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Coffee Time News 05/08/15


Deadpool has its first red band trailer, and seriously, it’s very hard not to get excited for this film; it seems fun, action packed and a bit of a breath of fresh (blood splattered) air to the sorts of super hero films we’ve seen this year. Not suitable for work, obviously it’s Deadpool silly.

A heap of new Tv spots (three) and a new clip have surfaced from the Fantastic Four reboot that is releasing later this week. Oh, you nearly made a black hole? Well now we know the climax may just involve the threat of a black hole. Probably right?

In none clip-y news, Colin Trevorrow, director of this year’s sequel hit Jurassic World, has discussed some of his plans for the stories that this series could tell, particularly the idea that InGen might not be the only ones who will be able to make dinosaurs; open source Dinos.


Lucy Lane (Louis Lane’s younger sister) has been cast in Supergirl, and will be played by Jenna Dewan-Tatum. In the comics, Lucy Lane eventually becomes superwoman, whether she’ll come in fully powered, or whether her powers will manifest in later episodes or even seasons, we don’t know.

The Lunatics will run the Asylum, if this promo for Season 2 of Gotham is to be believed. It looks like we’ll have an even deeper look into the growth of some of Batman’s finest rogues this season.

A new (unfortunately region locked) teaser for the Walking Dead spinoff ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ has surfaced, as well as some images from season 6 of the main show, they show… well, characters standing and looking intensely into the distance, probably at Zombies, or at eachother… or a tree, also… Zombies. Sorry, walkers.


Gamescon is currently under way, so there’s plenty of news out coming out all of the time, but here’s some of the stuff you may be interested in:

Dark Souls 3. Enough said right? Here’s a gameplay trailer, go get excited. But in all honesty, the guys from From Software (that name is a horribly mean joke to writers everywhere) have claimed that they’re speeding up the combat a little thanks to the reception that Bloodborne’s more high-risk-high-reward combat got from fans, which can be seen in the gameplay, as well as a very Yarnham-y setting.

Destiny The Taken King will bring a lot of changes to the series, a lot. We’re talking questlines, a change in Bounty behaviour, more currency modifications, weapon stat changes, weapon behaviour changes, a different levelling system… it’s a big list, and you can check a summary here. It’s also worth noting that Peter Dinklage is being erased from Destiny and replaced with every-voice Nolan North. Well, Dinklebot wasn’t really around for the DLCs, and I’d rather have more interactions with the Ghost than Tyrion Lannister telling me I’ve woken the Hive.

Mad Max Fury Road was an incredible action film, and now we’ve got a trailer for the Mad Max Game, which is shaping up to be a pretty damn good game itself,  with a whole new story for the game. Check out the trailer here.

Coffee Time News 22/07/15

The Good Dinosaur gets a trailer, The Minecraft Movie gets a director and Dark Souls 3’s combat gets quicker.


A new trailer (the first real trailer) for Disney/Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur has launched, and it’s shaping up to be a buddy film with very little speech, kind of along the lines of Wall-E I imagine. But still, dinosaurs, adventure, great animation? Sign me up.

Last month we lost composer James Horner, known for doing scores for films such as Braveheart, Titanic and Avatar. Well it seems that despite that we’ve not seen the last of his work, as it’s recently been revealed that Horner had written the score to The Magnificent Seven before his passing.

Finally, there’s been a new trailer, some new images and a new plot synopsis for Spectre the upcoming Bond film.


The X-Files reboot, it seems, will not just be Mulder and Scully looking around empty rooms and interacting with no one at all, as we’ve got some co-stars to report! Robbie Amell (The Flash) Lauren Ambrose (Six Feet Under) and Kumail Nanjiani (Silicon Valley) are all set to co-star.

Quite a dark, contrasted look at Grant Gutin’s new suit for the Flash season 2, but hey, it’s something I suppose.

A new short trailer for Supergirl has surfaced, it doesn’t show off a lot more, but once again, if you’re into that sort of thing.


