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Coffee Time News 05/08/15


Deadpool has its first red band trailer, and seriously, it’s very hard not to get excited for this film; it seems fun, action packed and a bit of a breath of fresh (blood splattered) air to the sorts of super hero films we’ve seen this year. Not suitable for work, obviously it’s Deadpool silly.

A heap of new Tv spots (three) and a new clip have surfaced from the Fantastic Four reboot that is releasing later this week. Oh, you nearly made a black hole? Well now we know the climax may just involve the threat of a black hole. Probably right?

In none clip-y news, Colin Trevorrow, director of this year’s sequel hit Jurassic World, has discussed some of his plans for the stories that this series could tell, particularly the idea that InGen might not be the only ones who will be able to make dinosaurs; open source Dinos.


Lucy Lane (Louis Lane’s younger sister) has been cast in Supergirl, and will be played by Jenna Dewan-Tatum. In the comics, Lucy Lane eventually becomes superwoman, whether she’ll come in fully powered, or whether her powers will manifest in later episodes or even seasons, we don’t know.

The Lunatics will run the Asylum, if this promo for Season 2 of Gotham is to be believed. It looks like we’ll have an even deeper look into the growth of some of Batman’s finest rogues this season.

A new (unfortunately region locked) teaser for the Walking Dead spinoff ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ has surfaced, as well as some images from season 6 of the main show, they show… well, characters standing and looking intensely into the distance, probably at Zombies, or at eachother… or a tree, also… Zombies. Sorry, walkers.


Gamescon is currently under way, so there’s plenty of news out coming out all of the time, but here’s some of the stuff you may be interested in:

Dark Souls 3. Enough said right? Here’s a gameplay trailer, go get excited. But in all honesty, the guys from From Software (that name is a horribly mean joke to writers everywhere) have claimed that they’re speeding up the combat a little thanks to the reception that Bloodborne’s more high-risk-high-reward combat got from fans, which can be seen in the gameplay, as well as a very Yarnham-y setting.

Destiny The Taken King will bring a lot of changes to the series, a lot. We’re talking questlines, a change in Bounty behaviour, more currency modifications, weapon stat changes, weapon behaviour changes, a different levelling system… it’s a big list, and you can check a summary here. It’s also worth noting that Peter Dinklage is being erased from Destiny and replaced with every-voice Nolan North. Well, Dinklebot wasn’t really around for the DLCs, and I’d rather have more interactions with the Ghost than Tyrion Lannister telling me I’ve woken the Hive.

Mad Max Fury Road was an incredible action film, and now we’ve got a trailer for the Mad Max Game, which is shaping up to be a pretty damn good game itself,  with a whole new story for the game. Check out the trailer here.

Coffee Time News 03/07/15

A heap of new images from Dawn of Justice and more footage from Mission Impossible, as well as a full length trailer for the Wet Hot American Summer Netflix Series.


A new image has appeared from Deadpool, which recently wrapped principle photography, and it’s a pretty iconic one; presumably from the highway scene we saw in the test footage, this image shows Deadpool wielding 2 guns and looking pretty bad-ass. (afterall, why use one gun when you can use 2?)

A whole heap of images from Batman Vs Superman Dawn of Justice have appeared; we get a look at Gal Gadot’s Wonderwoman outside of her costume, a few more face offs with Bats and Supes, and Lex Luthor with hair.

Six new TV spots for Mission Impossible Rogue Nation have appeared, showing off some scenes we’ve seen, some scenes we’ve not seen and that plane scene over and over again (not that they’re proud that Tom Cruise does his own mental stunts or anything.)


Wet Hot American Summer, First Day of Camp, the Netflix revival/prequel to the cult comedy Wet Hot American Summer has a full length trailer, after a retro VHS style advertisement was released for the show last week.

A look at the first images of Season 6 of The Walking Dead shows off some fan favourite characters in Daryl, Glenn and Maggie.

One Wednesday we shared four motion posters for characters in Heroes Reborn, now we’ve got two more, Zackary Levi’s character (look he’s holding a gun again) as well as Kiki Sukezane (who’s holding a sword).


The free games for PS plus this month have been announced, though they won’t hit the store until the 7th of July, they include Rocket League, Entwined and Geometry Wars.

