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Coffee Time News 20/07/15

Martin Freeman reveals a little more about his Civil War role, huge patch for the Witcher 3 and new ‘Wet Hot American Summer’ trailer.


Fantastic Four is nearly upon us, like, really nearly. So close in fact that all we’ve got left to watch is a few more TV spots that show off even more unseen footage, with quite a bit of Doom.

Director Sam Mendes has confirmed that Spectre, the next Bond film, will be his last such film. In short he won’t be directing Bond 25. Mendes revitalised the series with 2012’s Skyfall, creating one of the highest grossing and best received Bond films since that one with the submarine car (probably).

Martin Freeman has given us some deliciously cryptic information about his role in Civil War, he’s working for the government, he’s on the side of pro-registration; OR IS HE. He’s walking a grey line apparently.


Wet Hot American Summer First Day of Camp has another promotional video, this time it’s a chance to meet some of the staff, it’s full of that great 1980’s vibe that the last one had. Oh it’s glorious.

David Ramsey (of Arrow) has spoken about his up and coming costume, as well as his first reactions to it, he’s also making noises about wanting another Flash crossover, as well as seeing Diggle’s reaction to a Kryptonian.


Last week we talked briefly about Prototype and the re-release of both those games as a bundle on both new gen consoles. Well, if you had planned to get it but, for some reason, were waiting for this week, maybe thing again, as the general consensus is, ehh, better not.

The Witcher 3 sees a HUGE 7GB patch today, introducing storage caches around the map to unload Geralt, a new movement option, a load of bug fixes and some inventory modifications.

Xbox One streaming to Windows 10 is available now, even though the OS isn’t due to launch for 9 more days.


Coffee Time News 25/05/15

First images from Netflix’s Wet Hot American Summer series, Supergirl Pilot leaked online and new Ant-man images.


With the second film in the franchise not even out yet, Now You See Me the heist/magician film’s third instalment is already being plannedNow You See Me; The Second Act will arrive in 2016 and will star Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Dave Franco and Daniel Radcliffe.

Star of Ex Machina Alicia Vikander rose to the public eye after stealing the show in Alex Garland’s directorial debut, and is now reportedly circling both the Assassins’ Creed film as well as the fifth Bourne film.

Empire’s most recent issue has a bunch of images from Ant-man which is only a few months away (July) which you can check out over at Flickering Myth.


Agent Carter Season 2 will be two episodes longer, according to star Hayley Atwell. Not only that, but season 2 will see more warmth and humour to the eponymous character, now that she’s not struggling with her identity as much.

The first images from Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp have appeared online, showing off the ensemble cast that is reforming for the Netflix show.

Speaking of things appearing online; the Supergirl pilot has leaked online almost 6 months before its due to air in November, if you are morally grey enough to find a less than legitimate copy.


Destiny’s House of Wolves DLC came out last week and we’re already seeing some neat things appearing from the new update; like this Hunter helmet that turns your three shot Golden Gun into a one shot monster with 6x the damage, or this new social hub that is exclusive to the best of the best players.

Witcher 3 players who have the game on Xbox One, be wary as there’s a nasty bug that is stopping players from saving; the guys over at Kotaku have a list of things you can do to prevent/fix the bug, so you may want to check that out.

Coffee Time News 11/05/15

The Incredibles 2 is next on Brad Bird’s to do list, Gotham to focus on the Joker next season and The Witcher 3 Leaks early.


Brad Bird (Tomorrowland, The Incredibles)  has said that once his run on his newest Disney film, Tomorrowland, is done he’ll be turning his attention to his next project, which will most likely be a sequel to 2004’s The Incredibles, one Pixar movie that has been crying out for a sequel.

It’s finally happening folks, James McAvoy will be BALD for Xmen Apocalypse, whether this will be through choice, some mutant attack, or just MPD, we don’t know, though if he’s tasked with hunting down mutants again using Cerebro, he may choose to shave his head, as you may remember from Xmen First Class, Hank (beast) thinks this would help him. Anyway, looks great, kind of looks like a young Patrick Stewart.

Just to keep you pumped about Jurassic World which is due out on the 12th of June, we’ve got another TV trailer, with a bit more dialogue, a bit more action, but similar beat to the first one we saw all those months ago.


Gotham season 2 will focus heavily on the Joker, according to showrunner Bruno Heller. Heller states that the first part of the upcoming season will centre around the ‘proto-joker’ who we saw played by Cameron Monaghan earlier this season, and will tell the story of how the Joker came to be.

Netflix’s next Marvel series AKA Jessica Jones has a new title teaser, but also a new synopsis, one that confirms that Jones will not be new to having super powers, and will actually have done her time as a hero, before an incident caused her to go into the private detective game.

New images from Heroes Reborn all but confirm that Zachary Levi’s character will be evil (look at those dark clothes, that murky background, that gun he’s probably pointing at a puppy.) as well as some images from returning and new characters. Heroes Reborn will release this autumn.


