wooly World, tapping an Amiibo onto the Wii U gamepad will cause another Yoshi to appear on screen, allowing you to solve more puzzles and have twice the fun, ALSO, the amiibo you use will transform yoshi into a newly knitted version based off of that character.

Coffee Time News 26/05/15

Batmobile spotted on the Suicide Squad set, Twin Peaks season 3 will be 18 episodes long, Resident Evil 0 getting a remaster.


We are mere WEEKS away from revisiting Jurassic Park, though this time it’s been under a bit of a rebrand because now it’s Jurassic World and it’s got Starlord as a park ranger. It’s all looking pretty cool, and you can check out this behind the scenes before the film is released on June 11th.

It seems Wolverine’s got the go-ahead to cameo in Deadpool, it’s all set and ready, though… well the films are filming on opposite sides of Canada. So that could get in the way. Hugh Jackman has come out and said that it’s all a matter of scheduling, so here’s hoping they find some time in their calendar to fit Wolvie into Deadpool’s adventure.

The Batmobile has been spotted on the set of the Suicide Squad, so perhaps Batman has a bigger role in the spin-off than we previously thought? Also seen on set, weird eyeball monsters.


Everyone’s favourite Smith is rumoured to be playing Static Shock, the DC live action digital series. Actor Tyler James Williams let something of an unofficial confirmation of Jayden Smith playing the supercharged superhero slip during an interview at MCM Comic Con.

Last week we reported that David Lynch was returning to the Twin Peaks revival, and that the new season would be ‘longer than previously stated’ with Lynch directing the entire season, well now we know exactly how many more episodes there will be; twice as many. The new season will feature 18 episodes as opposed to the 9 that were planned when the season came to fruition.


Bloodborne now allows for friends to play with other friends regardless of level, thanks to password matching, in the most recent patch for the From Software game.

Originally released as an exclusive for the Gamecube, Resident Evil 0 is getting a remastering for almost every console (both last gen and this gen) besides the Wii U, slated for an early 2016 release, the remake will be available on 360, Xbox One, Playstation 3 and 4 and PC.

The Witcher 3 for PC is getting a heap of new patches in the most recent update, one of which includes a texture update on the higher graphical settings.


Coffee Time News 04/05/15

First look at Will Smith’s Deadshot from Suicide Squad, Batgirl is playable in Arkham Knight and Star Wars Rebels is free to watch today.


Michael Fassbender, who’s both producing and starring in the Assassins’ Creed movie adaptation, has stated that the movie will begin filming this September, aiming for a late December 2016 release. Fassbender has been quiet on where, or when, the animus sections of the film will be based in.

Suicide Squad! (Or as it will most likely be renamed, I imagine, Task Force X) director David Ayer has released a roster photo of the gang from Belle Reve, showing us the first look at some of the anti-heroes we’ll be meeting, including Katana and Killer Croc amongst the characters we’ve already heard about. And if you’d like a detailed look at Will Smith’s Deadshot, just click here for an image that includes the signature helmet/mask.

Fantastic Four and Chronicle director Josh Trank has stepped back from directing the second Star Wars Anthology Spin off that was due out in 2018. We knew little of the project, and we know little of the departure, though Trank has stated that he’s intending to pursue original creative opportunities’ – after working with Fox on a brand like Fantastic Four, it’s no surprise he’d like to take a break from franchises and the pressure therein.


If we’d known about this earlier, we’d have shared it at the beginning of the week, but for those who haven’t seen Star Wars Rebels you can watch the entire season 1 for free online here, until the end of May 4th Bank Holiday.

Grodd is a character that has been built up in the Flash since the pilot, well the super intelligent telepathic ape is about to make a spotlight appearance in the upcoming episode ‘Grodd Lives’ – you can check out the promo here.


People might know how much I loved Child of Lightand how addictive that world is, and while Ubisoft haven’t confirmed a sequel, but they have let us revisit the world, in this 20 page children’s book, featuring the adventures of Reginald the Populi.

Fancy slaying dragons in Dragon Age Inquisition‘s multiplayer? Well you’re in luck, launching tomorrow (on all available platforms) is a multiplayer expansion which will allow groups of players to take on the fiercest beats in Thedas.

Still think £40 for a season pass for Batman Arkham Knight is a bit steep? What if I told you it included a stand alone story featuring Batgirl named ‘a matter of family’? Yeah, it’s still pretty steep… but if more narrative content is included and less… trial maps, then I’m all about it.

Coffee Time News 08/04/15

Five Nights at Freddy’s movie in the works, Bloodborne load times explained and Doctor Who confirmed for 5 more seasons at least.


Rumour has it that DC’s cinematic universe could see the appearance of an iconic character in Batman’s life. Jason Todd, the second Robin, is killed by the Joker and returns (because comic books) bent on revenge towards the villain and resentment to Batman for not avenging him, he trains to be as skilled as Batman, but more violent. Laying the groundwork for the Red Hood (Todd’s eventual alias) in Batman Vs Superman and The Suicide Squad, makes this the perfect story to tell in a solo Batman movie.

Good news Tron Legacy fans; both lead actors Olivia Wilde and Garret Hedlund will be reprising their roles as Quorra and Samm Flynn in the upcoming third film which is slated for a 2017 release.

Five Nights at Freddy’s the incredibly simple, incredibly popular, horror game, looks like it might be getting a movie adaptation. Set to be produced by talents behind the likes of The Lego Movie, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter and The Goldbergs, the project currently has no writers. I for one, would like to see a single actor facing off against the machines and the lore behind them. Films heavily featuring only one live action actor have a tendency to be tense and driven (Hey there Moon), but we’ll see what comes of it.