Fallout Shelter, the IOS game that’s a lead up to Fallout 4 (whose Pipboy editions are still out of stock it seems) should be out next month for Android devices, Pete Himes has said, (he’s the head of marketing at Bethesda).

Team Fortress 2 is getting a big new update that includes new weapons, new contracts and new maps.

Reaction Time: The Walking Dead Finale

By Sara Da Silva

On Sunday night we witnessed the very dramatic ending to this season of The Walking Dead.

(Seriously folks, spoilers ahead, this is a finale summary,)

The episode started off by ‘answering’ the question of ‘W’; so, an insane group of people, who claim they’re the “wolves” of the new world, are going around hunting people and forming an army of walkers? Maybe? I was hoping our questions would get answered but it looks like, in true Walking Dead fashion, we’re left with more questions.

But at least fan-favourite Morgan is back, and finally reunited with Rick. Although, it might not have been the smoothest of reunions with Rick just having shot Pete, who had just finished killing Reg…

But apart from that, it looks like Rick and the gang have found somewhere they can settle down, permanently. I of course have my doubts that everything will be sunshine and rainbows in the next season. If this past season is any indication, then shit will undoubtedly hit the fan.

Glenn and Daryl, for instance, have been too close to death more times than I’d like. Over the past few seasons the writers have been building their characters up to be stronger and, of course, more loveable. Hopefully it is not to make their inevitable fall even the more painful for us.

Daryl wielding a chain as a weapon was perhaps one of the most satisfying scenes I’ve witnessed in a while, even if it was for only 3 seconds. It’s definitely one of the coolest kills of the season, in addition to Rick squeezing the head off of a walker. As for Glenn, he’s too nice for his own good. How many times does Nicholas have to try and kill you before you get the picture?

Next up on the roster of bat-shit crazy: Sasha. When she’s not laying down amongst walkers in open graves, she’s leaving the gate unguarded for the whole un-dead world to see. Although, the gate wouldn’t have required guarding if it wasn’t for Father Gabriel leaving it wide open. I knew you were trouble when you walked in. Yes, I just quoted Taylor Swift.

Season 5 reminded me of the earlier seasons. You know, the really good ones. They moved around a lot (which I’m very thankful for), had a variety of villains, and had some of the most gruesome deaths we have seen in a while (Everybody Hates Chris, I’m looking at you). The finale set us up for the next season perfectly. And in terms of production and CGI, they have definitely upped the ante.

What’s next for The Walking Dead? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. But until then, why not watch ‘Fear the Walking Dead’, premiering this summer on AMC.

Coffee Time News 21/01/15

John Malkovich takes on Zombies in CoD DLC, no Patrick Stewart or Ian McKellan in Xmen Apocalypse and Walking Dead season 5 gets a trailer!


Bad news for Stewart and McKellan fans, it looks like they won’t be appearing in Xmen Apocalypse.  Which could be for the best, since, while Days of Future Past was great, the over saturation of characters led to some criminally short screen time.

Good news Ben Affleck fans, Afflecks’ Batman, who we’ll see for the first time in 2016’s Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice may also appear in 2016’s Suicide Squad, in a cameo role, or potentially more.

After the huge events of The Interview and its release late last year, Netflix has announced that the Seth Rogan and James Franco film, which sees their two characters attempting to kill North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, will be available to stream on the 24th of January.


Powers, the show based on the Brian Michael Bendis graphic novel, has got a release date, the 10th of March when the first three episodes of the show will be available on the Playstation website, and is free to anyone with a PS+ subscription.

There’s a new trailer for the next half of the Walking Dead season 5, ‘find hope’ is available to watch on Youtube. GO! NOW! Before the Zombies come on February 8th!

The moment we’ve all been waiting for, Justin Bieber will be roasted by Comedy Central this Spring. He seems pretty keen for it, but, let’s face it, this isn’t going to end well for him. Or it will and we’ll all be surprised, then I’ll be in the underground shelter because the apocalypse is nigh


Call of Duty fans should check out the new trailer for the Exo-Zombies mode, which features John Malkovich, Bill Paxton, Rose McGowan, and Jon Bernthal, oh and Zombies, in exo suits.

Borderlands, the Handsome Collection, which features Borderlands 2 and Borderlands the Pre-sequel, and all the DLC that comes with them. (The handsomest of deals) is coming to PS4 and Xbox One on the 27th of March. Not only that but there’s a special edition that contains a remote control Claptrap, with a camera. But there’s only 5,000 of the units being made.