The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is due out next week (May 19th) but some stores have sold early copies, as such spoilers are now abounds on the web, so watch out for those if you wanted to go into the game fresh. Streaming site Twitch has issued an embargo on streaming the game, with some users being banned for breaking this ‘no streaming before May 19th’ rule.

Towerfall Ascension, one of the most fun multiplayer experiences out there, will release its first expansion The Dark World tomorrow in the US on PS4 and PC, with it rolling out to European consoles ‘a few days later’. The expansion introduces new arrow types, heaps of new levels and 4 player co-op for maximum insanity. (we’re pretty excited.)

Coffee Time News 08/04/15

Five Nights at Freddy’s movie in the works, Bloodborne load times explained and Doctor Who confirmed for 5 more seasons at least.


Rumour has it that DC’s cinematic universe could see the appearance of an iconic character in Batman’s life. Jason Todd, the second Robin, is killed by the Joker and returns (because comic books) bent on revenge towards the villain and resentment to Batman for not avenging him, he trains to be as skilled as Batman, but more violent. Laying the groundwork for the Red Hood (Todd’s eventual alias) in Batman Vs Superman and The Suicide Squad, makes this the perfect story to tell in a solo Batman movie.

Good news Tron Legacy fans; both lead actors Olivia Wilde and Garret Hedlund will be reprising their roles as Quorra and Samm Flynn in the upcoming third film which is slated for a 2017 release.

Five Nights at Freddy’s the incredibly simple, incredibly popular, horror game, looks like it might be getting a movie adaptation. Set to be produced by talents behind the likes of The Lego Movie, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter and The Goldbergs, the project currently has no writers. I for one, would like to see a single actor facing off against the machines and the lore behind them. Films heavily featuring only one live action actor have a tendency to be tense and driven (Hey there Moon), but we’ll see what comes of it.


 Doctor Who will be going until 2020, all being well and good with the series. The show is incredibly popular, not just here in the UK but overseas as well, and so it’s not much of a surprise that a show with the ability to replace cast members so easily has gotten another few years ahead of it at least.

The best thing about The Flash and Arrow, apart from Felicity Smoak and Oliver Queen (by decree of myself and Sara respectively), is the crossover potential, that and the fact that the shows are just so much fun. Anyway, things have been heading towards a huge pair of season finales that look like they’ll be another crossover event, check out the trailer for that here.

Arrested Development is returning again for 17 more episodes! Brian Grazer, executive producer has announced, saying that it’s because of the fans’ loyalty to the show that it’s happening.


Bloodborne is a great game, if you’ve got the bottle to carry on, however, one of the main complaints about the game is the long load times, when a game expects you to die again and again, iteration times are important, but, it’s not laziness that’s the reason, as an interview with From Software by Games Radar pointed out, it’s safety. The game resets the entire world when you die, replacing not only enemies, but books, crates, anything in the world that can be tampered with. This, they say, is to prevent any bugs or glitches; if the memory is wiped and reset, any issues you encounter will be rectified. Read more about it here, and know that Sony and From Software are working on a way to reduce this iteration time.

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt will be getting 2 pieces of paid DLC on top of the previously announced 16 free pieces of DLC. According to developers CD Projekt Red the two pieces will run at over 30 hours between them, with the first piece Heart of Stone costing $9.99 and the second Blood and Wine running at $19.99. the DLC will be coming in October and early 2016 respectively, while the game itself comes out on May 19th.

There’s been some leaked images and information about the sequel to 2011’s Deus Ex Human Revolution, titled Deus Ex Mankind Divided. It will carry on from the events of the previous game and feature a further enhanced Adam Jenson (He never asked for this),  working for Interpol and hunting down augmented terrorists. As long as they fix those damn boss encounters I’m game.

Coffee Time News 07/04/15

Bad news for Top Gear and Twin Peaks fans, Good news for Star Wars, Daredevil and Ian Malcolm fans. Also a way to nerf Bloodborne’s bosses.


An image from Jurassic World has appeared which hints at either, an appearance from Ian Malcolm in the upcoming film, being set 22 years after the events of the original, or a small nod to the character. The image, which features books by the character titled ‘god creates Dinosaurs’ is a reference to Malcolm’s line in the film ‘God creates dinosaurs, God destroys dinosaurs, God creates man, man destroys God, man creates dinosaurs.’ (Dinosaurs eat man, woman inherits the earth).

For the first time since its release, the entirety of the Star Wars series will be available via online distribution, including Itunes, Amazon and Google Play. The best thing? They include even more bonus features.

A gallery of on set photos for Deadpool has appeared, featuring the Merc with a Mouth laying down all kinds of whoopass. What’s interesting is that if you look closely on the eyes you’ll see CG markers, confirming that the mask will have some form of computer enhanced expression, something that will add to the character a lot more.


Bad news Top Gear fans, due to the departure of Jeremy Clarkson, and the uncertainty surrounding the show’s future at the moment, it’s looking like the final two episodes of the motoring/three guys arsing around show might not be airing on the BBC.