Movie/game news up first, and the Minecraft Movie has a director in the form of Always Sunny’s Rob McElhenney.

Apparently Bloodborne had more lasting effects than a pile of broken controllers, and as a result of the game, the combat in Dark Souls 3 will be faster paced than it’s predecessors.

Coffee Time News 29/06/15

Jurassic World climbs to eighth highest grossing film of all time, Supergirl gets a new trailer and all future Halo games will now have a beta.


Jurassic World, there’s a film that just keeps popping up, for good reason too, the dino-sequel has climbed to 8th place in the highest grossing movies of all time, sitting comfortably between Frozen and Iron Man 3.

Last week the new Spiderman was cast, in the form of Tom Holland, now many people are a little dubious of the reboot, what with the fact that we’ve seen the origin story told twice within the last 15 years. But Kevin Feige (you know, that guy from Marvel) has laid out his plans, and why it’s really not the Spiderman we’re used to seeing.

Last up. this promotional image (courtesy of Empire) shows us the Fantastic Four all in a row, showing off their powers (except Reed, but I hear he has performance anxiety.)


In the last few weeks Neil Gaiman’s American Gods has gotten a series on Starz, as well as a showrunner, well it’s now been confirmed that Gaiman himself will write ‘several’ episodes.

Supergirl got a new trailer this weekend, a global trailer. The best thing about this one? It’s not six minutes long. Also, backstory and stuff so all’s good.

Agents of SHIELD season 2 took an interesting turn with the introduction of the Inhumans, giving Skye (Daisy) super powers and having a Inhuman/SHIELD battle come the final few episodes, season 3 seems to be taking the secrecy of SHEILD and combining it with the excitement of the inhumans by introducing the Secret Warriors.


Remember the Halo Master Chief Collection? Remember how the multiplayer, which was almost exclusively the only reason man bought the game, didn’t work? That sucked right? Well silver linings, because now, thanks to that… instance, every Halo game from here on in will have a beta.

Have  you got a free weekend in July? Do you have access to London? Do you have £39 for a weekend pass? Then you could be among those who get to play Star Fox Zero, Mario Maker and Splatoon at this year’s Hyper Japan. Click here for details.

Coffee Time News 16/0615

Angelina Jolie returning as Malificent, FX acquire Jurassic World television rights and Gambit gets a director.

Just Television and Films today, since James is covering all things gaming with his E3 coverage which you can find on our main page.


Angelina Jolie has been confirmed for the return of Malificent in the sequel to the 2014 reimagining that reeled in over $750 million. No wonder Disney are looking to take advantage of a successful jumping off point, with Tomorrowland not doing to great.

We’ve got our first look at another returning character in the Star Wars franchise; Carrie Fisher can be seen in these image sporting a… space pant suit? 

Gambit may finally have a director! Rupert Wyatt, who helmed the reboot/prequel Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Though we don’t have any solid idea of a storyline the script is in the hands of Josh  Zetumer, who penned Robocop (2014), which wasn’t terrible.


For those worried that starring in a superhero TV show would be all peaches and gravy, the Supergirl cast have a few words on the pressure they feel to live up to everyone’s expectations, though they say it’s the good kind of pressure that makes you want to be better in every way.

In quiet news that might not come of anything, FX Networks have acquired the television rights to the incredibly successful Jurassic World, could we see a TV series? Probably not, you’d need a lot of resources to pull of those effects.


For James’ rundown of everything that happened at the EA and Ubisoft conferences head on over here. While everything Microsoft can be found right here. Remember to check back during the week for more E3 updates.

Coffee Time News 12/06/15

Graphic Novel Nimona to be made into a feature by Fox, Steam’s Summer Sale begins and Christopher Lee dies at 93.


A couple of weeks ago we reported that Fox had the rights to the comic series Lumberjanes and were making it into a live action series, well Fox continue their search for lesser known graphic novels as they’ve just attained the rights to Noelle Stevenson’s Nimona series. (Stevenson also worked on Lumberjanes) The series stars a strong willed shape shifter who teams up with a disgraced Knight to topple a corrupt regime. It’s great, you should read it.