EA have announced that Battlefield Hardline will be available early for Xbox One owners who have subscribed to EA Access for a four day period (with 6 hours of gameplay allowed in total) before it is released in mid March, and all saves and progress will carry over the the full game.

Coffee Time News 17/12/14


Unsurprisingly, The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies has topped the UK box office chart, earning £9,753,642 in the first weekend. This is also the most any of the Hobbit films has made in the first weekend of sales.

Pirates of the Caribbean star Orlando Bloom seems to need some educating on what exactly a reboot is. He claims the fifth Pirates film will be a reboot, but with all the same characters, plot history and themes. So I think it might just be a sequel.

The Suicide Squad have pretty much found their Amanda Waller in the form of Viola Davis (How to Get Away With Murder).  Waller is a major player in the DC universe, being a sort of morally ambivalent puppeteer.


The Flash’s Rogue Gallery just keeps on growing; Mad Men’s Peyton List will be taking the role of Lisa Snart AKA the Golden Glider, who’s kind of incorporeal, 

The Walking Dead is returning to a city setting, or at least the spinoff will be, as it’s taking place in Los Angeles.

Oh it’s time for the teasers to begin for Game of Thrones season 5; here’s a very small, very brief look at the next season.


In case you missed it last night, GTA Online’s Heists are READY ENOUGH FOR A TRAILER.

Day three of the Assassins’ Creed Unity update story; it’s finally rolling out, and it’s huge; 6.7 GB to be precise, but we’ve been told not to worry, as a lot of that will replace existing data.

Shadow of Mordor gets a second DLC in the Lord of the Hunt expansion which introduces new beasts and a new set of Warchiefs.

Coffee Time News 11/11/14


Doctor Doom will star in Josh Trank’s reboot of Fantastic Four, but he won’t be called Doctor Doom, he’ll be called Victor Domashev while his online persona will be Doom. Oh, he’s a hacker as well.

Both of Disney’s 2016 features have release dates and, now, both have names! We mentioned Moana a while ago, while the second one will be Zootopia, and will focus on a fox and a rabbit.

Things are looking pretty desperate on the Sony front, after the failings of the Amazing Spiderman 2, they’re really grasping at straws to keep Spiderman in their hands (and out of Marvel’s, who would make a mint off the inclusion of the webslinger in their universe), because there is RUMOURS that Aunt May may be getting an origin story. If Sony can’t have it then no one can eh?


Aaron Sorkin (Showrunner of the Newsroom) is quitting television after this season. Read a bit more here about his upcoming projects.

We could get to see the Flying Graysons as early as season 1 of Gotham! There’s talk of bringing in the original Robin’s family to the show.

And here’s two more promos for the upcoming episode of The Walking Dead.


Some new changes are coming to Destiny, hopefully in the time between now and the release of the Dark Within, the DLC slated for December 9th.

Dragon Age: The Last Court is out and free; it’s a card game that is meant to help bridge the gap between Dragon Age 2 and Dragon Age Inquisition.

Big link of the day; Halo 5’s Beta footage shows off unlimited sprinting, smart scopes and new game types.

The Watch List: The Walking Dead

By Sara Da Silva

For some strange reason I have yet to write an article proclaiming my love for The Walking Dead, but that is all about to change.

In just a few minutes I shall attempt to outline all the reasons as to why The Walking Dead is one of my favourite shows, whilst simultaneously trying to convince you to watch it. If you already watch the show then good on you. If you don’t, then prepare yourself; you’re in for a bumpy ride.

Quick bit of background before I begin. The Walking Dead is a post-apocalyptic zombie horror series based on the comic by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard. It premiered on AMC in 2010 and has been getting great reviews ever since; for good reason.

I shan’t give any major spoilers away because I know how some of you are. But of course, be warned, I can’t discuss The Walking Dead without outlining the plot.

