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Coffee Time News 20/07/15

Martin Freeman reveals a little more about his Civil War role, huge patch for the Witcher 3 and new ‘Wet Hot American Summer’ trailer.


Fantastic Four is nearly upon us, like, really nearly. So close in fact that all we’ve got left to watch is a few more TV spots that show off even more unseen footage, with quite a bit of Doom.

Director Sam Mendes has confirmed that Spectre, the next Bond film, will be his last such film. In short he won’t be directing Bond 25. Mendes revitalised the series with 2012’s Skyfall, creating one of the highest grossing and best received Bond films since that one with the submarine car (probably).

Martin Freeman has given us some deliciously cryptic information about his role in Civil War, he’s working for the government, he’s on the side of pro-registration; OR IS HE. He’s walking a grey line apparently.


Wet Hot American Summer First Day of Camp has another promotional video, this time it’s a chance to meet some of the staff, it’s full of that great 1980’s vibe that the last one had. Oh it’s glorious.

David Ramsey (of Arrow) has spoken about his up and coming costume, as well as his first reactions to it, he’s also making noises about wanting another Flash crossover, as well as seeing Diggle’s reaction to a Kryptonian.


Last week we talked briefly about Prototype and the re-release of both those games as a bundle on both new gen consoles. Well, if you had planned to get it but, for some reason, were waiting for this week, maybe thing again, as the general consensus is, ehh, better not.

The Witcher 3 sees a HUGE 7GB patch today, introducing storage caches around the map to unload Geralt, a new movement option, a load of bug fixes and some inventory modifications.

Xbox One streaming to Windows 10 is available now, even though the OS isn’t due to launch for 9 more days.


Coffee Time News 03/07/15

A heap of new images from Dawn of Justice and more footage from Mission Impossible, as well as a full length trailer for the Wet Hot American Summer Netflix Series.


A new image has appeared from Deadpool, which recently wrapped principle photography, and it’s a pretty iconic one; presumably from the highway scene we saw in the test footage, this image shows Deadpool wielding 2 guns and looking pretty bad-ass. (afterall, why use one gun when you can use 2?)

A whole heap of images from Batman Vs Superman Dawn of Justice have appeared; we get a look at Gal Gadot’s Wonderwoman outside of her costume, a few more face offs with Bats and Supes, and Lex Luthor with hair.

Six new TV spots for Mission Impossible Rogue Nation have appeared, showing off some scenes we’ve seen, some scenes we’ve not seen and that plane scene over and over again (not that they’re proud that Tom Cruise does his own mental stunts or anything.)


Wet Hot American Summer, First Day of Camp, the Netflix revival/prequel to the cult comedy Wet Hot American Summer has a full length trailer, after a retro VHS style advertisement was released for the show last week.

A look at the first images of Season 6 of The Walking Dead shows off some fan favourite characters in Daryl, Glenn and Maggie.

One Wednesday we shared four motion posters for characters in Heroes Reborn, now we’ve got two more, Zackary Levi’s character (look he’s holding a gun again) as well as Kiki Sukezane (who’s holding a sword).


The free games for PS plus this month have been announced, though they won’t hit the store until the 7th of July, they include Rocket League, Entwined and Geometry Wars.

Fallout Shelter, the IOS game that’s a lead up to Fallout 4 (whose Pipboy editions are still out of stock it seems) should be out next month for Android devices, Pete Himes has said, (he’s the head of marketing at Bethesda).

Team Fortress 2 is getting a big new update that includes new weapons, new contracts and new maps.

Coffee Time News 24/06/15

Spiderman gets actor and director, Hannibal gets cancelled and the PS4 gets a 1TB edition.


Independence Day 2 now has a full title; Independence Day Resurgence. The film will be set 20 years after the events of the first film and feature some returning characters as well as a few new faces; most of who are connected to the original cast in some way, check out some images here.

A new trailer for 7 Days in Hell the tennis mockumentary starring Kit Harington and Andy Samberg is out, it shows off a bit more of the characters as well as some more of the cameos and bit characters we’re likely to see. It looks silly and fun and I can’t wait.

Spiderman has finally been cast! Tom Holland, of Impossible and the upcoming In the Heart of the Sea, has been cast as the wall crawler, most likely to appear for the first time in some capacity in Captain America Civil War, and definitely due to appear in the 2017 Spiderman reboot that will be directed by Cop Car director Jon Watts.