Thor (Chris Hemsworth) will be joining Paul Feig’s Female Led Ghostbusters reboot as the team’s receptionist, the role was played by Annie Potts in the original, so here’s hoping that Hemsworth rises to the occasion and gives a solid comedy performance.

Sad news now, Actor, musician and all round epic inspiration, Christopher Lee has died at the age of 93 after being admitted to Hospital with respiratory problems. Lee was an iconic actor who is famed for his roles in the Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and James Bond franchises.


Following the announcement that Supergirl will be airing on Monday October 26th, there’s been a new poster released which shows her… Flying in the sun. Neat.

Yet another Heroes Alumni has joined Heroes Reborn, this time it’s Christine Rose who played Angela Petrelli. At this rate it really should be called Heroes revisited.

The Muppets Tv Show has an air date and time, and it’s Tuesday the 22nd of September, 8PM, ABC.


Well it’s that time of year; money flies from wallets, games fill libraries never to be played. Yup. It’s time for the Steam Summer Sale.

A few big name games won’t be appearing at E3, according to Microsoft. Time bending action game Quantum Break won’t be at the Expo, and neither will the new Crackdown or Scalebound. Instead these games will be saved for gamescon later in the year.

Brothers; A tale of two sons is an emotional, clever and incredible journey of a game. And this summer it’ll be coming to current gen consoles and the iOS.


Coffee Time News 10/06/15

Batmobile specifications, Shaun from the Walking Dead joins Daredevil as The Punisher, and Halo 5’s co-op won’t need a gold subscription.


Over at Screenrant they’ve plucked a heap of posters for upcoming films from the Las Vegas Licensing Expo including Fantastic Beasts and where to find them, Power Rangers and Independence Day 2.

We’ve had plenty of looks at the Batmobile since it was revealed last year, but now we not only get a full description of the vehicle, but also of the specifications of the technology and weapons on board.

A new TV spot for Spectre reveals a load of new footage, as well as the iconic; Bond, James Bond. So, get watching Bond fans!


While Jason Statham may not be appearing as Bullseye in Daredevil, Marvel have recently announced that The Walking Dead and Fury star Jon Bernthal will be taking up the mantel of Frank Castle, AKA The Punisher, in season 2. I for one can’t wait to see Murdock and Castle tango.

After the Pilot leaked a couple of weeks ago, news on the Supergirl television series has gone a little quiet, but no longer! The series will officially kick off on the 26th of October this year.


Halo 5: Guardians will ship with over 20 multiplayer maps, with 15 more coming in DLC later in the lifeline of the game, but more exciting, Xbox Live Gold will not be necessary to play the Co-op story that accompanies the campaign.

Mirror’s Edge 2 is, well, no longer Mirror’s Edge 2. Instead DICE have named it Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst. It’s also not a sequel, it’s a re-evaluation of the experience… or something. 

Metal Gear fans who don’t yet own a PS4 might want to check out this special edition console that will be releasing with the newest game in the series, it’s very pretty.

Coffee Time News 25/05/15

First images from Netflix’s Wet Hot American Summer series, Supergirl Pilot leaked online and new Ant-man images.


With the second film in the franchise not even out yet, Now You See Me the heist/magician film’s third instalment is already being plannedNow You See Me; The Second Act will arrive in 2016 and will star Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Dave Franco and Daniel Radcliffe.

Star of Ex Machina Alicia Vikander rose to the public eye after stealing the show in Alex Garland’s directorial debut, and is now reportedly circling both the Assassins’ Creed film as well as the fifth Bourne film.

Empire’s most recent issue has a bunch of images from Ant-man which is only a few months away (July) which you can check out over at Flickering Myth.


Agent Carter Season 2 will be two episodes longer, according to star Hayley Atwell. Not only that, but season 2 will see more warmth and humour to the eponymous character, now that she’s not struggling with her identity as much.

The first images from Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp have appeared online, showing off the ensemble cast that is reforming for the Netflix show.

