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Coffee Time news 01/07/15

Snowden gets a teaser trailer, BBC3 continues its move to be an online only channel and Nolan North knows the Last of Us 2 is happening.


The first teaser trailer for Snowden the Oliver Stone film about Edward Snowden, the NSA whistleblower, is out. The film will star Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Zachary Quinto and Nick Cage among others.

Terminator Genisys is out tomorrow, and ahead of the franchise reboot we’ve got a clip that is a quick look at the future in the Terminator universe.

Two short clips from the Xmen Days of Future Past Rouge Cut have appeared. One shows Beast and Mystique getting hot and heavy, while the other shows Iceman taking some heat.


Heroes Reborn is really ramping up the marketing, and now has released motion posters for 4 characters including old face Noah Bennet.

The BBC trust has approved of the decision to make BBC3 an online only channel, due to its younger demographic and programming style it’s considered a prime candidate for the change.


Mojang, the guys behind Minecraft (that was recently bought by Microsoft) have announced that they will no longer be updating their only other released game, the trading card/turn based strategy game Scrolls, but insist that the servers will stay up until at least the 1st of July 2016.

Nolan, voice-of-everyone-who-isn’t-voiced-by-Troy-Baker, North has let the cat out of the bag and has outright said that he knows that Naughty Dog are doing a The Last of Us 2, though nothing’ been confirmed officially yet.

The IOS game Fallout Shelter, which is a free2play app to gear us all up for Fallout 4 (as if we needed it) has introduced its first character from the main game, Preston Garvey is obtainable through the game’s lunchboxes.


Coffee Time News 02/06/15

A 24 spin-off in the works, a new Lego game is their take on Minecraft, and Ant-man images.


A heap of new images from Ant-man have surfaced, and many of them show of the potential humour of the film as well as just some more of the cast and high res images we’ve seen before. Ant-man hits cinemas on July 17th.

Before Paul Feig decided to reboot the Ghostbusters with a female cast, there was an awful lot of talk and rumour about Ghostbusters 3, turns out Feig had been approached but decided to take it in a new direction because he wanted to leave the originals in one piece.

Hey, look, more clips from Terminator Genisys, featuring visual effects not as good as the early 90’s and character decisions that are ridiculous.


24 is getting a spinoff featuring a twenty-something antihero which will see the rookie team up with a more mature female agent, Keith Sunderland is due to guest star too.

‘There’s something big coming’ in the teaser trailer for ITV’s Jekyll and Hyde, supernatural period drama. ‘Set in 1930’s London at a time of Hollywood glamour, aerodynamic cars and monster movies, the drama will pay homage to the Stevenson novel, and focus on the young, attractive, troubled hero, Robert Jekyll, the grandson of the original doctor. ‘

Luke Mitchell, who played Lincoln in the latter part of Season 2 of Agents of SHIELD has been confirmed as a series regular for season 3. You know what that means? More electric powers, more romantic subplots with Skye, more long sleeve tshirts.


Players of the Witcher 3 will be getting more of its 16 pieces of free DLC soon, this time in the form of fancy Nilfgaardian armour and new crossbows. Nice.

One of the easier ways to describe minecraft is that it’s like Lego, but in a computer game, but now what happens when Lego make a Minecraft esk game? Well you get the early access Beta of Lego Worlds is what,

In other lego news, Lego Jurassic Park has a new trailer, where nothing could possibl-ye go wrong. Sorry, possibly. The game will feature 4 campaigns each based off of a film in the series.

Coffee Time News 31/03/15

J.K. Simmons in new Terminator Genisys trailer, Maisie Williams in Doctor Who Season 9 and Mulan could be getting the live action treatment.


A new trailer for Terminator Genisys is out, and it’s heavy on the Oscar winning J.K Simmons, which is a smart move. You can take a look at it here, and I have to admit, I’m more excited to see it now than I was before. It’s probably J.K. Simmons. It’s definitely J.K. Simmons.

The mutant Angel shows up in this new production art from Xmen Apocalypse, he seems to be in some sort of sideshow, ‘the amazing birdman’ perhaps. Oh wait, no that’s that other film. Anyway, in the comics the mutant Apocalypse recruits Angel as one of his horsemen/ turns him into ArchAngel, who’s got metal wings, so that could be a route they’ll take in the movie.

1998’s Mulan could be the next runner in the current Disney trend of Live Action retellings, if the Hollywood Reporter is anything to go by (it is). After the success of Cinderella it’s only natural for the studio to start looking for other viable properties, and what’s more viable than the timeless story of Mulan? Who disguises herself as a man to save her elderly father from the toils of war. The script, written by Elizabeth Martin and Lauren Hynek, still needs a director, however.


Game of Thrones actor Maisie Williams will be appearing in a two part episode in season 9 of Doctor Who, little is known about her role, but it’s said that she’s going to give the Doctor a run for his money. Considering the secrecy and the infamy, as well as a shot of her in the Tardis, this could be a little bit more than a bit role for the actor, who’s come out and said that she’s excited to be involved in such a big part of British Culture.