Bad news for Hannibal fans, after 3 years the show is being cancelled by NBC. Despite being popular the show has suffered with low ratings, especially in the most recent season.

A new teaser for Heroes Reborn shows us very little of the expansive cast or effects we came to expect from the original, but it does a good job in portraying a world without saviours, a world, perhaps, in need of a new group of heroes.

Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp: the spin off series of the cult film that’s due to air on Netflix at the end of July, has a new, incredibly retro, trailer which confirms what we thought; this show will not take itself particularly seriously, which is great,


Those of you who were looking to get a PS4 but haven’t quite gotten around to it, may want to take a look at the new 1TB PS4. Offering twice the amount of storage as the vanilla console, this ‘Ultimate player edition’ will be available in select Europeanand PAL  territories come July 15th.

After a slew of delays, Project Cars was finally released in May. Well, good news: We won’t have to wait so long before the next one, as Project Cars 2 is already being crowd-funded. And people aren’t too thrilled about the time scale.

Coffee Time News 25/05/15

First images from Netflix’s Wet Hot American Summer series, Supergirl Pilot leaked online and new Ant-man images.


With the second film in the franchise not even out yet, Now You See Me the heist/magician film’s third instalment is already being plannedNow You See Me; The Second Act will arrive in 2016 and will star Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Dave Franco and Daniel Radcliffe.

Star of Ex Machina Alicia Vikander rose to the public eye after stealing the show in Alex Garland’s directorial debut, and is now reportedly circling both the Assassins’ Creed film as well as the fifth Bourne film.

Empire’s most recent issue has a bunch of images from Ant-man which is only a few months away (July) which you can check out over at Flickering Myth.


Agent Carter Season 2 will be two episodes longer, according to star Hayley Atwell. Not only that, but season 2 will see more warmth and humour to the eponymous character, now that she’s not struggling with her identity as much.

The first images from Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp have appeared online, showing off the ensemble cast that is reforming for the Netflix show.

Speaking of things appearing online; the Supergirl pilot has leaked online almost 6 months before its due to air in November, if you are morally grey enough to find a less than legitimate copy.


Destiny’s House of Wolves DLC came out last week and we’re already seeing some neat things appearing from the new update; like this Hunter helmet that turns your three shot Golden Gun into a one shot monster with 6x the damage, or this new social hub that is exclusive to the best of the best players.

Witcher 3 players who have the game on Xbox One, be wary as there’s a nasty bug that is stopping players from saving; the guys over at Kotaku have a list of things you can do to prevent/fix the bug, so you may want to check that out.

Coffee Time News 03/03/15

Cabin in the Woods’ Drew Goddard to direct Spiderman, Wet Hot American Summer prequel gets a release date, Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 is suddenly released.


Jurassic World would like to build your excitement in the form of these seven pieces of artwork featuring all new dinosaurs for the film (not hybrids like the film’s Big Bad, but dinos that we’ve not seen properly yet). Is this doing it for you? Are you excited yet? I mean, if you’re not excited by motorcycle chasing raptors you might be a lost cause.

Good news Jackman fans. We all know that Hugh Jackman is Wolverine, and it looks like he’s not got any plans to stop soon (I keep using my birthday wishes to get an Old Man Logan film) as in an interview (most likely promoting Chappie) when asked whether or not he’d be featuring in Deadpool he avoided the question and said it would be cool, and he’d be open to the idea. DO IT HUGH.

Drew Goddard, who some of you might know as the writer/director for Cabin in the Woods, writer for Alias and Buffy the Vampire Slayer as well as his work on the upcoming Daredevil Netflix show, has been confirmed as the director for the Spiderman film that will combine the MCU and Sony, reportedly titled Spectacular Spiderman. With his history of working with Joss Whedon and the Daredevil show it looks like we could get a film series that will complement the universe that Marvel has set up thus far.


Come meet the Kingpin from Netflix’s Daredevil played by Vincent D’Onofrio in these new images (we finally see his face!) he’s imposing enough, but in honesty? He kind of looks like a doughy Phil Mitchell. 

Netflix has released a whole load of premier dates for their shows, Season 3 of Orange is the New Black gets a June 12th release while the much anticipated Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp comes in a month later on July 17th. For the rest of the list, which includes Sense8 and a heap of Stand up specials, check out Screenrant.