Speaking of things appearing online; the Supergirl pilot has leaked online almost 6 months before its due to air in November, if you are morally grey enough to find a less than legitimate copy.


Destiny’s House of Wolves DLC came out last week and we’re already seeing some neat things appearing from the new update; like this Hunter helmet that turns your three shot Golden Gun into a one shot monster with 6x the damage, or this new social hub that is exclusive to the best of the best players.

Witcher 3 players who have the game on Xbox One, be wary as there’s a nasty bug that is stopping players from saving; the guys over at Kotaku have a list of things you can do to prevent/fix the bug, so you may want to check that out.

Coffee Time News 19/05/15

Civil War’s funeral revealed, The Rock to return for Furious 8 and Sega pulls a heap of games from iTunes.


Spoilers right out of the gate; last week we showed images from Captain America Civil War that featured some of our favourite heroes in funeral attire, now we know officially who’s send off they were attending, it should be a surprise, but click here to see.

Furious 7 has taken the box office by storm, and really claimed the franchise’s place as one of the biggest cinema events of their release year. To that end, it’s no surprise that the 8th film in the franchise has been given the go ahead for 2017 and fans of Dwayne Johnson’s character of Luke Hobbs will be happy to know he’s on his way back for the next instalment. 

Chris Pratt, now there’s a popular sought after guy, after starting his career in Parks and Recreation he’s gone from strength to strength starring in surprise mega-hit Guardians of the Galaxy and soon to be in Jurassic World, he’s even in talks to reboot the Indianna Jones franchise… One thing he’s pretty sure he’s not doing? Ghostbusters. He calls the rumours that he and Channing Tatum will be starring in their own movie in the series ‘Bullshit’, that he’s not heard anything about them.


Arrow season 3 started off with a major character’s death, and the tone of the season just followed that; it was a particularly dark and menacing series, even for a show that thus far has been dark anyway. Well season 4, showrunner Marc Guggenheim says, will be a lighter tone. Not too light, this isn’t the Flash, after all, but it will be lighter.

Speaking of the Flash, Grant Gustin has suited up alongside Melissa Benoist for a Variety cover focussing on producer Greg Berlanti, who has been responsible for bringing these characters to our screens.


Hey remember last year when Destiny’s Alpha came out and Dinklebot had that hilariously bad line about moon wizards? Well it’s back! Re-edited so that it sounds like the robotic ghost that we’ve all grown to… like? Anyway, reports say it’s actually been back in the game for months.

Sega have pulled a heap of games from online app stores Google Play and iTunes including Jet Set Radio, Super Monkey Ball, Altered Beast and Ecco the Dolphin. For a full list, check here.

Civilization: Beyond Earth has its first expansion on the way, in the form of rising tide, which will see players able to build on water and explore the treasures (and treacherousness) of the oceans as well as new diplomatic options.

Coffee Time News 18/05/15

Crossbones’ Costume revealed, alternate Hulk Vs Ironman fight from Age of Ultron and David Lynch returns to Twin Peaks.


In case you missed it over the weekend, here’s a picture of Frank Grillo’s character Brock Rumlow from Civil War, only with a bit of a makeover; last seen recovering from serious wounds after fighting Falcon in The Winter Soldier, Rumlow will return in Civil War as Crossbones, who will almost definitely have a vendetta against cap and the gang.

One of the biggest draws for Age of Ultron was the Hulkbuster Vs Hulk fight, now I was pretty happy with how that scene went down, but here’s an alternate version in the form of an animated storyboard, of how that fight could have gone down; much more gas, less call backs to punching Thor in his big Norse face.

Mad Max Fury Road which has been receiving a lot of praise across the board for various reasons, has enjoyed over a box office opening of over £100 Million, sitting second place to Pitch Perfect 2.


Last week we reported the list of shows that would, and those that would not, be getting a season renewal come the fall, and on the latter list was The Mindy Project, but immediately after the cancellation there were whispers of an on demand service picking up the show, and those rumours turned out to be right on the money, as Hulu has picked the show up for a 26 episode run.