In the first season we are introduced to Rick Grimes, a sheriff’s deputy, who awakens from a coma to find that the world has become overridden with flesh-eating zombies. The first season follows Rick on his journey to find his family. But along the way he encounters many other survivors; some who become main characters throughout the seasons. Season 2 is set on a farm, and whilst this living situation was only brief in the comics, the writers decided to stretch it out for an entire season. Perhaps not the smartest of moves, but I digress. In season 3 the group have moved on to a prison, which is definitely quite the upgrade. It is in this season that we’re introduced to The Governor who is the leader of the town of Woodbury, a fortified haven. But, as always, nothing is as good as it appears. Season 4, apart from the first, is potentially one of my favourite seasons. Let’s just say, without giving too much away, that shit really goes down in this season. Season 5 started a few weeks ago and it has yet to disappoint. With the increase in budget due to its rising success, the creators of the show have really been able to push the boat out with what’s possible. Bravo.

Might I also add my many thanks to the casting team as they sure have done a terrific job. Whilst I might not always like Rick’s character, I do appreciate the incredible acting of Andrew Lincoln (who you might have seen in Love Actually). But of course the talent does not end there. The casting list could have me rambling on for days so I’ll highlight some of the best: Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon), Steven Yeun (Glenn Rhee), Lauren Cohan (Maggie Greene), Danai Gurira (Michonne) and Chandler Riggs, who plays Carl Grimes, AKA the character that everyone loves to hate. Most of us have a love hate relationship with a lot of these characters but I find it very difficult to fault any of the acting. Even the babies who plays Judith (season 4 spoiler alert) appears to have mastered the art of acting on camera.

In addition to the great casting, the special effects and make up used in the show really takes it to a whole new level. If you like gory then definitely tune in.

Don’t even get me started on the rest of the franchise because I could be here for hours. I’ll just say that if you like the show then you’ll definitely like the comic and the video game. You’ll be in for a right treat.

The Walking Dead is definitely one of the greatest shows currently on television so I urge you to go watch. Trust me, it’ll be worth it.

Coffee Time News 14/10/14


Here’s a round up of all of the character posters for The Hobbit: the Battle of the Five Armies, there’s been a new poster every so often for a while now, so here they all are in one place.

Jennifer Laurence and Bradley Cooper are working together again, in a period drama again, and it’s called Serena. You can check out the clip here.

Well, it’s finally happened. In the pool of which big Marvel event the MCU was gearing up for, those who had Civil War can take home their winnings. Marvel is doing Civil War.


Gotham is going well, with a lot of good things floating about in my social media feed, so here’s two more clips from the episode titled ‘Arkham’.

The Walking Dead season 5 premier has kicked off to a great start with the premier last night, being the highest viewed episode in the series’ history.


Ever wonder why we jump so much in videogames? Well the Gameshow team did, and they’ve done an episode in it.

Destiny has another update for us, getting rid of a new ‘Loot Cave’ (Staircase) and nerfing a few weapons, most notably the Autorifles and Shotguns that are rife in the PVP Crucible. Check out all the notes here.

Finally, Assassins’ Creed Rogue will be released on PC early next year.

Coffee Time News 28/08/2014


Tom Hanks and Director Ron Howard will be returning to the Dan Brown series with Inferno, and they’re starting filming next year.

Did you know they’re making an ACME film? As in, that company that Wile E. Coyote is being ripped off by? Details are pretty scarce but Steve Carrell is in line to star.

Some new posters from Mockingjay part 1 have been released, and they show off some of the rebel soldiers in all their badass glory.


There’s a new Flash trailer, it’s not much more than we’ve already seen, but you know you’re going to watch it anyway.

There’s also yet another TV spot for Gotham, and it juxtaposes the good things people have to say about our man Jim Gordon with a very angry demeanour.  

Finally there’s some new TV trailers/teasers for The Walking Dead season 5, go, watch, savour the moments you have left with your favourite characters, they’ll most likely die tomorrow.


Hey, people, Destiny is nearly here. And if you’re still deciding what platform to get it on, well this Playstation exclusive trailer might help.

The court has thrown out the case made by Lindsay Lohan against the makers of GTA for that whole ‘using my likeness’ thing. Apparently it was all for publicity.

And here’s the list of free games available on Playstation Plus this coming month.

Fall Schedule Pick ‘n’ Mix

By Sara Da Silva


With Autumn rearing its head around the corner (although by this weather, it seems like it’s already here) I thought I’d give you a list of shows that you could attempt to catch up on. Well obviously not all of them, it’s more of a pick ‘n’ mix situation.

Side note: only one of these shows is British so, like me, you’ll have to stream the others online if you’re outside of the US. Sucks to be so far away from good television.