Finally for TV we’ve got a full length trailer for season 3 of Orphan Black, a show full of intrigue and secrets only gets more so after the defeat of DYAD.


So, out of freakin’ nowhere (as is this series kind of deal) Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 is out! It’s available on Steam for £5.59, but you probably don’t need to play it, since every let’s player on Youtube will be covering it in the next few weeks.

Yacht Club Games has announced the first piece of DLC for Shovel Knight, named Plague of Shadows. It will feature fan favourite boss ‘Plague Knight’ and his quest to find potion ingredients, it will feature new paths in familiar levels as well as completely new levels. Plague Knight himself will have a whole new moveset to Shovel Knight, meaning it’s a whole new game, basically. Oh, and it’s free! (it’s just, not out yet.)

Finally, Final Fantasy X/X2 HD Remastered has been announced for the PS4 and will release on May 12th in North America. 

Coffee Time News 30/01/15

Get the Metroid Prime Trilogy for a STEAL. Wet Hot American Summer is coming to Netflix, as a series! And Avengers Age of Ultron gets a TV spot.


The all female Ghostbusters reboot has got a date; July 22nd 2016. This just so happens to be the release date for the Power Rangers reboot as well as the Guy Ritchie King Arthur film; Who’s going to cave first?

Game of Thrones actor Jason Momoa will be playing Aquaman in the DC universe, and won’t be blond. He gives a good in depth account of his casting over here at Flickering Myth.

Avengers Age of Ultron has a TV spot, but it doesn’t seem to show off an awful lot more than what we’ve seen in the previous trailers. Which is probably a good thing, By and large we don’t know an awful amount about the film’s plot, so the more they keep under wraps until the release in the spring the better.


Something is wrong with Skye (Daisy?) in this new promo for the season 2 return of Agents of SHIELD. Which isn’t surprising after the spoiler with the spoiler when the spoiler spoiled the spoiler of the mid season finale.

To me IZombie, the undead show starring Rose McIvver (Once Upon A Time)  seemed like a cash in on a genre we’ve kind of had enough of, but reading the synopsis that she takes on the memories of the brains she eats is a nice twist, and somehow turns it into a murder mystery show. Bonus. Oh, and here’s a trailer.

Big news, a while ago we mentioned that the hilarious cult film (starring literally everyone you love) Wet Hot American Summer will be getting a Netflix series, well today we’ve got a cast announcement trailer for it!


Let’s Players! You can now join up for Nintendo’s affiliates program to monetise on your Nintendo let’s plays, they’ve even got the disclaimer for you to copy and paste. Sign up and read more about it here.

And here’s a game you might want to let’s play; The  Metroid Prime Trilogy is only $10 (and its equivalent in other currencies) on the Nintendo Estore. THAT’S TEN MONIES FOR THREE INCREDIBLE GAMES.

On the Playstation Plus side of February, here’s a list of games that are free to subscribers of the service, the PS4 games include Transistor, the spiritual successor to Bastion, which is coming to PS4 later this year.


Coffee Time News 30/06/14


In a surprise to no one, Transformers 4 has dominated the US box office this weekend taken over a hundred million. That’s 8 zeroes. That’s a lot of zeroes for a film that hasn’t been completely loved by critics.

And another reboot has some news, the fifth Terminator film, previously titled Terminator: Genesis will now simply be called Terminator, you know, to really confuse things.

A trailer for The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby has been released. The last I heard this film was actually part of two, one telling the story from one point of view and the other, or next one, will be telling the story from the other point of view. Interesting.


The newest Doctor Who season 8 Teaser has hit the youtubes. Titled ‘Am I a Good Man‘ it gives us a brief look into the existential crisis that the Doctor seems to be dealing with now he’s regenerated.

Wet Hot American Summer, which is a phenomenal film that everyone should see, is getting the Netflix treatment, and by that I mean that they’re making a prequel series with the same writers and apparently. a lot of the original cast, and it’s a hell of a cast.

True Detective Season 2, which has had quite a bit of publicity about it, may not follow a host of characters like the previous season, but instead focus on one.


Last week I brought up Rock Simulator. Well, real people are giving real money to this game, and it’s got a trailer. You can actually donate, you know, if you’re really keen on rocks.

So a lot was learnt from the Destiny alpha, players like to kill things, wizards are from the moon and that voice acting wasn’t quite up to scratch. But that last one will be getting a change, two in fact.