It’s been a wild ride for Twin Peaks fans since the announcement that the show would be returning again for another season; first excitement, then disappointment when David Lynch left the project, well breath easy fans, because Lynch is back on board, and not only that, but he’ll be directing the entire series, which will be longer than the 9 hours previously stated.

Greg Berlanti has discussed the possibility of The Flash and Arrow crossing over with CBS’ Supergirl, and has said that it’s most likely not going to happen. He says it could happen, but a lot of things would have to go right for it to.


Fans of indie games Octodad and Thomas Was Alone who play Little Big Planet 3 will be in for a treat, as costumes for both those games are coming to the creativity fuelled Playstation exclusive.

Want to play Super Smash Brothers but don’t own a WiiU? You only have a PC? Well Check in, Knock out could be what you’re looking for, featuring special abilities, destructible environments and charming art, this brawler could satiate your need. 

Coffee Time News 31/03/15

J.K. Simmons in new Terminator Genisys trailer, Maisie Williams in Doctor Who Season 9 and Mulan could be getting the live action treatment.


A new trailer for Terminator Genisys is out, and it’s heavy on the Oscar winning J.K Simmons, which is a smart move. You can take a look at it here, and I have to admit, I’m more excited to see it now than I was before. It’s probably J.K. Simmons. It’s definitely J.K. Simmons.

The mutant Angel shows up in this new production art from Xmen Apocalypse, he seems to be in some sort of sideshow, ‘the amazing birdman’ perhaps. Oh wait, no that’s that other film. Anyway, in the comics the mutant Apocalypse recruits Angel as one of his horsemen/ turns him into ArchAngel, who’s got metal wings, so that could be a route they’ll take in the movie.

1998’s Mulan could be the next runner in the current Disney trend of Live Action retellings, if the Hollywood Reporter is anything to go by (it is). After the success of Cinderella it’s only natural for the studio to start looking for other viable properties, and what’s more viable than the timeless story of Mulan? Who disguises herself as a man to save her elderly father from the toils of war. The script, written by Elizabeth Martin and Lauren Hynek, still needs a director, however.


Game of Thrones actor Maisie Williams will be appearing in a two part episode in season 9 of Doctor Who, little is known about her role, but it’s said that she’s going to give the Doctor a run for his money. Considering the secrecy and the infamy, as well as a shot of her in the Tardis, this could be a little bit more than a bit role for the actor, who’s come out and said that she’s excited to be involved in such a big part of British Culture.

The Daily Show has found its Jon Stewart replacement, in South African comedian Trevor Noah. Previously Noah has worked with Stewart on the show, but he also has an extensive stand up career to add to his comedy chops.

DC television news now; the pilot for Supergirl has finished filming, and should be pitched to advertisers in May, so it will be a while until we see any of the show. in other news, the Arrow/Flash Spinoff (is it weird that a Spinoff got a Spinoff?) adds two more names and heroes to the cast: First up is Hawkgirl, to be played by Law and Order actor Ciara Renee, she’ll play Kendra Saunders, who’s kind of a reincarnation of the original Hawkgirl/ancient warrior. The other role, the one of time traveller Rip Hunter, will be filled by Doctor Who actor Arthur Darvill. who is apparently responsible for all of history. Seems like a heavy Burden.


Dragon Age Inquisition DLC The Jaws of Hakkon will be coming to Playstation and Xbox 360 some time in May. The DLC launched as a timed exclusive for Xbox One and PC on March 27th.

Music Streaming service Spotify is now available on PS4 and PS3, which will replace Sony’s own music app on those consoles. PS4 users will also be happy to know that you can stream music while simultaneously playing a game, Meaning I can listen to Barenaked Ladies while roaming around Thedas waiting for that DLC.

English Screenwriter Jay Basu has been picked to write the Metal Gear Solid movie, while Jordan Voight-Roberts (Kings of Summer) is attached to direct. More on the project as we get details.