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Coffee Time News 29/05/14

Welcome to Coffee Time News fellows, here it comes (hold on to your butts)


The long discussed Independence Day 2 has been called for a re-write by Fox. We imagine it’ll be called Independence Day 2: Welcome to Erf Again.

Jurassic World’s director talks leaks and details for his new dinosaur romp. Mild spoilers ahead.

Impossible Director will direct a Day Z sequel, still starring Brad Pitt.


Internet streaming site Hulu is officially in talks with Sony Tv about the possibility of creating a Sixth season of the cult comedy Community. This is promising news.

Modern Family season 6 is in dispute due to contractual fallout.

While not strictly TV news, but TV related, LaVar Burton has launched a Reading Rainbow kickstarter to help in the production of an educational app for schools, which is pretty darn cool. What’s cooler is that he’d reached his goal within a day.


Battlefield Hardline, a cops and robbers style experience has some leaked footage which is worth checking out, lots of explosions and heists and gadgets will be included (probably before GTA online’s heists at this rate)

Do you like the toil of farming and rural relationships but live in a city? Do you have a 3DS? GOOD. Because Harvest Moon Story of Seasons is due to be released later this year. You lucky lucky farmhands.

There’s retail suggestions that Episodic The Wolf Among Us could be coming to next gen (this gen?) consoles soonish. Which is good, because if you’ve not played it yet, it’s a good buy.


Coffee Time News 23/05/14


First of all, Xmen Days of Future Past is now out in cinemas, so if you’ve got nothing to do this weekend, then you do now!

tmntleoThere’s a teaser poster for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles out, it looks cool, I like the minimal style, but obviously there’s no new information on the film.

Along the themes of new images, here’s some on set images from Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar.

Acapella fans can relax, Pitch Perfect‘s leading man, Skylar Astin has officially been confirmed for the sequel, he’ll join Anna Kendrick, Adam Levine, Rebel Wilson and a whole heap of returning cast members.

Finally, there’s a teaser trailer for Disney’s Big Hero 6, which is the animated studio’s crack at a band of superhero film. Doesn’t this dressing scene remind you of another animated superhero teaser?


Unfortunately, television news has been a little thin on the ground, the best I can offer you guys are these Doctor Who season 8 set shenanigans and images.


Fans of Telltale’s Wolf Among Us will be happy to know that Bigby returns in Episode 4 on the 27th of May.

Did you play the Metro games on the last Gen? No? Yes? Want to play them again in next (this?) gen glory? Lucky for you Metro Redux, which will include both 2033 and Last Light, has been announced, with a snazzy trailer.

I’ve voiced my apprehension on the subject, but here’s some stunning images from Hyrule Warriors, the next non Zelda Zelda game.

Evolve, a game that has me more excited the more I see of it, has a few new bits of information, first of all, Kotaku has a lengthy, but excellent interview with one of the team behind it, complete with new Gameplay (find that below) as well as a release date: October 21st for PS4, Xbox One and PC.