The Daily Show has found its Jon Stewart replacement, in South African comedian Trevor Noah. Previously Noah has worked with Stewart on the show, but he also has an extensive stand up career to add to his comedy chops.

DC television news now; the pilot for Supergirl has finished filming, and should be pitched to advertisers in May, so it will be a while until we see any of the show. in other news, the Arrow/Flash Spinoff (is it weird that a Spinoff got a Spinoff?) adds two more names and heroes to the cast: First up is Hawkgirl, to be played by Law and Order actor Ciara Renee, she’ll play Kendra Saunders, who’s kind of a reincarnation of the original Hawkgirl/ancient warrior. The other role, the one of time traveller Rip Hunter, will be filled by Doctor Who actor Arthur Darvill. who is apparently responsible for all of history. Seems like a heavy Burden.


Dragon Age Inquisition DLC The Jaws of Hakkon will be coming to Playstation and Xbox 360 some time in May. The DLC launched as a timed exclusive for Xbox One and PC on March 27th.

Music Streaming service Spotify is now available on PS4 and PS3, which will replace Sony’s own music app on those consoles. PS4 users will also be happy to know that you can stream music while simultaneously playing a game, Meaning I can listen to Barenaked Ladies while roaming around Thedas waiting for that DLC.

English Screenwriter Jay Basu has been picked to write the Metal Gear Solid movie, while Jordan Voight-Roberts (Kings of Summer) is attached to direct. More on the project as we get details.


Coffee Time News 02/02/15

The one stop shop for all the biggest Superbowl film trailers! We’ve got the seven biggest film trailers from last night’s game as well as our regular news round up!


It’s had a long road (if you car-don the pun, god I hate myself) but Furious 7 is very much alive, and very much exactly what we want from these movies. Stuff like jumping through skyscrapers in sports cars. It also seems like the film’s got heart, which isn’t surprising considering the untimely death of Paul Walker, which was bound to resonate with such a close cast.

Jurassic World, love or hate what you’ve seen so far, you’ve got to admit it looks enticing as all hell. With a little more action in this trailer and a much better look at the new dinosaur (named the Indominus Rex), we also get to see more of the chaos that will reign when she gets loose.

Pixar held out on us last year, after there was no new release from the studio that brought you Toy Story, The Incredibles, Finding Nemo, this year we’ll get to see Inside Out, and in this trailer we get a little more of a showcase of the main emotions of the show, also, you know, puppy bowl needs to be a sport now.

Well. Arnie was right, he is certianly back in the new Terminator Genisys trailer. Buses are flipping, shotguns are cocking, the T-1000 is doing his liquid metal thing; the soft-kind-of-reboot-maybe-a-retcon is definitely going to be a spectacle.

Do you have plans this Valentines day? Does it involve going to watch Fifty Shades of Grey with your significant other? A boastful beginning leads to pretty much the same sort of thing we’ve seen in the other trailers, but hey, the book sold millions!

The last marketing push for Legendary’s Seventh Son, which opens in US theatres on the 6th of this month, shows of monsters, magic, swords and Jeff Bridges (who’s sporting the same beard from True Grit I think).

Pitch Perfect was an absolutely delight surprise, so let’s hope that this year’s sequel can deliver to the same standard. The stakes are bigger, and so, we can assume, are the performances. With a host of cameos of both musical and… otherwise (the Greenbay Packers?) this will definitely be bigger than the first.


If you’re anything like me, in that you freaking loved Heroes when it first hit our screens, you’ll want to see this first look at the 13 episode spinoff Heroes Reborn. Featuring HRG (Jack Coleman, a mysterious child who can create an Aura Borealis, and Chuck’s Zachary Levi is all great, but what’s really awesome is that trademark heroes wail.

IZombie has seen a bit more of the daylight recently, though that’s not always a great thing for the undead, but this new trailer shows off a lot more than the one we featured last week, also, call me a ghoul, but that brain salad looks  kind of tasty.

David Duchovny could return to Twin Peaks as well as the X-files, He seems pretty hedgy about returning to both, but at the same time, sort of confident. I think he knows more than he’s letting on.


Now normally we don’t feature mobile games on this site, especially those that carry the ability to be as exploitive as Clash of Clans, but the new trailer is actually pretty damn entertaining. Need more convincing? It features Liam f*cking Neeson.

This Month Xbox live members can download IDARB for free if they’re on Xbox One or if you’re on the 360 you can grab the phenomenal Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons up until the 16th, and after that you can bag yourself Sniper Elite V2

Battlefield Hardline is getting another open beta this month, starting tomorrow (Feb 3rd) and ending on the 8th, the beta will feature 3 maps, and a gamemode entitle heist so yes, Battlefield, which isn’t even out yet, is getting heists before GTA.

Hollywood’s New Years Resolutions

By Joe Strange

So it’s 2015 and it’s time to start reassessing our lives. The thing is, I’m a lost cause that has no hope, so instead of coming up with my own resolutions, I’ve decided to write some new years resolutions for cinema. Now most of the films due out this year won’t take heed of these, but I’m thinking that this article might just change the entire meaning of cinema in 2016. We’re playing the long game here folks, so let’s begin.