Bad news for Twin Peaks fans too, it looks like David Lynch has officially stepped away from the revival project, stating that as much as he loves the world of Twin Peaks, he feels that not enough money has been promised to the project to realise what he wanted for the show.

Good news, however, for Daredevil fans. The Netflix show kicks off this Friday, with all episodes available from day one, and here’s two trailers to get you in the mood, the best thing about these is that they show us so much more of the show. I’m very keen for Friday.


IGN brings you the first 15 minutes of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt in this Gameplay video, and for those worried that this might ruin the experience, game designer Damien Monnier has said that to do everything, you’re looking at 200+ hours. So, this is but a drop in the ocean.

April’s system update for Xbox One has begun rolling out, and if you’re not sure what you’re getting with that lovely lovely download, check out this video from Major Nelson detailing some of the ins and outs as well as what’s coming soon.

Bloodborne, it’s a tough game, but if you’ve got 12 hours to sit idling you can make the bosses in the game much, much easier. Bosses no longer do a huge variety of attacks, and some are laughably easy. Check out here for some comparisons and details.


Coffee Time News 27/01/15

Emma Watson is cast in Beauty and the Beast, David Tennant cast in Marvel’s AKA Jessica Jones and Fox begins work on a live action Xmen show.


Emma Watson is set to play Belle in Disney’s live action adaptation of Beauty and the Beast, and Belle is basically the Hermoine of the Disney universe and she seems really excited to be playing a role that she’s loved since she was a child, not much else is known about the film as of yet.

Joss Whedon has come out and said that it’s doubtful that he’ll direct Avengers Infinity Wars part 1 and 2. He’s cautious of burning out with the franchise and not having the heart for it when the time comes. But there’s still a chance he’ll have some sway and involvement in the series, I imagine the offer would be there for a guy who’s done so much for the franchise.

Well here’s a big day; the first official behind the scenes look at Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four. Trank previously worked on Chronicle, where he also worked with the new human torch, Michael B. Jordan, they can be seen in these behind the scenes right here.


Well, did you know that the announcement of Heroes Reborn was the first news article we ever did on Axby? Well here’s another piece of (not so good) news about the spin off, while it will feature Jack Coleman’s HRG (Noah Bennet) it won’t star Star Trek star and previous super-powered serial killer Sylar, played by Zachary Quinto.

Fox is developing a live action X-Men television series, looks like we’ll be casting all our favourite mutants all over again soon! The interesting thing about this is that Marvel still, apparently, own the television rights to the series, which means they get the last say.

Speaking of Marvel live action series, Netflix series AKA Jessica Jones has found its antagonist, and I could not be more excited. Doctor Who and Broadchurch star David Tennant will be taking up the helm of Zebidiah Kilgrave (the Purple Man) a villain who has the ability to influence the minds and actions of others through suggestion.


The Witcher has always been a incredibly complex and tempting game series for a lot of console players, but since it was originally designed for the PC crowd, console players have had a hard time getting into the series, but that’s about to change in the Witcher 3: the Wild Hunt, according to the CEO of CD Projekt Marcin Iwinski.

Up until February 9th, Bioware are offering 10 free tavern songs to download from the epic Dragon Age Inquisition. You can discover more and find a link over at Polygon.

5 Nights and Freddy’s 3 has a new trailer, and a slightly new premise: 30 years after the closure of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, the premises seem to be being turned into a house of horrors. Because that’s a good idea.

Coffee Time News 07/11/14


Star Wars Episode 7 has a subtitle now! Yep, everyone is looking forward to The Force Awakens. Look out for the prequel webseries called The Force Hits Snooze Once or Twice.

The Hateful Eight, the Tarantino film that almost wasn’t, has a lengthy plot synopsis as well as a cast list! Check that out here.

Finally, Toy Story 4 has been confirmed and dated, set for 2017 the fourth film will see our favourite toys reprising their old roles.


Bran and Hodor WON’T be in the fifth season of Game of Thrones, and the reasoning is exactly what you think; they’ve just reached the end (or near enough) of their current arc in the books.

Netflix have announced that they will be releasing a series based on A series of Unfortunate events, by Lemony Snicket. Back in 2004 there was an attempt to bring the story to life starring Jim Carrey, and while it didn’t bomb, it didn’t do quite well enough to warrant a sequel.

And here’s a trailer and promo for the next episode of Arrow called Guilty. In which Roy has some explaining to do it seems.


Fun retro platform game Shovel Knight is now available in the European Eshop for WiiU and 3DS! I’d advise grabbing it, because it’s a fun, hilarious and charming game.

The Witcher 3 will have 16 pieces of DLC. 16! But thankfully they’re all free, no matter what platform you buy the game on, or how late you buy the game. That’s the way to do it CD Projekt Red, gamers thank you.

Well, hell. It’s finally happened guys, Majora’s Mask is coming to the 3DS. The announcement I have been waiting for since the Ocarina of Time remake announcement has finally been announced. Here is a gallery of material, from art work to trailers, from screenshots to special edition contents. Eeeek.