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joeJoe Strange – Editor/Fireside Story Teller

Joe’s been writing ever since he’s been able to hold a pen (which was back in early 2009) and since then he has written for a few different online publications, including Yuppee Magazine and the official Barenaked Ladies fan site.

While you’ll more than likely see him writing feature pieces, reviews and the Coffee Time News, Joe’s real passion is story telling, and is currently writing a fantasy novel which, in his own words, is about ‘a girl who’s hunting a Phoenix to avenge her family, except in this world Phoenixes are huge and terrfying. What? No, it couldn’t just be a dragon, shut up.’

When not lording around as editor of Axby, Joe enjoys disappearing into RPG’s, books and anything with a good narrative while drinking coffee by the bucket. He also has a weird fascination with music featuring violins or steel guitars, claiming they ‘ignite the fire within the depths his soul’ – We thought it was weird too.

He also has a dog which he loves more than anything, and tweets all manner of things as @Online9


charlieCharlie Higson – Comic Artist/Tardis Interior Designer

Charlie has been drawing comics since 2010, and in that time he has drawn well over 4 good ones. The weekly comic series ‘Heck If I Know’ (Facebook), formerly Successburger comics, is a mash up of oddball ideas and half digested jokes.

Charlie’s other weekly series, ‘Something Something Thursdays’ (Facebook) follows the misadventures of a young woman who has recently ended her teen years and her new friend and roommate who has risen from the underworld to judge whether mankind should be spared the impending apocalypse.

Occasionally, when Neptune is aligned with yo mama’s ass, Charlie will write an article, most likely about Doctor Who.

Outside of Axby Charlie enjoys Nintendo DS, Couch multiplayers and Movies where the main character is an unredeemable ass. He also does a bit of freelance scientific research as well as freelance illustration work. Charlie’s one full time commitment is being a bit of an immature berk, who will most likely never change.


527619_10151137082103852_2014437364_nJames Sweeting – Writer/Unwavering Nintendo Fan

James has been typing (it is hoped for the sake of humanity that he does not use a pen ever again) about videogames for a number of years now. This gained momentum when opportunities arose to write about them in depth during his degrees (despite studying political related subjects) and since has been writing in depth articles for Thumbsticks.

Every Thursday James attempts to explore some aspect videogames that is afflicting him that week. Despite hoping for the day where console war style debates are a thing of the past, he will irrationally defend anything Nintendo says or does, whilst praying to what he perceives as the Gods incarnate that work there.

In addition to videogames (which anything can be related to) James is interested in what many people consider to be boring topics, such as foreign and economic policies. He also really likes Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace because of the negotiations in the Senate involving the Trade Federation; an unpopular decision.

He also tweets in a somewhat regular fashion under the guise of @crazyblue


saraSara Da Silva – Writer/Television Show Savant

This is a story all about how, Sara’s life got flipped-turned upside down, and she’d like to take a minute, just sit right there, she’ll tell you how much she is influenced by the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Sara Da Silva, a twenty year old Londoner, is currently finishing her History BA degree, which, apart from being confused and unemployed, means that she’ll have to update this bio very soon.

In addition to writing her dissertation, preparing for exams, writing for her university newspaper and other university publications, and posting fortnightly articles on Axby, she is an avid reader, game player, musical appreciator, and television watcher. The list of her favourite television shows is far too extensive to bore you with. Seriously, it’s long.

That’s essentially all there is to her, apart from the fact that she’s also a total cat lady.

If you wish to know more, then feel free to follow her on twitter: @saradasilvaaa


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