 Doctor Who will be going until 2020, all being well and good with the series. The show is incredibly popular, not just here in the UK but overseas as well, and so it’s not much of a surprise that a show with the ability to replace cast members so easily has gotten another few years ahead of it at least.

The best thing about The Flash and Arrow, apart from Felicity Smoak and Oliver Queen (by decree of myself and Sara respectively), is the crossover potential, that and the fact that the shows are just so much fun. Anyway, things have been heading towards a huge pair of season finales that look like they’ll be another crossover event, check out the trailer for that here.

Arrested Development is returning again for 17 more episodes! Brian Grazer, executive producer has announced, saying that it’s because of the fans’ loyalty to the show that it’s happening.


Bloodborne is a great game, if you’ve got the bottle to carry on, however, one of the main complaints about the game is the long load times, when a game expects you to die again and again, iteration times are important, but, it’s not laziness that’s the reason, as an interview with From Software by Games Radar pointed out, it’s safety. The game resets the entire world when you die, replacing not only enemies, but books, crates, anything in the world that can be tampered with. This, they say, is to prevent any bugs or glitches; if the memory is wiped and reset, any issues you encounter will be rectified. Read more about it here, and know that Sony and From Software are working on a way to reduce this iteration time.

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt will be getting 2 pieces of paid DLC on top of the previously announced 16 free pieces of DLC. According to developers CD Projekt Red the two pieces will run at over 30 hours between them, with the first piece Heart of Stone costing $9.99 and the second Blood and Wine running at $19.99. the DLC will be coming in October and early 2016 respectively, while the game itself comes out on May 19th.

There’s been some leaked images and information about the sequel to 2011’s Deus Ex Human Revolution, titled Deus Ex Mankind Divided. It will carry on from the events of the previous game and feature a further enhanced Adam Jenson (He never asked for this),  working for Interpol and hunting down augmented terrorists. As long as they fix those damn boss encounters I’m game.

Coffee Time News 17/03/15

Twin Peaks show in trouble, A Batman cameo in the Suicide Squad and PS Plus is free this weekend.


While John Williams will be coming out of his semi retirement to score Star Wars The Force Awakens, he won’t be scoring the recently announced spin off Rogue One, that job, it seems, will be going to Godzilla (2014) composer Alexandre Desplat.

Batman could be making a cameo appearance in Suicide Squad, according to a rumour from Latino review, who are usually on the money, Batman will be a person of interest for the government, supposedly he’s a bit of a mystery, with the only person who’s had any exposure to him being the Joker.

Disney’s live action Beauty and the Beast has been set for release on the 17th of March 2017, and will begin filming later this year. The film will in fact be a musical, which will be a departure from Disney’s recent remakes (such as Maleficent and Alice in Wonderland) and will include songs from the 1992 original as well as new ones.


Game of Thrones gets another new teaser in preparation for April 12th. This one focusses on the mother of Dragons, (among other things).

David Lynch has come out and said that there are ‘complications’ holding up the Twin Peaks series, though Co-creator Mark Frost says that it isn’t funding… What could it be?

That’s put an end to one mystery then: the Sherlock Christmas special will actually be taking place in Victorian England, and the set pictures we’ve seen aren’t from some elaborate Holmes-ian ruse.


We always like fund-raising stories here at Axby, and this weekend Five Nights at Freddy’s creator Scott Cawthon raised over £170,000 for charity. Top work fella.

To celebrate the release of Battlefield Hardline this weekend, Playstation plus will be free for just under 72 hours from Friday 20th to Sunday the 22nd.

A spiritual sequel to Banjo Kazooie  is heading our way, and will be partially funded by Kickstarter, check over here for more details on project Ukulele.

Coffee Time News 16/03/15

Scorsese to direct Mike Tyson Biopic, Hugo Strange in Suicide Squad and Elder Scrolls Online (re)Launch trailer.


In an interview with a New York Breakfast show Jamie Foxx has revealed that Martin Scorsese will be directing the upcoming Mike Tyson Biopic, in which Foxx will play the lead role. Scorsese’s last boxing movie was the great Raging Bull with Robert De Niro. Any chance they’ll broach his Hangover years?

Hugo Strange, the twisted, Batman Obsessed DC villain/Doctor, is rumoured to have a sizable role in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie, apparently he’ll be acting as the Joker’s psychiatrist, and will have scenes with both Jared Leto’s Joker and Margot Robbie’s Harly Quinn.

Avengers 2 stuff now; and beware scene spoilers regarding the Hulk Buster fight. In the same investors meeting that announced Frozen 2, the fight scene was shown, and over at Screenrant you can scroll down for a run down, if you like.


Game of Thrones is less than a month away, which means it’s full steam ahead on the promotional side of things, and today’s no different; here’s a heap of new images from the upcoming season, show casing all your favourite characters; Red Lady, Mopey Stark, Dragon Lady, Sneaky Stark and Soldier Dude. As well as some new ones, most of them from Dorne.

Wally West will feature in the Flash season 2. In the new 52 West is African American, much like Iris and Joe from the television show. In fact, it’s due to the show that the Comic version is African American, so there’s a clear link between existing characters and future characters (maybe literally, perhaps Wally will come from the future?)


With South By South West happening, expect more news as the week goes on, but for now just two little things:

GTA online is getting a stability patch for the 360 and Xbox One, similar to the one that rolled out last week for PS3 and 4, with the patch comes story and multiplayer fixes.

And you can now check out the launch trailer for Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited, along with a lot of footage you’ll get to see all the new additions to the game that no longer needs a subscription. (besides your console’s online subscription)