Doctor Who – August 23rd (BBC)

If you have been living under a rock for the past 51 years and have no clue what Doctor Who is then let me explain. Doctor Who is a British science-fiction show that follows the Doctor, a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey, who travels through time and space in his time machine, the TARDIS, that is disguised as a 1960’s police box.

Sounds pretty weird, right? It’s weird and it’s brilliant. Definitely worth a watch.

If you don’t feel like watching all 800 episodes then I’d suggest starting on the ninth Doctor (Christopher Eccleston). Never skip nine. Never.

Agent’s of S.H.I.E.L.D – September 23rd (ABC)

As I said in a previous article, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D is, in my opinion, one of the greatest shows on television. It links perfectly with the Marvel universe whilst having its own gut wrenching story lines and plot twists. For more information, and if you need further convincing to watch this show, click here.

Thank heavens it’s back soon, I need my weekly Marvel fix.

Bones – September 25th (FOX)

You know something is a good when you google Bones and the first things that comes up is the television show and not the skeletal system.

Bones pretty much has it all: comedy, romance, excitement, as well as gruesome and disgusting corpses. Just how I like it. Each series tends to have an overall plot with smaller storyline intertwined. Without giving too much away, the most recent season focused on the “Ghost Killer”, Bones and Booth’s relationship, identity theft and the illness of one of the interns. Some seriously heart breaking stuff.

With the season 9 cliffhanger looming over us, this season is bound to get very exciting. So stay tuned, this is definitely a show that you don’t want to miss.

Brooklyn Nine Nine – September 28th (FOX)

This show is definitely one of the funniest on television, and it has only had 1 season so far. I was overjoyed when I heard that it was renewed for another season, and even more thrilled when I remembered that it comes back next month.

The show is based around a series of detectives working at Brooklyn’s 99th Precinct.
First there is Jake Peralta, played by Andy Samberg, who is a talented but immensely immature detective. Next is Charles Boyle (Joe Lo Truglio) who is an awkward and clumsy detective with a very big crush on fellow detective Rosa Diaz (Stephanie Beatriz), a tough and mysterious badass.

Then there’s Terry Jeffords (Terry Crews), the precinct squad leader, Amy Santiago (Melissa Fumero), the teacher’s pet of the precinct, and Gina Linetti (Chelsea Peretti) the unbelievably hilarious administrator and assistant to the strange and strict Captain, Raymond “Ray” Holt (Andrew Braugher).

Each character brings something different and special to the show. In fact, without any one of them the show just wouldn’t work as well as it does. Definitely add this to your list.

The Flash – October 7th (CW)

I am very, VERY, excited for this show. As a massive fan of Arrow, which is coming back on October 8th (HALLELUJAH), I cannot wait to finally see The Flash.

After being struck by lightening and entering a coma that lasted nine months, Barry Allen (played by the very gorgeous Grant Gustin) discovers that he has the power of superhuman speed. Ladies and gentlemen, there’s a new superhero in Central City.

From what I have seen, this show looks like it’s going to be a wild ride. And this is one ride that I can’t wait to throw up on. Wait, what?

Supernatural – October 7th (CW)

Supernatural is back for it’s 10th season. Yes, I said 10th. There’s a reason that this show has been running for such a long time, and yes you guessed it: Sam and Dean and just both so devilishly handsome. We can’t seem to get enough.

Kidding aside, this show is brilliant. I have been watching it for 5 years and it has not disappointed me yet.

Sam and Dean Winchester are two supernatural-hunting brothers who travel around America saving people from the most horrendous things. That alone should convince you to watch. The story lines are thrilling, the acting is unbelievable and the cast is just so beautiful. Wait, have I said that already?

There was a pretty massive cliffhanger at the end of the last season involving a certain someone becoming a demon. I expect big things from this season. So, here’s to ten seasons more.

The Walking Dead – October 12th (AMC)

I don’t think I need to explain why you should watch The Walking Dead. If you haven’t been watching then I need to have a word with you. Because seriously, it’s incredible. I could go on for hours explaining how perfect the characters are and how intense the plots are. But I shan’t. I’m just going to say: watch The Walking Dead. If you’re disappointed then I will take all the blame.

Click here for the full autumn schedule (of American TV).

Happy watching.