1) No more origin stories

Super heroes are out there now, and there’s no stopping the freight train that is comic book movies, but can we please have a break from origin stories? With heroes like Batman, Superman and Spiderman, I don’t think there’s a person alive who doesn’t know their origins (Dead parents, Dead planet, Dead Uncle). Some origins might be really fun to tell, but that doesn’t mean we want 45 minutes before the hero finally does something. Apparently Ant-man isn’t going to focus on the origin of the hero’s power and will instead jump into the action, and there are rumours that the same will be for Dr Strange, with the call to action happening a lot earlier in the story. But things like Wonder Woman, Aquaman and the Flash? We just don’t know.

I understand that people need to know where these people came from and what brought them where they are now but there are other ways to tell those stories, and recounting their origins is, at this point in the genre, lazy and overdone.

2) Leave the past alone!

No, I don’t mean stop making historical films, those are rad. I’m talking about the incessant reboots and remakes that we’ve seen over the last few years. There was a day late last year where we thought that Aunt May was getting her own Spiderman film, now it obviously turned out to be false, but the thing is, rebooting is so common place that it was almost believable.

2012 saw the Judge Dredd reboot (granted, that was great) but it also saw the Total Recall remake, which was less awesome. Earlier this year we saw the quintilienth version of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, this time from Michael Bay, and that sucked a fat one. While they are brilliant, we’ve also seen a new slew of Planet of the Apes films, which is another age old property.

Later this year we’ll see Terminator Genisys, which besides being a stupid way of spelling the word genesis, is a completely unnecessary ret-con of the entire Terminator franchise, most of which are really well loved. That’s not even the only Arnie property to get remade recently, (well, in 2010) we saw Predators. The general feeling I get here is that Hollywood is full of people who loved these franchises as they were getting into the business and want to do them justice, but they’re just not. Just make some new stuff up guys okay?

One caveat kids, if we’re going to see Spiderman in the MCU we’re going to have to reboot the character, but that doesn’t mean we need an entire film for him, nor does it mean we need another origin story (see point 1).

3) Cut Down on the CGI

We get it guys, computer generated images are great, they allow you to show amazing, unbelievable things, and at a fraction of the cost. But come on, some of you are just taking the Michael. (Bay)

One of the worst offenders for this in 2014 was Peter Jackson. Peter, we know that you can do practical effects and blend them incredibly with digital assets, you’ve got an entire trilogy behind you to prove that, so why, in all of middle earth, did you feel the need to CG beloved Scottish comedian Billy Connolly? It was unnecessary, tacky and you should feel bad.

The reason so many people love Christopher Nolan is because of his view on practical effects, he’s one of the few directors out there today who will take practicality to its limit and then, and only then, will he unleash the CGI wolves. Hell, this man dropped a plane into the Scottish highlands for the Dark Knight Rises. Miniatures, and models still work, and with diligence and attention to detail you’ll get a final product that holds up much better with time.

Obviously I’m not saying that we should cut CGI from the set list completely but there is such a thing as too much of a good thing.

4) Let Ant-man be good. Please.

This final one might be the most important, Marvel have proven they can do an awful lot with a bunch of characters no one’s heard of with 2014’s Guardians of the Galaxy, but Ant-man is something different all together.

People are still on the fence about the loss of Shaun of the Dead director Edgar Wright, because it was due to him that this film was being made at all, while others defiantly claim that Marvel can do no wrong, but to me, it’s still all up in the air.

With a story that, on the surface, sounds very similar to 2008’s Ironman (Man falls on hard time, man gets suit, man uses suit to right his wrongs) and the decision not to use Hank Pym, one of the most interesting, troubled and flawed characters in Marvel’s repertoire, Ant-man could fall flat.

Now I’m not saying Ant-man will be underwhelming, this is Marvel after all, but it might not be overwhelming, and I for one hope that I don’t leave the cinema on July 17th feeling merely whelmed.

Coffee Time News 07/08/14


In a bid to make every film journalist’s life a pain, the Terminator reboot that just wrapped on production is no longer called Genesis, but instead it’s Genisys. Probably because it looks cooler.

The Inbetweeners 2 have had a brilliant opening day, bringing in over £2,750,000 to make it the biggest opening day for a comedy in Britain.

So we can all agree that Stephen Hawking is one of life’s great baddasses right? Well, here’s a trailer for his biopic, the Theory of Everything starring Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones.


Arrested Development might well be getting a fifth season, but we don’t know when. When all the actors clear up their schedules I suppose.

There’s going to be a Scream television show, now scream scared the turd out of me when I was forced to watch it as a child, so this holds no appeal at all, but if you’re in for that, here’s some details.


The Expendables meets Broforce in this new, free to download Expendabros game, available now on steam.

To not that many people’s surprise, Destiny won’t be changing an awful lot between the Beta and the released game, which is a good thing really, as that game was incredibly fun.

Nintendo are at it again, playing with my heart strings.